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MLB Releases Caps for Cubs/Cards Series in London

Major League Baseball has released the caps that the Cubs and Cardinals will wear when they face each other at London Stadium on June 24 and 25. As you can see above, the caps feature a rather plain “MLB World Tour London Series” side patch design.

This will be the second MLB World Tour series of the season. The first one, between the Giants and the Padres, took place in Mexico City in late April and featured somewhat snazzier-looking cap patches:

Judging by how the games in Mexico were handled, the London cap patch will be repeated as a right-sleeve patch on the teams’ jerseys, and both teams will likely also wear series-specific ads on their left sleeves and batting helmets. You can see how all of that was handled in the Mexico series here.

This will be MLB’s first series in London since 2019, when the Yankees and Red Sox played there. For that series, both teams wore series-specific helmet and sleeve ads. Those games also featured a slew of home runs, so the fences have been pushed back this year.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @MDaily51741943 for bringing the new caps to my attention.)

Comments (8)

    So stupid and boring. They could have modeled it around the London underground logo, or even a double decker bus. Who lets the get away with this nonsense?

    nothing more than a test template for additional advertising. see how the dimensions look on-camera etc.

    Product of the same design studio that did Great Britain’s uniforms in the World Baseball Classic?

    Going along with the “world tour” theme I would have expected the patch to feature outlined globes. Or maybe they reserve that for the World Series? Barring that, the patch could have looked like a suitcase with destination decals. Oh well.

    I thought that Padres cap said “Monstrosity Series” as in Monstrous Hat Patch. Yuck.

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