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SALE! Uni Watch’s Teespring Merch Now 20% Off

The folks at Teespring are picking up the tab for a site-wide 20% sale. That means you can save some decent coin and Uni Watch will still get its full cut of the revenue — a win-win!

This sale applies to everything in our Uni Watch, Naming Wrongs, and Uni Rock online stores. In order to claim your discount, use the checkout code SUMMERVIBES20 (I know, I know) anytime from now through July 12. Enjoy!

Comments (6)

    Paul, what brand of t-shirt does Teespring use for the Uni Watch shirts?

    It varies depending on the color(s). For some, it’s Hanes (and is identified as such in the listing). For others, it’s not identified but I believe it’s Gildan.

    Here’s hoping that logo keychains make their triumphant return someday! Mine must’ve gotten snagged somewhere and disappeared, and I didn’t have the foresight to pick up a replacement before they sold out.

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