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Rangers All-Stars Lead the League in Belt Designs

If you want a good illustration of how MLB belts have become completely non-uniform, look no further than this photo of the Texas Rangers’ All-Star contingent that the team tweeted tonight. Six players, six different designs! One at a time, from left to right:

  • Nathan Eovaldi: black belt (or maybe very dark navy?), Nokona maker’s mark, red loop with uni number.
  • Marcus Semien: royal blue belt, Nokona maker’s mark, blue loop with uni number.
  • Jonah Heim: light-royal belt, extra-big buckle, no uni number.
  • Adolis Garcia: navy belt, white loop with uni number.
  • Corey Seager: blue elastic/leather belt, no uni number.
  • Josh Jung: royal blue belt, red loop, no uni number.

That’s nuts!

Of course, we could also talk about the non-uniformity in the shoe colors and pant lengths. But I’m more wowed by the belt diversity!

(Big thanks to Cody Edwards for bringing this photo to my attention.)

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    In fairness, the All-Star Game isn’t always the best time to evaluate, as we know players have a tendency to forget to take stuff and/or sometimes just grab whatever they can.

    That said, yeah, not good, not to mention that part of the issue is the fact the Rangers’ uniform allotment has been kind of a mess ever since they went away from the Ryan-era uniforms. The red and blue stuff has been so interchangeable over the years that the players themselves probably are like, “Whatever, just wear something.”

    Well, it is the ASG so they can relax on uniformity is what they are probably thinking. Will they wear their individual belts with the ASG AL uniform I wonder.

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