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What’s Better Than the Mighty Ducks? The Mighty Yuks!

You know how I like to Photoshop the “Mr. Yuk” symbol onto jerseys to symbolize how uni ads are disgusting and toxic? Reader Paul Wood recently told me about his beer league hockey team, which puts Mr. Yuk on the jerseys for real. They’re called the Mighty Yuks! That’s Paul and his son JP, who designed the team’s logo, in the photo shown above.

The quick backstory is that the Mighty Yuks play in Pittsburgh, which is where Mr. Yuk was born. Pediatrician Richard Moriarty created him for the Pittsburgh Poison Control Center in 1971, so he’s a bit of a Steel City icon — and thus ideal fodder for a fun beer league team identity. Here’s a shot of the full uniform (that’s JP again with the puck):

Moriarty, who’s now 83, even showed up to help the team celebrate its Summer 2022 Adult League title:

This is all so great. Huge thanks to Paul for sharing this story with me. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Mr. Yuk, there’s a very good article here.

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    That is amazing and I completely approve. LMK if they need anyone to help apply Mr. Yuk to anything else.

    I get the Ducks/Yuks rhyme scheme but my brain took me to needing unis for the Vegas Golden Yuks, TCU Horned Yuks, Penn State Nitany Yuks, Hawaii Rainbow Yuks, etc. HA!

    I love the jersey but this is the best sentence in this post

    “Here’s a shot of the full uniform”

    Hahahahaa! Full beer league uniform – the jersey plus random socks, pants, helmet and gloves.

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