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An Earthquake, a Hurricane, and Now This

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So Phil and I are at yesterday’s Mets/Fish doubleheader at Shea, and we decide to take a stroll around the ballpark after the first game ends. In the midst of our perambulations (which are interrupted three times by people complimenting our matching “I’m Calling It Shea” shirts), I glance out from the concourse and see Jose Reyes stretching in the outfield — a happy sight, because the second game of the twinbill will mark Reyes’s first game after an absence of several weeks. I notice that Reyes is wearing his BP jersey — a bit odd given that the second game is going to start in about 20 minutes, but I don’t really think much of it.

A few minutes later, Phil goes off to find the three square inches in the stadium where he’s allowed to have a cigarette and says he’ll meet me back at our seats. I look out onto the field and notice several other players warming up in their BP jerseys. This doesn’t quite compute — first pitch is now about 10 minutes away.

I keep walking and see Terry Collins bringing the lineup card to home plate — in his BP jersey. I finally realize what’s about to happen.

Well, if you’re going to play a meaningless game at an empty stadium between two teams that are a combined 19 games under .500, why not dress like it’s a spring training game?

Phil and I were abuzz during the game — discussing precedents and ramifications, checking Twitter to see what other fans were saying, and generally saying the words “blue” and “black” so often that everyone around us must’ve thought we had some weird chromatic strain of Tourette’s (which, in a way, I suppose we do). Phil kept hoping the game would become a blowout, for either team, because then there’d be a better chance of D.J. Carrasco getting into the game, and we’d be able to see how his stirrups fit in with the new look.

The Mets aren’t the first team to wear BP jerseys for a regular season game (although I think they’re the first to do so this season). As Phil pointed out, the Nats and Orioles have also done it in recent years. But precedent doesn’t equal justification — wearing BP jerseys for a regular season game is insulting to fans and players alike. You want to play an exhibition? Fine, then charge exhibition ticket prices, allow free substitution, and hold a dizzy bat race between innings. But if you’re gonna play a big league game that counts in the standings, have enough pride — and respect for your paying customers — to dress like big leaguers.

I don’t know whose idea this was (a well-placed source with the team tells me he was caught completely off-guard by it), but it seems like another pretty transparent trial balloon for a blue alternate jersey in 2012 and/or ’13, just like the recent blue “Los Mets” jersey obviously was. But unlike that jersey, the BP design looks like total shite, thanks to the black type, the black side panels, etc.

A few other thoughts about this little experiment:

• The blue “Los Mets” jerseys were paired with the team’s blue cap — blue with blue, see how that works? Simple. But the BP jerseys were paired with the black alternate cap. Not a good look.

• With a few exceptions, which I’ll get to in a minute, the Mets’ cap color usually determines the color of all the team’s secondary accessories. If they wear the blue caps, they go with blue socks, blue undersleeves, blue belts, and blue catching gear; if they wear the solid-black or blue/black caps, all of these other elements are black. But even though they wore the black caps last night, they went with blue undersleeves, socks, and catching gear (and, presumably, blue stirrups for Carrasco out in the bullpen). This put catcher Mike Nickeas in a particularly odd spot, as he ended up wearing a blue mask over a black helmet. (The exceptions I referred to took place in 1998, when they played at least five games with this rather unfortunate look. But I believe those are the only times that the blue accessories have been paired with a black-inclusive cap.)

• David Wright, as is his habit, wore an orange undershirt, which just added to the visual mess.

• The BP jersey does not have a sleeve patch of the Mets’ skyline logo. So aside from TBTC and TATC games, this was the first game in which the Mets did not wear that patch since 1992 — the last year of the racing stripe era.

• I found this juxtaposition rather amusing.

•  According to e-mails I received, the Mets’ TV broadcasters didn’t even realize that the team was wearing BP jerseys and instead thought these were just the “Los Mets” jerseys without the “Los.” Way to be on top of things, guys.

And there you have it, another stray bullet from the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Oh, and they’ll be wearing the blue “Los Mets” jerseys again on Thursday. Let’s hope they’re bright enough to wear the blue caps with them.


(Süper-düper thanks to Phil, who turned up those 1998 photos after we both got home, and who was the perfect person to be sitting next to for this epic moment in Mets uni history.)

