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You Had Questions, I Have Answers, One Final Time

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Today I have my final Uni Watch installment of Ask Me Anything. In addition to the usual range of queries, this time there are lots of questions about my impending departure from Uni Watch, what I’ve seen in my 25 years of uniform writing, and so on.

As usual, this edition of AMA is on Substack and not paywalled, so it’s available to all. You can check it out here.

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    Thank you for answering our questions in the way that only you can, Paul!

    Making sure women’s sports are given the coverage they deserve makes the Big Four concept quaint (I hasten to point out the Golden Knights are the *second* Las Vegas pro team to win a title, for example.) And on global scale, soccer is clearly king. I almost have to laugh whenever I hear the term “World Series”. That’s probably my biggest change since I started reading Uni Watch.

    I just read the Substack. Paul your writing certainly made me think a lot of times. The biggest being Native Americans being depicted as sports logos. I never really cared or put much thought into it and I definitely thought because it was traditional it should remain that way. I realize how wrong I was. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me a better thinker and person.

    Just read the Substack. Very much enjoyed the Q/A. When it got to the part about favorite entrance song, I have always loved the Monday Night Football one. But, it’s a close tie with me for This Week in Baseball. TWIB had GREAT music. And Mel Allen had the perfect voice for the highlight show. :)

    I was the one who posted that question! Agree that the TWIB themes (both opening and ending) were great.
    My favorite current theme is the CBS college football theme. My favorite from the past was the 1970’s NBC Sports theme, which they used across their hockey, football and baseball coverages.


    I forget who said it in your substack, but thanks for educating me on what a trilby is. I honestly never heard of it before, and always erroneously lumped this hat style in as a fedora. I will now always remember this distinction.

    Uni Watch … the gift that will forever keep on giving!


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