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Monday Morning Uni Watch: Super Bowl Edition

Good morning! That was a pretty good game, right? Also a pretty good-looking game. There wasn’t a whole lot going on uni-wise, but here are some notes and observations:

  • As we’ve discussed before, KC is probably the most sock-inconsistent team ever to appear in a Super Bowl. Some players wore their sock striping up high, some down low, and some in between; some wore the striping at full width, others as just a sliver:
  • Defensive back Deon Bush added to the lower-leg confusion by going rogue with red socks:
  • And then there was defensive lineman Carlos Dunlap, who wore red in the first half and went bare-legged in the second half:
  • The Eagles had some sock-consistency issues of their own. While most of them went with solid-white hose (first photo), defensive lineman Josh Sweat wore black (second), and fellow defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh supplemented his whites with ankle-length blacks (third):
  • Field conditions were poor, with lots of players losing their footing, so several Philly players changed cleats during the first half. It was most apparent on quarterback Jalen Hurts:
  • As usual, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni wore the uni numbers of injured players — in this case, Nos. 95 and 96 for defensive linemen Marlon Tuipulotu and Derek Barnett, respectively — on his visor, which, also carried the Super Bowl logo:
  • Somebody standing behind Sirianni on the Philly sideline was wearing a shirt with an Italian crest and a necklace with an Italy-shaped pendant:
  • Here’s the coin that was used for the opening toss:
  • Donna Kelce, the mother of KC tight end Travis Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce, supported both of her sons by wearing a Franken-jacket and mismatched team shoes:
  • Continental Bakery in Mt. Prospect, Ill., made these very cool-looking helmet cookies:
  • The white-jerseyed team has now won 37 of the 57 Super Bowls, including 16 of the last 19.

That’s a wrap for another NFL season, and for another year of Monday Morning Uni Watch. Congrats to KC and their fans, and thanks to everyone who contributed NFL observations throughout the season.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Gustavo Fernandez, K.C. Kless, Sam McKinley, Ricko, John Turney, Mike Wilkening, @TheQumarZaman, and of course Phil.)


Never Seen That Before

Phil had this in yesterday’s Ticker, but I wanted to give it more of a showcase today, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a basketball player — in this case, UNLV guard EJ Harkless — wear a hand-warmer before.

Now, we shouldn’t get too excited, because those photos are from Saturday’s pregame shootaround. Tommy Morris, who provided the pics, says Harkless didn’t actually wear the pouch during the game. Still, seeing this accessory on the court, even if only for pregame shots, nonetheless seems pretty mind-blowing.


Never Seen This Before Either

I love glass block. I mean I reallyreallyreally love glass block! But even I think this use of it, which I observed in a New Jersey bar’s men’s room a few days ago, is a bit much.

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    Maybe you covered it earlier and just missed it, but it was obvious that Mahomes had a different helmet than the rest of KC. It almost looked like it had scales while the rest of the team had smooth helmets.

    At the risk of being indelicate, glass block would be ideal to quickly and easily clean “splash back” or “misdirection”. More difficult to graffiti too, I would imagine.

    Mahomes is among the handful of players to wear the Vicis Zero2 helmet. I’ve written about this several times, including in last week’s Super Bowl Preview.

    There’s something about it that always looks off. The facemask is abnormally close to his face in profile. The crown rises too high from the front, and from the back the neck line is a long way from the shoulder pads. Maybe Mahomes has an extra-long neck but it doesn’t look like it from pictures of him out of uniform. It isn’t a good look.

    Can confirm! Grew up eating all shapes and sizes and themes of cookies from Continental Bakery and now I am feeling homesick for a shipment of cookies to soothe this Super Bowl hangover.

    Nothing to do with glass block, but that photo made me think of a bar in my hometown. The bathroom had a tight urinal-sink-urinal configuration. No dividers. Great for symmetry, but washing your hands between two gentleman taking car of their business doesn’t feel great.

    I guess it’s because there would be no need to “call” the coin toss, but if they are going to create a coin specifically for the Super Bowl toss, why don’t they just put the participant logos on either side of the coin? Eagles on one side, Chiefs on the other. I guess it would somehow cut down on the manufactured drama.

    I’ve been saying the same thing since the Jerome Bettis incident. But with a Super Bowl coin they’d want the logo on there too.