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Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

Okay, so this isn’t the most orthodox way to spell Fairbanks, but it’s still a great-looking jersey. That item, which was submitted by Mike Powers, kicks off this week’s round-up of cool eBay items. Here’s the full scoop:

• Here’s an entire set of early 1970s NFL Gatorade caps. This was back when Gatorade tasted good, before they pulled out the cyclamates ’cause of cancer in lab rats or something.

• More from the ’70s: Score with the Jets and this great NFL placemat!

• Here’s a nice-looking 1967 Red Sox A.L. Champs glass.

• If you have a turntable, then you’ll want to give Great Moments In Cubs History a spin. Shouldn’t be too long a record, right?

• Here’s a game-worn NFL 50th-anniversary patch from a 1969 Vikings jersey, or so the seller claims.

• Got a kid who likes hockey? Then be sure to keep him away from this Buffalo Sabres coloring book, so you can enjoy it yourself!

Seen something on eBay that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: I’m happy to report that the Candelas survived Irene, although they’re now looking veeeeery rickety. It’s painful to see them all cracked and decrepit, especially since the city is unlikely to invest in their restoration during a recession. … I’m briefly quoted in — and provided a ton of background info for — this article on baseball socks and pants. ”¦ “I recently purchased this vintage WVU shirt on eBay,” says Jason Bernard. “Notice the white helmet with the flying WV logo, which of course never made an appearance on the field. I assume this was done so they could stick to a two-color print. Ribbed striped shoulder loops are a nice bonus.” ”¦ That’s quite a replica jersey they got for Eli for this Samsung ad. Look at that collar! (Screen shot by Tom Adjemian.) ”¦ New home soccer kit for Germany. ”¦ New court for K-State (from Sean Kautzman). ”¦ My new hosiery hero is Giants pitcher Eric Surkamp, who’s been wearing the striped socks (big thanks to Don Gale). ”¦ Another football team that wears the old English D on its helmets: Duquesne University (as noted by Todd Herzog). ”¦ This is pretty cool: a video of Minnesota linebacker Gary Tinsley putting the decals on his own helmet (from Chris Hodge). ”¦ Check it out: a UGA display made out of Coke cases (nice one from Brent Hardman). ”¦ ” I’ve been playing vintage ball with the Cheapeake & Potomac Vintage Base Ball Club this season,” writes Ben Fortney. “We made the trip north to play in the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Base Ball tournament at the Philadelphia Navy yard a couple Sundays ago. Here’s a great slideshow, showing a variety of different uniforms worn.” … ESPN broadcaster Lee Corso attended a high school in Miami where someone must be very fond of the Packers (from Nicole Haase). ”¦ Dan Cichalski says he really likes next year’s Texas League All-Star Game logo. Not me, though — hate that big “E” at the end, esp. since it has the effect of making “star” and “game” appear uncapitalized. ”¦ The Raiders won’t let Terrelle Pryor wear No. 2, because they don’t want to be reminded of JaMarcus Russell. ”¦ Good piece on Maryland’s black helmets from the 1990s. ”¦ L.A. Kings chief operating officer Chris McGowan sat down to talk about the team’s current jersey set (rare non-Pittsburgh contribution from Jerry Wolper). ”¦ Here’s a rare sight: David Robinson wearing a Magic warm-up jacket. That’s from the 1992 NBA All-Star Game, which took place in Orlando (nice find by Alex Melendez). ”¦ Another good piece by baseball uni historian Dave Grob, this time about teams recycling old jerseys. ”¦ Chris Thiele spotted an interesting Indian headdress helmet design being worn by Fairfield High in Ohio. Reminds me of the Chiefs prototype that Todd Asselin designed in 1989. If you’re not familiar with that chapter in Uni Watch history, look here. ”¦ Here’s a super-interesting piece about goalie leg pad design (kudos to Aaron Brophy). ”¦ “Dad shouldn’t allow that sock nonsense,” says Matt Mitchell, and I’m inclined to agree. ”¦ You know it’s almost time for college football when some idiot e-mails me asking if he can have a “sneak peek” at this week’s ESPN column the Irish start painting their helmets, which of course is a longstanding tradition (from Warren Junium). ”¦ When Carlos Beltran joined the Giants, bat knob decal maven David Sulecki hooked him up with his own Giants-colored decals. … The last of his kind: RIP, Honeyboy.

Tomorrow: The annual Uni Watch college football season-preview column on ESPN.

Comments (233)

    I don’t know, I thought the BP jerseys were a nice change of pace, and heck, they won.

