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Category: Vintage Sportswear Finds

Uni Watch Field Trip: A Visit to Grayford’s, a Very Special Vintage Shop

A New Jersey shop is packed with so many uni-related items that it’s almost more like a museum than a retail store.

Vintage Uniform Lives Up to Its Chest Insignia

It is what it says it is!

Some Recent Gifts I’ve Received from Uni Watch Readers

How lucky am I? So lucky that my readers send me things! Here are some of the latest arrivals at Uni Watch HQ.

Let’s Look at Some Cool Vintage Jerseys

I’ve come across some really fun stuff lately on eBay.

Let’s Look at Some Cool Vintage Sports T-shirts

A weekend shopping trip uncovered some great old tees.

A Close Look at Yesterday’s MLB Mother’s Day Uniforms

As you’d expect, there was a lot of pink around MLB yesterday.

Uni Watch Library: Goodies Galore in ‘Vintage Champion’

For all photos, click to enlarge — it’s worth it! Some of you may have been expecting me to write some sort of manifesto about last night’s Rams/Seahawks fiasco. And …

Uni Watch Show and Tell: A Spectacular Curling Sweater

Click to enlarge On April 15, I received an email from longtime reader Will Scheibler, who lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The subject line was “Belated birthday gift” and the …

Vintage Football Jersey Presents History Mystery

For all photos, click to enlarge I was looking at vintage uniforms on eBay yesterday and came across this circa-1950s football jersey with an unusual stripe pattern running from the …

Fondly Remembering The Sears ‘Wishbook’

By Phil Hecken, with Jimmy Parker Follow @PhilHecken I have a very special holiday post for you today, and it’s by the one and only Jimmy Parker, who you may …

Vintage Jersey Leads to New Form of Uni-Watching

For most photos in this section, you can click to enlarge What have we here? It’s a 1970s print ad for Uniroyal Tires, featuring three spokescharacters named Uni (!), Roy, …

Uni Watch Show and Tell: A Box of Stuff From Scott

As I recently mentioned here on the site, I’m going to be moving in with the Tugboat Captain at the end of the summer, so I’m going to be deaccessioning …

A Very Important Ampersand

For all photos, click to enlarge As you all know by now, I have no interest in purchasing or wearing mass-produced retail jerseys, but I do like vintage jerseys from …

A Museum Piece, in More Ways Than One

Photo by Karen McBurnie; click to enlarge I mentioned in yesterday’s entry that I had scored a remarkable flea market find during my August blogcation, and here it is: a …

Finding Gold in West Virginia

By Phil Hecken I’m not really a “thrift” or consignment shop type of guy (though I will occasionally check out a Salvation Army or similar store), and whenever I do …