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What if the NFL Expanded by Twelve Franchises?

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Greetings and a good Sunday Morning! I hope everyone had a pleasant Saturday. Are you ready for some football?

Not only do we have the NFL Conference Championship games today (I always prefer CC weekend to the actual Supe, so today’s really my favorite Football Sunday), but I have a very fun project from designer Jonah Ward (and his collaborator, Steve Gonzalez), in which they imagine the NFL expanding by twelve(!) teams. Obviously, such an expansion, in one shot, could never take place, but they give us a look at some cities that are probably primed for a new team, some places you’d think expansion would work, and some cities you probably never even imagined having an NFL team. As they explain below, there was a great deal of thought that went into selecting the cities, team names, colors, logos, etc.

I’ve featured Jonah’s efforts on Uni Watch previously, including a really fun defunct NFL franchises resurrected, and more recently, a look at World Cup nations depicted as football helmets.

Here’s Jonah:

• • • • •

NFL Expansion Project
by Jonah Ward (with Steve Gonzales)

The NFL is eyeing expansion, both domestically and abroad in the coming decades as a way to grow their global brand. Two designers Jonah Ward, known as Dubya Design and Steve Gonzales, known as GonzoDidThis collaborated in a fun project where they imagined 12 NFL expansion franchises.

The pair of designers wanted to challenge themselves with connecting to city identities, as well as uniquely named teams that gave them unconventional challenges and prompts to roll with. The designers alternated with city and name choices. Both designers collaborated on the helmets, logos, and uniforms, depicted in this series. Dubya focused on jerseys, while Gonzo focused on the helmets. Some teams had traditional design approaches and others were more modern and eccentric.


London Knights

With the first team to be created in this expansion project, Gonzo wanted to jump right out the gate with an international team. London is a major target for international expansion and may as well be the inaugural team for when that day comes. They chose the name Knights because it was a fun prompt for a sports brand.

The uniforms are crimson, white, and feature elements from both the English flag and the City of London flag. The dragon from the city coat of arms was used as the helmet logo. The home and away looks feature a subtle chainmail pattern and a medieval-esque font choice. The designers also opted for a silver alternate uniform meant to mimic a knight’s shining armor.


Portland Pioneers

To spice things up, Dubya went northwest with the Portland Pioneers, a team inspired by the Oregon Trail and good old fashioned alliteration. The branding here features rugged, earthy tones of green, cream, and brown to invoke the frontier spirit. The helmets feature the racoon cap that the likes of Lewis and Clark wore on their expedition, the jerseys feature the fringe seen on a Pioneer’s jacket. The alternate all-brown look is to mimic the pioneer’s jacket more accurately and it’s topped off with the faux-leather helmet.


Austin Bats

As a unique challenge, GonzoDidThis chose the Austin Bats as his next team name and theme. The goal here was to be very minimal and out-of-the-box when it came to the uniform design. The simple, linear looks of the wing, sleeve stripes, and numbers are inspired by the bones that you can find on a bat’s wing. Dark and mysterious was another goal, especially in the home look. The burnt orange is a nod to Austin’s very own, University of Texas.

Fun fact: Austin, TX. is home to the world’s largest urban bat colony. Might not be a conventional sports name, but it is a fun prompt to build a brand on nonetheless.


San Diego Seals

For Dubya’s next pick, he decided to give love to a city who recently had its beloved team ripped from its hand for Los Angeles. Instead of piggybacking off of the Chargers, the team was named for the local wildlife, as well as the city’s rich naval tradition. The mascot is a saluting Seal with a navy cap. The uniforms feature rope as seen on a ship, a sleeve reminiscent of a sailor’s uniform, and the numbers are a block font that can be found on the side of a naval ship. Details matter here.