    It looks like the Eli Jersey was photoshopped to get rid of the NFL logo

    I’ll agree that the black hat with blue jerseys and accessories looks kinda bad… but I don’t have any problem at all with the jersey. The team has it, why not wear it?

    How is it really any different from any other colored alternate jersey? Maybe if they were all ultra basic with no logos or numbers, it’d be “insulting to the fans”, but today’s BP jerseys look just like any other jersey. How many casual fans would even realize they were BP jerseys and not just another alt?

    I agree. It looked like an alternate to me and I wouldn’t have known until someone said otherwise. But all the Met’s alternate uniforms are so bad this doesn’t even stand out. Guess they will always be New York’s dysfunctional children.

    Aren’t BP jerseys made out of a different material than regular jerseys? To me, if the Mets were going to go casual, they might has well have played in T-shirts and shorts. It’s essentially the same thing.

    The team has it, why not wear it?

    Hey, they have hoodies and jackets, too — why not wear those on the field?

    And they have ski caps — let’s wear those!

    Dude, it’s a fucking PRACTICE JERSEY! It looks cheap, it IS cheap (if you’re stupid enough to buy one), it’s designed for warm-ups and spring training. Not a good message to send. It doesn’t belong on the field in a big league game, the end.

    Now you’re just being blatantly stubborn and idiotic.

    It looks *just* *like* *any* *other* *colored* *jersey*. Maybe they do feel cheap if you actually buy one, but that’s completely beside the point. Visually, it’s the same exact thing that the Marlins were wearing. It’s a colored jersey with the team logo on the front and player name & number on the back. It’s not a pullover, it’s not covered in ads, it’s just a blue jersey. If you didn’t already know it was a BP jersey, how would you be able to tell?

    Now you’re just being blatantly stubborn and idiotic.

    No, I’m simply holding you to your words. If you don’t like that, try coming up with better arguments than “The team has it, why not wear it?”

    It does NOT look like any other colored jersey, because there are exactly ZERO colored jerseys in the bigs that have stupid-ass side panels (thankfully).

    And here’s another thought: Should they also wear their BP caps for a regular game? Should they have done so last night?

    If not, why not?

    It’s gonna be chilly in September, so how about going with these:

    The team has it, why not wear it?

    Seriously, the Jeff has hit upon a brilliant new standard here. I urge all teams to apply it to their on-field programs pronto.

    If the team has a shirt with buttons in front, a name on the back as well as numbers…then why not wear it? I think this is what Jeff was trying to touch on.

    I agree that a BP jersey has no place on the diamond during the season but I think you’re going overboard with the “why not wear it” comment. The Mets probably sell a tight fitting jersey for women, why not wear it? Just a bit hysterical here.

    I was making a rhetorical point. We talk a lot on this site about how just because you can do something, that doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD do it. “Why not wear it?” falls right into that category.

    If we apply the good/stupid standard, it’s pretty obvious where last night’s stunt ends up.

    Are you really making the “if you’re not the owner of the team you have no right to complain about what they do” argument? That’s the worst, last-ditch argument you can make for something like this. It’s not a private matter within the company; when the business is entertainment, anything the company does in public is open to criticism.

    Paul you’ve got me laughing my ass off over here. You’re satire fits the bill here. I couldn’t agree more with your take on this horrible and Babe Ruth League look. And of course it would happen at a game you and Phil attend. Maybe someone tipped them off…

    (late to the party, just got power back…)
    I don’t see the Mets wearing BP jerseys as that big of a deal, as their first alternate jersey (1983-84) was their batting practice jersey. The only game I can distinctly remember them wearing them was when Mike Torrez beaned Dickie Thon.
    I got flamed on the Creamer boards for this, but a blind man can see that the blue jerseys are going to happen next year. The current primary owners still have cash flow issues and the commissioner’s men run the team.They can dress it up as a ‘special’ uniform next year and not formally add it until 2013, but the blue jersey will be seen a lot in 2012.

    Does anyone have a list of the times teams have worn BP jerseys in a game? Have the Mariners worn their BP jerseys in a game this year? I know they did a few years ago. Also, the Red Sox wore their green spring training jerseys in a real game one time… And there was Pete Rose wearing his practice T-shirt in the ’79 All-Star Game.

