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Uni-Ad Details for This Weekend’s Cubs/Cards Series in London

The Cubs and Cardinals will be playing in London on Saturday and Sunday. As has been in the case in all previous London-based MLB games (and most non-USA/Canada games), the game will feature series-specific uniform advertising.

The Cubs are replacing their usual walking bear left-sleeve patch with an ad for Advocate Health Care (shown above). Here’s another shot that gives a better sense of how it will look on the players:

The Cardinals will continue to wear their existing Stifel sleeve ad, and both teams will wear Capital One ads on their batting helmets. I haven’t yet seen any visuals on the helmets, but they will presumably look like the ad-clad helmets we’ve seen for other non-USA/Canada games.

In addition to the ads, both teams will also wear MLB World Tour patches on their caps and jerseys (which you can also see on several of the Cubs in that last shot).

(My thanks to Adam Foxman for the second photo.)

Comments (8)

    Weird. Why wear an ad for a local Chicago area health care system only in London? Wonder if it’s some trial for them before buying the spot permanently?

    I’m guessing it is because that there will still be more people watching the game in Chicago then in London. Unlike the NFL, these games are not that popular over here.

    Is it me or do most of these MLB jersey ads represent products I am generally never in the market for? OXY? Hospitals? Building supplies?

    In addition, it bugs me when these rectangular patches alter the way the sleeve forms to the arm. I guess they soften up as they are laundered. If I was playing, I would try to bend them a bit.

    38 and several surgeries, only thing I need is a one-a-day vitamin and I’m good to go. Put one a day on a teams sleeve and wait until they simply need one pitcher for that day.

    As a die-hard Cubs fan, it really hit me hard for the “cubbie bear” logo to be missing from the jerseys.

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