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A Close Look at Yesterday’s MLB Mother’s Day Uniforms

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a great Ma’s Day weekend and that you’re excited (as I am!) for Purple Amnesty Day, which will take place tomorrow. I’ll have more to say about that later in this post, but first let’s look at yesterday’s MLB holiday gear. Obviously, everyone wore the pink-trimmed caps and the pink jersey ribbons, as seen above. Other uni-notable details included the following:

  • Many players wore assorted pink accessories, including batting gloves, sliding gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves, belts, shoes, and probably a few other things I’m overlooking:
  • Many players stepped up to the plate with pink bats, and those bats had little “hands making a heart” symbols on the knob:
  • Some players wore pink eye “black”:
  • Many catchers wore pink masks and chest protectors:
  • Just like last year, the Brewers used grey batting helmets (apparently the closest available color match for the khaki caps) with a pink-trimmed team logo that matched the one on the caps. Since the caps have a side logo this year, the Brewers added a corresponding side decal to the helmets:
  • The Brewers also added a pink team logo to the back of the mound:
  • The Mets and Nats began the day by finishing a game that had been suspended the day before in the third inning, and then they played their regularly scheduled game. They wore the Ma’s Day gear for both games. The Mets wore their standard road greys for both games, but the Nats wore their home whites for the completion of the suspended game and then switched to their CC jerseys for the regularly scheduled game, making them the only team to wear the Ma’s Day gear in two different uni combos:
  • The addition of the pink ribbon left Royals catcher/captain Salvador Pérez with a very cluttered jersey chest:
  • Most (but not all) plate umps wore pink masks, and they even had pink pens:

Are there any other pink details I’m overlooking?



Purp Walk Is Almost Here!

Our annual Purple Amnesty Day is tomorrow! Later this morning I’ll be heading to the airport and flying to Greenville, N.C. (which really should be changing its name to Purpleville), where I’ll be throwing out the first pitch at tomorrow evening’s ECU/Campbell ballgame and then hosting a Purp Walk party. Full details here.

We will have a lot of purple-themed content here on the site tomorrow, beginning at midnight Eastern tonight. For 24 hours, it’ll be all purple, all the time. You’ll also have a 24-hour window to order a purple-inclusive Uni Watch membership card, plus we’ll have some special Purp Walk merchandise. These items will only be available tomorrow, so don’t miss out!



Can of the Day

Nice typography here, obviously. But what I really like about this one is that you rarely see the plural of the word “grease”!

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    No pink fielding gloves? Or are these no longer allowed? I like that Mom catcher protector with the roses.

    Happy Purp Walk Eve! Be sure to leave out a plate of figs and grape juice for the Purple Fairy tonight.

    This made my day. Scott! I’m also hanging my purple stirrups from the chimney!

    I would certainly never advocate for any team to *adopt* the look/style of any holiday cap, but I gotta admit, the Ma’s Day cap actually worked VERY WELL with the Natinals’ WSH CC unis. Like, really well.

    Scrolling through, I was very surprised by it too. The brightness of the sunlight contributed.


    Was hoping they’d have worn the CC cap with a pink logo with their CC uni. That block ‘W’ makes that cap one of the few CC elements I really like.

    Just noticed that the White Sox also had a pink emblem on their helmets yesterday. A 3D emblem, no less.

    We heard Phil’s take on the CinCy Blacks yesterday, but would love to get your 2 cents Paul.

    We need a professional sports team in the states that uses pink as a primary color.

    Minor league is professional. And Major League Soccer isn’t minor league. “Major” is in their name. Just sayin’…

    I was watching “Quick Pitch” on MLB Network last night, and it looked like the Padres had the 3D pink logo on the front of their brown helmets.

    I could have sworn the Stifel ad on the Cardinals uni yesterday was pink. Or maybe it was the lighting? Sorry can’t find any good pics.

    Master Greases – is that the plural of the noun “grease” or the simple present tense of the verb “to grease”?

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