    I know the Rays wore their black BP jerseys (the year before they adopted the Navy Alt) at St. Louis on an interleague Sunday afternoon in 2008, and the Devil Rays wore green BP jerseys (not the green Alts) for the home games in Tokyo at start of 2004? season back when the visiting Yankees wore their pinstripes just because. And they might have wore BP jerseys other times, but those I know for sure.

    all right – disregard my Rays info, both times have been already mentioned below. That’s what I get for commenting before reading all the comments.

    I take it you’re not a big fan of the BP Jerseys! :)

    Did the Marlins change unis for the second game?

    Regarding your comments about “paying customers”, wasn’t the second game free?

    No, the second game was half-price. It wasn’t open to the public, so the only people who could see it were those who purchased tickets for the first game. Something is only free if it has no associated cost. If it’s a rider on top of another item it reduces the cost per item; it doesn’t make everything past the first item free.

    Paul —

    Small typo in the Ticker — “Riaders”

    (Unless Al Davis has moved the team to Saudi Arabia…which isn’t out of the realm of possibility)

    i do believe when all the new BP jerseys were released, since they’re button-down’s and no longer pullovers, i predicted that some team (my money was on the reds) was gonna wear them in game play (not exactly kreskin, since several teams have done it before)…

    i certainly was NOT expecting los mets

    who will be wearing the “Los” jersey again this thursday, btw…

    paul did a terrific job describing the time-line of last nights events, but the look on both of our faces when we met back at the seats prior to first pitch of game two was the biggest “DUDE…WTF???” you’d ever seen

    Wait, you made that prediction, and you went with the Reds? The Reds? Dude, have you ever heard of this little team called the Mets? They play in New York? Because obviously, if any team were going to wear the new-look hitting rehearsal smocks in a game, it was going to be the Mets. Maybe the Blue Jays, Marlins, Rangers, or Rockies as second choices, but for this kind of crap, it’s just a rule that the Mets are the most likely to do it. The Reds aren’t even like top-20 most likely for this sort of thing.

    BTW, there’s some kind of “Connect/Share via Meebo” thing going on for me on UW today that’s making the site absolutely unusable. Can’t highlight/copy text or links, comments are basically impossible to edit, and it’s randomly reloading the page on me from time to time. If it’s just my computer, then tough on me, but if it’s something on the UW side of the equation, like advertising or sponsorship or something, please make it stop.

    i predicted the reds simply because their BP jersey is so different from anything else they wear (and i kinda like that script, although not that big)

    it also wouldn’t surprise me to see the pirates donning theirs — but other than the racing stripe, at least that isn’t completely horrible

    oops, beat me to it

    the pirates BP is basically just an inverse of the alt anyway. FWIW, i hope it never sees regular game play

    Yeah, I can totally see that, and actually the Reds hitting rehearsal smock is probably the least-bad of the lot, from a wearing-in-a-real-game perspective. But I figure that a team with the class and taste to make a hitting rehearsal smock that good probably has too much of either to ever wear it in a game. Plus, the Reds already have both the best red alt jersey in baseball and probably the most fan-beloved red alt jersey in the game, so why mess with success?

    With you too on the script being too large. It works so much better with the idiosyncratic placement on the left chest than splayed across the whole front.

    i think because the reds BP jerseys lean more towards good than bad, with the script and what-not.

    noticed the “meebo” speedbump yesterday for the first time. thought it was just my PC…

    I think the Mariners and Rays also wore their BP unis for games. I think Seattle wore them in either Texas or Kansas City because of the heat, and Tampa did the same while in St. Louis.


    I think that pic of Carlos Pena at 1B is from a 2009 or 2010 interleague series in St. Louis. The tarp covering tells you it’s Busch, and the jerseys are the 2-button pullovers.

    What would happen if an NBA team or an NFL team came out onto the field in practice gear for a regular season game?


    i was gonna use the NHL as an example but a) they don’t use numbers in practice, and b) i actually like our (the penguins) practice jerseys better than their primary jerseys.

    can someone photoshop the current pens black practice jerseys with gold instead of grey?

    You mean kinda like when the NFL used to use those large holed mesh jerseys for hot day games? The sport survived.

    Have you even seen what NFL practice jerseys look like now? The Cowboys practice jerseys have contrasting colored sleeves with stars on them and the blue actually matches the helmet. They’d look better if they did take the field in those.

    What’s the difference between a BP jersey and a regular one anyway? Aside from the official designation as a “practice jersey”, what’s different about it?

    Based on….?

    That sounds about like saying you shouldn’t wear your “Sunday alt” on Friday.