Mexico City Aztecas

With Gonzo at bat, he decides to create his next international team, this time, just south of the border. Introducing the Mexico City Aztecas. Named for the rich traditions and culture of Mexico, the uniform and colors pay homage to modern day Mexico with the colors and to the ancient Aztec civilization with the rich patterns. Looking closely at the helmets and jerseys you can see these patterns take shape throughout the entirety of the uniform. It was unique challenge building a brand with these colors, as they are not a very common combination in sports.


Memphis Pharaohs

With a few historically named teams already under their belt, why not add another. Dubya decided to bring in the Memphis Pharaohs as his next choice. A solid nod to the city of Memphis being named after the ancient Egyptian city and landmarks in Memphis, like the beautiful Bass Pro Shops pyramid. The uniforms and colors were set to mimic a mummy’s gilded sarcophagus including a gilded helmet with vibrant striping. The goal was to be traditional here, yet still flashy.


Brooklyn Bridges

If Brooklyn wasn’t incorporated into New York City, it would still be the 4th largest city in the United States. Gonzo decided to bring a team to Brooklyn for that reason. The team is named the Bridges, yes, it is not traditional for a sports team, but it presented us with a fun theme to revolve around. The patterns shown on the uniform feature the famous coogi pattern that Brooklyn native Notorious B.I.G. wore. The fonts for numbers and the wordmark are also from the NYC subway system.


St. Louis Archers

In the same spirit of bringing back a San Diego team, Dubya re-introduced STL to the NFL fold. The team name Archers is a fun play on the famous archway in St. Louis. The logo is an A in the shape of the arch with an arrow running through it. The colors are from the St. Louis flag. Dubya wanted to make a 90’s era uniform and design when creating this team.


Salt Lake City Peaks

A team that is regularly talked about when NFL Expansion is brought up, Salt Lake, was brought to the table by Gonzo. His aim here was to create a highly modern look reflecting the mountains that surround the city and the beautiful purple and orange sunsets that take place there. The numbers are sharp, just like the mountaintops. Gradients are are used here to also mimic the sunset.


Montreal Musketeers

Dubya goes up north and expands the NFL to Canada, introducing the Montreal Musketeers. Honoring the French heritage of the region and bringing in the colors of Quebec to the fold was the goal. The uniform is designed with a traditional musketeer’s outfit in mind. The logo is a fleur-de-lis flipped upside down and stylized into an M. Traditional is the style here.


Toronto Northmen

Keeping it in Canada, Gonzo brings the Toronto Northmen to the fold. A team that pays respect to the WFL Toronto Northmen, turned Memphis Southmen. The logo features the famous Canadian Maple leaf, but with a slight twist of a compass pointing North to tie into the name. The wordmark is also close to what you can find on a compass and map font. The colors here are black, red, and white, keeping things simple and traditional here was the goal.


Oklahoma Whirlwinds

For the final team in the series, Dubya closes us out with the Oklahoma Whirlwinds. A team themed around Tornado Alley. The colors are gray and green, to represent tornadoes and the plains that can be found in the region. The logo is a W fashioned into the shape of a twister. The uniforms feature a doppler radar effect on the sleeves.


This project was all in good fun. Obviously some team names and identities could be realistic choices for expansion, while others were a fun challenge meant to push both designers to unexplored depths in uniform and brand identity for their teams. The mix of classic, modern, and experimental designs is what made this collaboration worth it.

• • • • •

Thanks Jonah! Really fun project. While the NFL at 32 teams (and four divisions of four teams per conference) is mathematically at a good size, I wouldn’t be surprised that their love of money (note how we now have 17-game seasons, ruining the perfect symmetry of a 16-game season) would lead them to expand sooner, rather than later. This project shows where that expansion might head going forward. The league already plays a number of games in Europe (and has played in Mexico as well), so perhaps international expansion is on the horizon. Great stuff!

Readers? What say you?


Picking the Conference Champs by Better Uni

After going a pedestrian 3-3 picking the NFL Wild Card games by “better uniform,” last weekend I got back off the mat and went 4-0 (!) picking games ATS, for a post-season total of 7-3…and assuring a winning record for the post season. I’d love to go two-for-two on today’s Conference Championship games. Here. We. Go.



