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New ‘Ask Me Anything’ Now Available

The latest installment of “Ask Me Anything” — the Q&A segment where I answer questions from Uni Watch readers — is now available on my Substack. I’ve dropped the paywall for this one, so it’s available to everyone. You can check it out here — enjoy!

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    Interesting question about alcohol consumption. I’ve been drinking less the last few years, usually only social events on the weekend, and I limit it to 2 alcoholic drinks, rarely 3. What has been a real good coincidence is that NA beers have become very good. Athletic Brewing Co. has some good ones, and also the Heineken NA is good. Nothing like the old O’Doul’s, which is awful. They have new ways to extract the alcohol without using heat, which ruins the flavor. Some of them have a very minor amount of alcohol, 0.5%, which you could drink a bunch and not feel, but an alcoholic should be aware of this if this could be a trigger.

    Athletic is very good, as is Sam Adams Just The Haze NAIPA. Maybe the best thing Sam Adams is making at the moment.

    Yep, I love IPAs, and the Sam Adams Just The Haze is great. Of the 2 IPAs Athletic has, I prefer the Run Wild Hazy. Another nice thing for these NA beers is less calories. The Sam Adams has calories like a light beer, and the Athletic are even less. Also, since I’m trying not to drink during the week, these are great when you’re having a meal like Mexican that calls for a beer.

    Athletic saved my life. I haven’t had a drink in 8 months, but still feel like I’m part of the group.

    If you saw that Hüsker Dü/Soul Asylum show in New York, I believe my first cousin Josh was in the band that was their opening act for that show. I actually caught that tour in Chicago, and I agree that Soul Asylum was really impressive.

    Good on you for using Roadside America for road trip planning. I too enjoy that site and will be using it this summer for a mini vacation. Something to be said for seeing America by the back roads. If you’re so inclined, you should take a trip on the Lincoln Highway. It’s eastern terminus (love that word) is NYC after all. I’ve only driven on parts of it (Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania) but it’s so refreshing!

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