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Vintage Uniform Lives Up to Its Chest Insignia

We often refer to certain uniforms as “classic,” but this vintage uni I recently came across on eBay is literally Classic!

Naturally, I love the color scheme, and the chest insignia is rendered in a suitably elegant script. But there’s one thing that definitely isn’t classic, or at least isn’t something we commonly see on baseball uniforms. Check out the back:

Unusual to see a contrast-colored nameplate on a baseball jersey, right? I don’t mind it, although I admit that that’s probably because of the colors.

I really like this jersey. It comes with pants and stirrups and is reasonably priced, but unfortunately it’s a bit too big for me. I’d love to see it end up in the hands of a Uni Watch reader — check it out here.

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    Paul – if you found the Classic uniform then you must have also come across this on: link

    It seems even better, but likely a bit to much $.

    Have you ever bought something awesome but too big and you knew it, and then gone to the tailor? Or do you only buy things in your size?

    I’ve had things tailored if they’re too long, to bring the hemline up — that’s a simple enough operation. But if something is too wide in the chest, I skip it. Opening up both side seams, rejigging the front and back panels, and sewing everything back up seems like too much work, with too much chance of a fuck-up along the way.

    In the case of this “Classic” jersey, it’s both too long *and* too wide for me. Not worth the hassle/risk/etc.

    Honestly Paul – I’d say this is something you could buy and then get mounted in a custom frame. Talk about a great art piece for the UniWatch HQ walls!

    The listing says the uniform is from the 60’s, but it’s almost definitely from the 80’s. I still have my old semi-pro Milford Macs uni from the mid 80’s and other than the colors, it’s nearly identical to this one.

    On the same Ebay page as the Classic uni was a link to this flannel beauty:
    Felt script on the front, and with “Police” chain stitched in the underline! At $1200, we’ll be able to enjoy the listing’s pics for some time.

    Just ordered it! Thanks for sharing it here. It seems like something that would come up in my eBay searches, but I hadn’t seen it before this post. I’ll be sure to send a photo when it arrives.

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