San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles
Time: 3:00 pm (Eastern)

SPREAD: Philly -2.5

This should be a good-looking game, with both teams wearing their best combinations — although I am not necessarily a fan of the Eagles wearing white high socks. Of course, San Fran players seem to go with a mix of white, red/white and solid red, so no bonus point there. Still, the Niners home and road unis (their *standard* NOT throwback/alternate) unis are both superior to Philly’s green/green/white, especially if the Iggles are going to have the white tights look. I expect the game to be as close as the spread, but in the end, I gotta go with Frisco.

THE PICK: Niners plus 2 and the hook


Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City
Time: 6:30


Seems like we just did this like a year ago. Why yes, yes we did. Both teams will be repeating the look they wore during last year’s AFC Championship game, which as we all know, the Bengals won. In fact, since the Bengals went to their new uniform set, they have played KC thrice, winning all three, including once earlier this season (in both home games, the Bengals went orange/orange/black/orange, while their playoff win last year featured a repeat of today’s combo: orange/white/white/black). They’re hoping to keep the streak alive again today…and they will.

THE PICK: Bengals plus 1.5


And there you have it. I hope not only do both teams cover, but also win outright — I’d love to have another 49ers/Bengals Supe. They’ve met twice before (both won by San Fran). Here’s how they looked then:

Supe 16:

Supe 23:

The NFC is the designated “home” team for Supe 57, so if the two teams were to meet for another rematch, it would probably look very similar to SB 23, in which the Niners wore their red home uniforms.

Obviously, both teams’ unis have changed (although SF is now wearing basically the same uniform as they wore then), but for what would be a thirty-four year gap, the unis would still be very similar. Here’s hoping!


From Hollywood...ALMOST Live...

…It’s The GONG SHOW!

Does any remember the weird (but wild and wonderful) “Gong Show” — which took place took place during the 1970s? Obviously you probably have to be of a certain age (and disposition) to remember it — although it did live on in syndication, so you may have caught a re-run or three. Anyway, I remember it well, and watched it with a grade school buddy way back in the day.

Anyhoo — the photo above features game show host Chuck Barris dressed in a maskless Philadelphia Eagles helmet and jersey (he actually sported the full uniform, but we’ll get to that) on the Gong Show.

Here’s Jimmy Corcoran with the full scoop and some additional photos…

Anyone from a certain age remembers the Gong Show, for a while it was my father’s favorite show and he tried to get on it as a judge. I don’t remember this episode where Chuck Barris wears a full Philadelphia Eagles uniform, who is the next act on this episode the Unknown Comic or Vince Papale? Chuck Barris was from Philadelphia and at the beginning of the episode he thanks the Eagles for sending this to him. The Uniform is circa 1977, the jersey could be from 1976 with the Bicentennial patch removed. The helmet is older though, it is a TK2 that has been repainted and the Riddell front pad has the font that was last used around 1973.

My father wanted to be a judge on the Gong Show, he thought with his experience judging the Miss Maryland contest’s that it would be a perfect fit for the King. There was a number at the end of each show to call, he called and said It’s King Corcoran I am a retired QB and would like to be a judge on the show, Burt Reynolds can vouch for me. No one from the Gong Show ever returned his call.

Thanks Jimmy! Here are some additional photos from that episode:

Thanks Jimmy! Fun memories — appreciate the share.


Guess the Game from the Uniform

Based on the suggestion of long-time reader/contributor Jimmy Corcoran, we’ve introduced a new “game” on Uni Watch, which is similar to the popular “Guess the Game from the Scoreboard” (GTGFTS), only this one asked readers to identify the game based on the uniforms worn by teams.