    I think you’re going to have to accept the idea that there’s a certain way of thinking when it comes to baseball uniforms: that a team should have a home (white), road (gray) and batting practice (colored) jersey. And people, like me, who think this way don’t like it when the waters start getting muddied the way the Mets did last night.

    Teams have been wearing colored jerseys for decades. Those waters are so muddy they look like coffee. So the Mets just added a bit of creamer to it. They aren’t even the first team to wear BP jerseys in a game.

    If it’d been the Pirates doing it, Paul wouldn’t have had nearly as angry of a write-up about it. But it’s *his* team, so it bothers him that much more.

    And again, I think the point is: just because someone else, or even EVERYONE else, is doing it that way doesn’t mean we have to. I happen to agree that certain teams ought to be setting the trends when it comes to uniform convention and not just following along.

    I agree om the BP jerseys. It’s a very “high-school” look; the kind of thing some programs will order because they can’t afford true home and away jerseys. The only time I can see breaking that out on a game day during the season is as a slump-buster, when everyone knows it’s kind of a joke.

    How much input does the team have when BP jerseys come out? I know the Angels have thus far bucked the colored side panels, even though navy is one of the accent colors. They also still wear their BP caps that have the navy crown and red bill.

    Just my personal opinion…I don’t have a big problem wearing BPs for the second game of a doubleheader. I have a big problem wearing hideous ones like the Mets did.

    BTW, does MLB have any rules regarding two teams wearing color tops? Could the Mets have worn their black jerseys with the Marlins also wearing black in the same game?

    I don’t think they can do that. But if the home team gets first choice, then the Mets could have worn the black tops and forced the Marlins to wear their road gray tops.

    I don’t have a big problem wearing BPs for the second game of a doubleheader


    dude…the mets have TWO OTHER JERSEYS (snow white and black) besides the pins (which they wore in game one)…so they had not just one, but TWO additional choices besides the BP tops…

    if they were the yanks, cards or dodgers, for example, you might have a valid point about wearing different tops for game two of a double-dip

    this was inexcusable

    I just had to laugh at the “snow white” description. Let’s hope the Mets don’t pull out their night black jerseys again soon!

    …that’s what the jersey’s are called. Ever listen to Howie describe these on the radio? What’s to laugh at?

    This isn’t uni related, but it is school color related.
    Ohio State is going green by eliminating trash. For a stadium that seats 105k+ that’s a big task. And it couldn’t hurt to take a little of that black and blue off the scarlet and grey.

    Paul, it’s Terrelle Pryor, not Aaron Pryor. Though I think the old boxer Aaron might have fit in with the Raiduzzz

    Just my personal opinion…I don’t have a big problem wearing BPs for the second game of a doubleheader. I have a big problem wearing hideous ones like the Mets did.

    BTW, does MLB have any rules regarding two teams wearing color tops? Could the Mets have worn their black jerseys with the Marlins also wearing black in the same game?


    As for Los Mets…it is Los Mess. Here’s why. The Mets script is the corrupted Wilpon Script, as dubbed by Paul, the one where the “M” is not on the ame incline as “ets.” (This first appeared in 1995 when the Mets went away from the horrid underlined Mets and tried to go back to the original script. It has been really noticeable on jerseys since Majestic took over on 2003.) In Los Mets, they designed a poper Los and slapped it with a reduced size Wilpon Script…hilarity ensues.


    I attended my first Mets game last night, remembered reading that you were going to be there and knew that this would be the lead story on UniWatch today. Ha!

    “a meaningless game at an empty stadium between two teams that are a combined 19 games under .500”

    There’s the explanation. Not a justification, an explanation. That and it’s this close to September. Teams and individual players have been known to wear odd uni stuff in such situations. Thirty-plus years ago, that’s when a guy or two would try spatting their cleats with white tape, for example. Back then, the game likely wouldn’t even have been on TV so they’d figure, what the hell.

    I honestly think it’s largely out of boredom in a season that’s pretty much in the tank. That’s my charitable way of saying they don’t give a shit anymore (other than about individual stats, of course).

    Sometimes almost sort of a tradition for an MLB “yawn” game. Not saying that makes it right.

    If they really need something to liven up their spirits, can’t they just haze all the September call-ups this weekend and leave it at that?

    Do the METS have anyone left to call-up. I thought I was watching all our future stars already….