    The Chiefs wore their American flags centered (due to the Super Bowl patch), something which to my knowledge hasn’t happened in the NFL before

    Did KC forego captaincy patches so they could do the Hunt memorial and the Supe patch without overcrowding? Mightve missed something too

    Donna Kelce also had a jersey on with KC in the front and Philadelphia in the back. She kept the jacket on most of the time so really couldn’t see it much.

    Interesting that Momma Kelce’s jacket also used the Eagles’ logo facing to the right instead of its usual (unique) left-facing orientation.

    What am I missing about the glass block? Seems reasonable to keep piss from splashing on to the sink.

    That Nike Italy shirt is either 30 years old or was custom made by that dude. That’s not the official Italy FIGC crest, or Italy basketball, nor is it the Olympics Team Italy logo (although its close). And none of those teams have been sponsored by Nike since the 90’s

    Did anyone catch what Eagles RB Miles Sanders had written on his towel (or whatever that is)? I was noticing it all game but never could quite get a good look. This is the best photo I’ve been able to find.

    Does anyone know what date (or have a link) the article about KC and why Paul doesnt use their team name? I remember the general gist (its somewhat obvious), but i wanted to re-read the article as the topic was brought up in general this week by a few other journalist

    There is no specific article in which I discuss the KC team name, but I try to avoid using the names of any teams that use Native American imagery. That includes MLB/Atlanta, NHL/Chicago, and NFL/KC. I don’t do this because the names or imagery are “offensive” (a subjective term that has essentially become meaningless). I do it because we’re all taught at an early age that you shouldn’t use something that doesn’t belong to you (including another culture’s iconography), which seems like a simple enough lesson to follow.

    I know some people disagree, and that’s fine. Not looking to relitigate it here, so let’s please not go down that road. Just responding to Matt’s comment.

    There is no excuse for the poor field condition. Many people have asked how they could let this happen. It happens because the whole Super Bowl spectacle is so infused with ancillary bullshit that the game is no longer the main thing.

    Evidently substandard grass is an issue at the Cardinals’ field; puzzling given the attention to advanced technology at the stadium, and unforgivable on a stage as big as the Super Bowl.

    Chiefs RB Isiah Pacheco went with the notable “red cleats with yellow laces” look, giving a distinctly Ronald McDonald vibe.

    I just want to appreciate the level of craft in that glass block wall. It looks like the first column (closest to the wall) is regular glass block and the second column is a proper bullnose glass block properly grouted. Lots of lesser craftspeople would have just used two columns of regular glass block.

    Also the green is a nice touch

    Socks were a mess for both teams. No shock. Eagles have way too much BFBS going on. Please return to kelly green immediately.

    The white-jerseyed team has now won 37 of the 57 Super Bowls, including 16 of the last 19

    Most importantly: red-pantsed team are 1-0!
    Very good looking game. If the Eagles were in Kelly green it could have contended for Best Looking Super Bowl.

    While as Super Bowls go, it was a good looking game. But I do find Super Bowls in general don’t produce esthetically pleasing games. They generally never see the sun, largely played at night and often in Dome stadiums, the field is overly cluttered with logos, I found yesterday’s logos particularly eye-sore-ish.

    I wouldn’t describe yesterday’s game as a good lucking game. The game was played with no natural sunlight on the field , there were unnecessary eyesore-ish logos cluttering the field as well, so compared to most regular season’s games, this was a dingy affair. I far prefer the Chiefs home look to their away

    I’m glad the game is over. I was getting Donna Kelce-d out.

    I didn’t get a screenshot but in the 2nd quarter (about 3:15 left) the camera was on the Chiefs sideline. There was an equipment box behind a coach that was stenciled “CHIEFS” that had the I blacked out to read CHEFS. Great googly moogly.

    I just read today that the Super Bowl coin-toss coins are made by Highland Mint in Melbourne, FL. Oddly, they call them “flip-coins”. They also make the coin for every other NFL game. Who knew??

    I thought it was an exciting and entertaining game with a nice combination of decent looking uniforms and Philly fans booing the introduction of the referee, the HOF inductees and lots of other things in true Philly sports fan tradition. Lively atmosphere. I only booed the abysmal field conditions. As usual the halftime show was an unwelcome interruption but I admired pregnant Rihanna on that dingy moving platform. The woman is totally fearless.

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