Like GTGFTS, readers will be asked to guess the date, location and final score of the game from the clues provided in the photo. Sometimes the game should be somewhat easy to ascertain, while in other instances, it might be quite difficult. There will usually be a visual clue (something odd or unique to one or both of the uniforms) that will make a positive identification of one and only one game possible. Other times, there may be something significant about the game in question, like the last time a particular uniform was ever worn (one of Jimmy’s original suggestions). It’s up to YOU to figure out the game and date.

Today’s GTGFTU comes from Daniel Courdray.

Good luck and please post your guess/answer in the comments below.


One For The Jets Fan...

After going surprisingly quiet the final, oh, month of the season, my Jet fan friends are chirping again. This time, it’s in anticipation of acquiring Aaron Rodgers from the Packers. Honestly, I kinda hope it happens — it’d be nice for the Jets to be relevant in New York again, and while probably not the final piece to the Super Bowl puzzle, acquiring Rodgers would probably (assuming he doesn’t get hurt) get the Jets into the dance at least. There haven’t been too many seasons where both the Jets and Giants have been good simultaneously, but after the progress both teams made this season, Rodgers on the Jets could mean both teams will be serious playoff contenders next year.

I bring this all up because I happened to see a couple really good Aaron Rodgers in a Jets uni (or at least helmet and jersey) photoshops this week. (As Jimmer Vilk pointed out to me in a DM, “He’s not going to look like that…they don’t wear green jerseys anymore.”) Let’s hope he’s wrong on both counts. And he’s right on one: the J=E=T=S Jets! Jets! Jets! need to wear green jerseys more. And let’s stop the nonsense with the black pants, OK?

Enjoy Jets fans. May your wish to acquire Aaron Rodgers come true.


And finally...

…that’s gonna do it for this Sunday and for me for the weekend. Big thanks to Jonah (and Steve) for this really fun look at potential expansion unis, logos and cities in the NFL! And thanks to Jimmy for the Gong Show memories.

Everyone have a great Sunday — and enjoy the Conference Championships later today! GO NINERS & BENGALS!

I’ll catch everyone next Saturday. But until then…



Comments (64)

    I expect everyone to hate this, but it’s my fantasy.

    If I had my way, the NFL would contract by eight teams. Teams that I have no use for are the Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Seattle Seahawks.

    Then I’d reconfigure some of the divisions like this:
    AFC East: New England, New York Football Jets, Buffalo, and Miami
    Central: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati
    West: K.C., Denver, San Diego, and Oakland

    NFC East: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and Tampa Bay
    Central: The classics
    West: Dallas, Arizona, L.A., and San Francisco

    I welcome your abuse.

    So…basically all the southern teams (minus Miami/TB), plus Balto and Seattle.

    Ravens have won two SBs in their “brief”existence but somehow the Chargers not only get saved but somehow moved back to SD. Sounds like an upset cleveland fan.

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that the Aaron photoshops use his regular face mask with the helmets of Riddell speed and idk the cutout one yet

    The photoshopper obviously took a pic of Rodgers in his Packers jersey (which is the old Reebok template) and tried to make it look like whatever ridiculous nickname Nike gives the present chassis used by NYJ. That’s why it looks off. I think some p-shoppers go the other route: find someone in a similar pose in a Jets uni and just swap in Rodgers head/face. I think it’s a decent effort, but uni watchers can easily spot the jersey inconsistencies. Most folks probably wouldn’t even notice.

    Eagles v Redskins Dec 16, 1973. week 14
    Redskins won in the snow 38-20 at RFK.
    Larry Brown caught a TD and ran for 3 more.

    Actually — that’s the “splash” photo for the GTGFTU series (I’m guessing you’re reading this on your phone). The actual “clue” for today is the picture of the Mets player — that’s the GTGFTU you need to identify.

    I don’t get why everyone is so hot on Rodgers to the Jets. He is old, looked bad this year, himself questions his commitment and just seems like a setup for the Jets to give away the farm and he gets injured or plays one season. I just don’t see it going well. Look no further than Russell Wilson in Denver. Give me Derek Carr.

