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Reading the Tea Leaves on Today’s Steelers Uniform Tease

The Steelers posted the teaser tweet shown above earlier today. Hmmmm — “I am the shadows.” That sounds like like it might be referring to the team’s old “Batman” uniforms:

That would make sense, because the diagonal chest seams on Nike’s new jersey template would be perfect for the Batman design:

And “I am the shadows” is indeed a line from a Batman movie:

Looking for further evidence, I took the photo from the Steelers’ tweet and adjusted a bunch of the levels, hoping I could see some evidence of the Batman design. Instead, what emerged was this:

Obviously, that’s just the team’s standard home uniform. I’m thinking they put that there in order to foil digital tinkerers like me. A Batman throwback still seems like the most probable outcome here. We’ll presumably find out soon enough!

Update: Reader Teddy Perkins reports that the Steelers put out a very similar tweet, with the same Batman-sourced quote, last fall:

So based on that, maybe this isn’t a uni tease at all — maybe they’re just fucking with us. Hmmmm.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @MeanJoeFranco for bringing today’s Steelers tweet to my attention.)

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    Are we sure the Steelers even are teasing anything here? Like have they made an announcement about something with a uniform coming? A lot of teams, but the Steelers especially, tend to make these types of ‘hype’ posts in the offseason just to kind of remind fans that they’re still here, and don’t forget about the NFL please. They posted a photoshoot they had just a few days ago with a bunch of guys in the regular uniforms, but it doesn’t seem like there was any real intent to the post other than to say ‘hey we did a photoshoot come look at it since we don’t really have anything else at the moment to share with you’

    In fact, the picture in question just appears to be the 6th photo of this Instagram post here, which is from that photoshoot I was mentioning. It was posted back on June 21.


    But why would they alter the photo to make it darker if they’re not up to something? (I know, I know — NFL teams post odd tweets this time of year…)

    Yeah take a look at the Lions helmet reveal… talk about odd tweets

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Batman uniforms as a Steeler throwback, as they were a few years before my time. If this really is in the works, I just hope that they go with the proper gray facemask, which I was disappointed that they didn’t do with the Immaculate Reception throwbacks. There is also another interesting point to ponder with these uniforms (again, if they are really in the works): The Steelers often wore the white version of these at home. However, since the Steelers moved to Three Rivers Stadium in 1970, they have never worn white at home. Would they break that streak with these throwbacks?

    Maybe someone in the Steelers social media dept just got excited about the hype the Pirates got for the CC unis and wanted to make sure we all thought about the Steelers in June. But I suspect that you’re correct about the Batman unis, Paul.

    Turns out that “I am the shadows” is literally a line from a Batman movie: link

    I’d say that’s pretty solid confirmation. I’ve added it to the post.

    One of the smallest and easiest uniform fixes for any team would be for the Steelers to go from their current number font to their throwback block font. It’s amazing how much such a subtle change can make.

    The update that is truly needed is going back to the block style numbers on the uniform.

    Sorry for my naïveté but why were they called the “Batman uniforms”? All I know was the teams that wore these were pretty bad.

    They should be called the Batgirl uniforms, as that’s the Bat-family costume they most closely resemble. Specifically Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl costume from the 1960s TV show.

    Yeah “They think I’m hiding in the shadows, but I am the shadows” is a direct quote from “The Batman” starring Robert Patinson. Definitely the Batman uniforms!

    Ugh, I hate missing something, writing a comment, then seeing it’s already been addressed, lol.

    I vote for giving the Steelers the same standing as the color purple. Minus the events (those sound fun). I’d rather have uni info about a change in the uniform of a Sunday softball league team in Georgia (the country, not the state). But I guess that’s just me :)

    The USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers’ current uniforms look similar to the Steelers’ Batman uniforms.

    I’d be disappointed only because I want to see the return of gold helmets, and the Batman unis went with black helmets.

    Will Paul this is Nike we’re talking about not the Steelers… so yeah it won’t be what we want
    Nike has become a curse word for Uni-Watchers…
    “… hey bro I don’t think you should spray paint that thing matte black… you’re going to Nike that sh** up, man…”

    I don’t think this template would work as well as some think. While the front of the new Nike Template is great for that “Batman” jersey just given current uniform design and requirement the back would be difficult. When those uniforms were used in the 60s player names wear not on the back of the jersey in the NFL and the chevron like yoke came to a point on the back as well. That design would be difficult on any modern template especially now with names needed to be account for as well.

    I really hope they just keep the “Steel Curtain” era block letter uniforms. They’re simple and subtle, yet give fans a chance to see the current team in the unis that made this franchise so respected.

    My best guess is an alternate helmet sticker to pair with the Color Rush uni. I think I remember them releasing a cap with an all black-and-yellow logo on it like a week ago, perhaps they’re going to put that logo on the helmet.

    The number font in the second picture is yellow. Which would make it an alternate/throw back?

    If it is anything, and based on the 2nd pic, it appears to me it might be black jerseys with yellow block numbers and yellow stripes, no white trim. And is anyone else seeing black pants with a yellow stripe? Like maybe a blackout option?

    I’ve said for years that they should have the uniform numbers number on the blank side of the helmet

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