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MLB Bringing Back Players’ Weekend but Toning Down the Uni Angle

In a surprise move that I for one did not see coming, MLB has just announced that it’s reviving Players’ Weekend, the August promotion that originally ran in 2017, ’18, and ’19 but has been dormant since then. This year’s edition will run on Aug. 16-18.

As you may recall, the original Players’ Weekend promotions featured unusual uniforms with nickNOBs instead of conventional NOBs:

The 2019 set was so bad that the Dodgers actually asked not to wear them, but their request was turned down.

Happily, players will wear their standard jerseys and pants this time around, and there will be no nickNOBs. MLB’s announcement says there will be “specially designed” caps, and ESPN’s Jesse Rogers says the caps will feature “each player’s uniform number on the side panel in a ‘youthful design.'” No sign yet of how that will look.

In addition, custom bat and footwear designs, which players are already allowed to use whenever they like, will be encouraged for Players’ Weekend.

According to MLB’s announcement, “The reimagined event aims to showcase players beyond their on-field performance, telling their stories and appealing to young baseball fans and casual followers of the sport.”

(My thanks to our own Mike Chamernik for bringing the ESPN story to my attention.)

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    1. How much of this is due to supply chain issues?

    2. If they want to appeal to young baseball fans, they should maybe ease blackout restrictions.

    It is my contention that the black and white players uniforms with ghost lettering in 2019 were not only the worst uniforms in MLB history, they are the worst uniforms in sports history. Just a fail at every level.

    There were many reasons that caused me to give up Manfred League Baseball, but the final two straws that broke my back were the 2019 Players Weekend unis and the 2020 universal DH.

    Those color rush NFL uniforms were terrible, too.

    I actually have a black Phillies “Bruuuuuce” jersey. It’s my middle name and I think it’s a funny jersey.

    It’s also a taste of the future, now that aesthetics are driven by the whims of teenaged boys and it’s all BFBS and “icy white stormtrooper”.

    My favorite Players’ Weekend bit was when the Mariners’ Kyle Seager wore “Corey’s Brother” on the back of his jersey.

    The first year they did this and the jerseys were a sort of Little League version of the team uniforms, that was very cool. I’d love to see them do it again. The all-white and all-black, though? Woof.

    Also, Justin’s point #2 is absolutely correct. I’d say to not merely ease the blackout restrictions, though, but do away with them altogether.

    A yes a standardized cap to highlight each players “individuality!”

    Do My Cap, My Game. Every player can pick a cap they wore becoming a player (college, high school, little league, whatever) with their name on the back. Sell them off to raise money for that team.

    I love this idea! It’s a great, fun idea – which is exactly how I know MLB will never adopt anything like it. Especially since, to Max F’s point, there’s no merchandising angle to it.

    The nicknames were fun. Would rather have those than “youthful” caps. *Shocking* that they won’t be able to produce new uniforms this year, isn’t it? ;D

    “The reimagined event aims to showcase players beyond their on-field performance, telling their stories and appealing to young baseball fans and casual followers of the sport.”

    Um, aren’t these stories things that are told almost everyday via media? And if they’re already a baseball fan, what would be the need to appeal to those people? Isn’t the idea to get the interest of those who are not baseball fans?

    IMO, the “event” should be to just have people go to a regular baseball game, not make up more of an alphabet soup of mix and match uniforms and caps.

    17 and 18 were fun. 19 was so dreadful I’m surprised its coming back to life at all in any form

    Catering to casual fans because they are in the majority of the general public and might spend some cash on Players Weekend merch…I would respect it if they said: Hey, we all know it is just a money grab exercise from us.

    The nicknames were the most interesting aspect of this promotion for me. Curious that’s one of the components not being revived.

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