    There’s little doubt that the Jets hired Nathaniel Hackett, who proved himself to be a bumbling idiot as Denver’s HC, to entice Aaron to come on over.

    Dang it.
    I was really excited about this reference, and I though someone would jump on it immediately.
    On a day when Phil, like Dwayne, picks by uniforms!

    Memphis Pharoahs was already a team in Arena football, and they PLAYED in the Pyramid back when it was still an arena and not a Bass Pro shop.

    Glad to see someone else thought Archers was perfect for St Louis! I’ve been toying with that concept for years in my head, but never put anything on paper.

    Bats is a great name, but for the love of all that’s good and holy, lose those awful stealth numbers. Do not give Nike any ideas.

    I could live with Archers. Shoot – I want a team so badly I’d even take a name that doesn’t end with an S.
    Anyhoo, I’m much bigger fan of our old MISL name. Picture the steam coming off the boat. That would fit nicely coming off the front of the helmet, ala the Eagles.

    St. Louis Archers is a great name. But those uniforms with the Archer name seem very Blue McDonald’s-ish to me.

    I recently did this with 8 expansion teams. I used quite a few recycled names, ala Avs and Rockies..
    St. Louis Steamers
    Memphis Hounds
    Toronto Huskies
    San Diego Seals
    Oklahoma Twisters
    Vancouver Dragons
    Utah Oquirrhs (Oakers)
    San Antonio Strays

    No NFL expansion to Toronto and Vancouver please. This is CFL country! Though I would go to a rumoured NFL exhibition game in Vancouver.

    No, they couldn’t co-exist. Neither team would be supported well enough if they had to share a city.

    We endured lifetimes of doing what we can to keep the CFL alive financially. We are winning in the neverending battle. Protecting our unique Canadian game. Letting the big money NFL machine put a foot in the door and get established in our larger markets will not help.

    Besides, don’t really need an NFL team here in Vancouver. Can make a day trip to a Seattle Seahawks game and be back in the office Monday morning.

    So wait. You’re against college and pro teams using Native American names, logos and iconography but you want a NFL team in Mexico City called the “Aztecs”?

    Are you addressing this comment to the concepter(s)?

    If you’re asking me, that’s a different story, but they’re not my concepts. There are also a ton of variables: SDSU (link) uses “Aztecs,” but FSU, CMU and Utah — to name three — use Native American names and iconography with the explicit support of those Tribes. So, I’m honestly not certain about the proposal for Mexico City. It might depend on the sentiment of any remaining ancestors of the Aztec nation. SDSU has addressed this (link).

    But I’m just featuring Jonah’s concepts — I’m making no endorsements nor condemnations of his proposals.

    “Aztec” is very different from the usual cases of US native imagery. For one thing, it refers to a political entity, not an ethnic entity or a people. The Aztec empire (or Confederation) was a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual political entity that ruled over, or in most cases merely collected taxes and tribute from, subject peoples. The Aztecs are more akin to, say, the late medieval Hapsburgs or Carolingian France than to, say, the Lakota or Cheyenne peoples of the future United States. No one from Spain or Holland or Austria today identifies themselves as being “a Hapsburg” even though each is descended from people who once lived in the same place, which was ruled at the time by the Hapsburg Empire. Similar deal for today’s descendants of the mainly Nahua peoples whose ancestors were once Aztec subjects. For another thing, “Mexico” is derived from a word the Aztecs used to describe themselves and their capital city, the predecessor to Ciudad de Mexico. Mexican national identity is significantly based on an embrace (and romanticization) of Aztec history. For a third thing, relations between the descendants of settlers and of natives is very different in Mexico than in the United States. It is a mistake to apply the standards and expectations of the United States to Mexico in this context. The Mexican Constitution specifically recognizes and enshrines significant protections and rights for indigenous communities, including the right to use and teach their languages and have special representation in local government. Mexico has its own history of violence and genocide like the United States, yes, but Mexico’s history with its native peoples since independence from European colonial rule is very different from ours in the United States.

    In short, Mexico City Aztecas is not comparable to Atlanta Braves or North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Although I have no doubt that if such a team existed, willfully ignorant white dudes in the United States would point to it as an example of why the Washington Redskins name was no big deal and the Chiefs are actually a good thing and Native Americans should shut up and be grateful to have a team named in their honor.

    Your comment is absolutely spot on. “Aztec” is a very different concept than a Chief Wahoo or using tomahawk chops. Well written.

    (I am not endorsing or condemning a hypothetical Mexico City team.)

    I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I love the design of the NFL expansion San Diego Seals. I would buy all of that merch and support them as my team! (I’m a SD native that dropped the Chargers when they moved). HOWEVER, lacrosse is my favorite sport and the San Diego Seals already exist in the National Lacrosse League! Sure, teams in different cities and different leagues can share a nickname (SF Giants/NY Giants, AZ Cardinals/STL Cardinals). I don’t think I can let the same nickname slide in the same city.

    1. That era Eagles helmet should be brought back, even if in the new colors. The current ones are too cartoony.
    2. I made up teams and logos back in the day for an NFL board game for cities that didn’t have teams. They included the Phoenix Condors, Oklahoma Ranchers, Rhode Island Rollers (truck theme), Salt Lake City Lakers, among others that I can’t remember.

    Those expansion team brandings are every Nike employees dream. A true mashup of sports identity and chambers of commerce. A far cry from the days where every team was a bear, a pirate, or tiger. But I guess the more teams, the more obscure the mascots gotta be.

    That shot of Chuck Barris’ helmet from behind looks so naked, not covered in contemporary decals (NFL shield, radio dot, American flag, uni #, memorials, etc).

    Rodgers would have to pick a new uni # with NYJ. I’d suggest 21: If basically anyone can wear 1-19 now, why not a QB with a non-traditional number, a la Flutie’s #22?

    “Rodgers would have to pick a new uni # with NYJ.”

    Namath has already given his approval for Rodgers to wear #12 if he were to join the Jets.


    I hate the prospect of Rodgers joining the Jersey B-and that hatred is reinforced by the possibility of him wearing that rendered in that dreadful Jet set. He should respect Broadway Joe, decline the offer, and the 12 should stay uncirculated. “Thanks, Joe…but no.”
    Should he join the Jets, Rodgers can flip the second digit around and go with 15. Montana made the same move when he joined the Chiefs (16 was retired for Len Dawson, so he went with 19…then again, Joe Cool was always a class act).

    I like it when players that can’t get their number choose to put a math equation in the mix. I would go with 1 + 2 = 3.
    And lest we forget… 0 + 2 = 1. Race that to the finish line in a dead run.

    The Biggie Smalls/Coogi inspiration was already used by the Brooklyn Nets and I still associate Coogi sweaters with Bill Cosby so I probably would have gone in a different direction.

    Those were some solid designs, though I would have made the London team’s red a little darker.

    Speaking of NFL expansion, the current mayor of Dallas is pushing for a 2nd Dallas team to play within the city limits. Like Jerry Jones would allow that to happen.

    Richard, check out my Instagram page (@dubyagfx) I’m doing another project with a team called the Oakland Oaks. A homage to the old baseball and ABA teams, I’ve got my logo ideas up there and unis to come soon.

    GTGFTU-a real tough one, here’s my crack at it:
    Marlins @ Mets, 8/29/2011?
    Blue BP’s (no sleeve patch) paired with BFBS cap.
    Was somebody we know at the game?

    Perhaps you already know this (and not that you should avoid it being a New Yorker), but nobody in San Francisco likes the city being called San Fran.

    If the NFL were to expand…my vote would be to put a 2nd team in Chicago(the Victors- the city of wins?)and to place a 2nd team in the Bay Area (San José Reyes/Bay Area Battery?(Spanish for Kings/naval military reference)) and lastly in St. Louis (Slingers? For their famous sandwich and as a football reference.)

    I like the Eagles “stripes ad nauseam” jersey Berris wore. In fact, that’s my favorite Eagles throwback.

    It could still be done today; the helmet pants and socks would be no problem. The jersey would have to be modified, with maybe just the shoulder “UCLA”stripes and maybe a thinner version of the thick white stripe under it. But the Eagles would still look very good like this.

    I like most of these concepts. If the NFL did go to 12 more markets they could do it 1 of 2 ways. 1. All North America with global sister cities or 2. Franchises all over the globe. I’ll go half and half. I’ll also move the Chargers back to SD and that’s basically a 2nd NFL team in LA plus the Jets move back to the city. Then…

    1. St. Louis Showboats ( greatest show on turf and the show me state) city flag colors
    2. Portland Settlers (brown, light blue, and yellow)
    3. Mexico City Aztecs. Red, yellow, green
    4. Memphis Egyptians (Pharaohs would work too). Navy blue, light blue, yellow
    5. Dallas Texans (stadium on Texas Stadium lot) (Houston gets Oilers back)
    6. Chicago Stars- Arlington or Soldier Field. City flag colors
    7. London Monarchs- bring back NFL Europe
    8. Toronto Argonauts- no need to change brands
    9. San Antonio/Austin Armadillos
    10. Oklahoma City Twisters
    11. Vancouver Mounties
    12. Utah Peaks (I like your team name).

    Every team has to play 1-3 international or neutral site games.

    I love most of these NFL concepts, but Oklahoma looks really good just because of its balance: it’s the only team without a silly wordmark or logo separating the collar and the front number, so the “89” on the front is positioned perfectly, unlike some offenders like the Salt Lake, St. Louis, or Toronto designs in particular. The color schemes are beautiful, but imagine them with the wordmark removed and the number a few inches higher.

    Also the use of Helvetica from the NYC subway system is perfect. They could have a 2013 Green Bay Packers-style alternate (link) with a Helvetica number in a colored circle, just like subway signs: link.

    Having a team in Utah that is neither blue nor red is the only option. Purple as a primary color is a great choice. Blue + Red

    Fun project!! I spent much of my youth imagining new expansion teams / logos across a variety of sports. I love the Austin Bats’ powerfully minimalist design. Though Jimmer certainly hates the stealth numbers, I am impressed with how much is done with simple thin lines.

    I like the overall San Diego concept. Just with different colors. Looks too much like the Tar heels for my taste.

    RE: NFL Expansion project.

    I’ve managed several of my own custom simulation leagues and I’ve used the Memphis Kings (Pharaoh logo) in baseball and Mexico City Aztecas in football (look is similar but the colors are a bit wilder dark magenta and orange) My St. Louis football team is the 88’s. (Eighty-eight keys on a piano as St. Louis, along with New Orleans is a city were ragtime music was developed.)

    You would have to bring them by stages, but you could expand by that many. the problem is that that would leave you at 44 teams, Given the NFL scheduling matrixes, it would have to be 4 divisions of 11 to balance it out. So you would have to 36, 40 or 48 teams as they have more possibilities of alignment.

    Before you expand there is a couple of issues you need to take into account:

    Move Jacksonville to London already.

    Make some kind of arrangement with the Canadian government to preserve the CFL. When the WFL tried to put a team there they passed a law banning it.

    Move the Chargers back to San Diego.

    Find out what it would take to keep the Texans and the Cowboys happy-otherwise forget Texas.

    If all That is accomplished then here are the cities

    Los Angeles

    Chicago-the city will be screaming for a new team if the Bears leave

    St. Louis



    Oklahoma City

    Salt Lake City



    Mexico City







    That would give you 8 divisions of 6 teams each, with a six team European division.

    If someone could give me a lead on free or paid uniform templates- I can map it out.

    Late to the party, but I’d go with a different name than London Knights, since there already is a team called, y’know, the London Knights.

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