    Here’s another apostrophe catastrophe for you:


    As I said in the comments:

    “Sorry, as much as I’d like to see the little guy win in this battle (just to give it back to MLB and the MFY), the mere fact that the designer couldn’t be troubled to include an apostrophe in “baseballs” (as opposed to the proper posessive “baseball’s”)thus rendering a grammatically incorrect shirt, makes me this that both parties should cease and desist.”

    She is CLEARLY basing her designs off the Yankees logos. Therefore she should be shut down. You might have been creative to come up with the idea for the stuff, but you weren’t creative enough to do it without the help of an already existing, famous logo.

    And yes, they should be shut down for grammatical reasons as well.

    “It was just a joke, just for fun,” Ms. Carey says. Um, so why are you claiming the phrase “Baseballs [sic] Evil Empire” as a trademark?

    That said, it’d be an interesting test of the fair use doctrine on the grounds of parody.

    I’m somewhat concerned they consider C.C. Sabathia a scary guy. You’re kidding me, right? The same guy that one Indians fan dubbed “Cookie Cookie” and even got himself a practice jersey with that moniker on it?

    Why we love our leaders:

    “… Phil kept hoping the game would become a blowout, for either team, because then there’d be a better chance of D.J. Carrasco getting into the game, and we’d be able to see how his stirrups fit in with the new look…”

    We’re talking about values here.

    I must have missed (God forbid I forgot) the item on Todd Asselin’s helmet design for the Chiefs. Since KC sports one of my favorite NFL unis (especially Away), I was prejudiced against any innovation, but man, that’s a great look.

    Almost as great a look as the German national soccer kit for Eurp 2012. I don’t root for or against the Germs, but that whole white-and-black thing of theirs is strong, handsome, and rooted in history. Let’s kill those green alts, though. There’s a little island just west of Wales that has dibs.

    Ben Fortney’s photo show of the 1854-rules baseball tourney is wonderful. Are you in there, BF?

    I think the BP jerseys are the Mets way of saying “Goddamnit MLB we wanna wear blue already”. It wasn’t the best look, but I do like it better than the black on black.

    That’s cuz I am a fan of the Met’s blue jerseys.

    Compression socks have been made for decades to treat bad circulation in the feet and legs as people get older.

    Also long-distance runners and triathletes, to assist circulation


    They were briefly banned in triathlon because they cover up age group markings on the calf, AFAIK they’re okay again.

    “Stupid-ass side panels” is the operative word here.

    I actually like a lot of the practice jerseys once you take your eyes off those hideous panels. If my Cubs were to wear those jerseys in a game, I’d happily accept even the silly panels because in the last few years the BP jersey has been the only one the Cubs have without a name on the back, and the Cubs look infinitely better with only numbers on the back.

    (If the Cubs went back to the BP jerseys that they had link, with its darker shade of blue and complete lack of adornment, I think everyone would like them and you wouldn’t even notice if they wore them in a game.)

    At least this year some of the panel garbage has been toned down a bit. The Cubs used to have a white bit under the arms and then red down the sides; now it’s all red. It still looks terrible, just… less terrible.

    I’d like to see the Angels wear theirs in a game. No panels, no NOB, and the link are a lot more readable than what’s on the back of their regular red alts.

    1. “What’s the difference between BP jerseys and their regular jerseys?” a) if you can’t tell by the pictures, you shouldn’t be on this site b) if there’s no difference between BP jerseys and game jerseys, why aren’t they part of the regular rotation more often? Why isn’t it an everyday occurrence? BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE AMATEURS, and when you play AND look like amateurs … well, that’s just sad.

    2. What did they wear for batting practice?

    3. This website is a business and needs to generate revenue to serve it’s purpose. I understand. Please be aware that I go out of my way to NOT purchase from advertisers whose commercials/slide out/pop up ads slow the process of letting me see the content I click on. Given a choice of a pay site or commercials interrupting content, please let me know where to send the check.

    “2. What did they wear for batting practice?”


    paul was there in time for BP (before the first game — not sure if he saw the metsies), but they don’t take BP between games of a twin-bill…

    Did they wear the BP jerseys before the first game, switch to game jerseys, then go BACK to the BP jerseys for the second game? Unless there was some major washing machine action during game 1, I would think those would have been some sweaty, stinky jerseys as game 2 got under way!

    A clubhouse guy would have had plenty of time to wash the BP jerseys during game one so they could be worn for game two.

    Washing and drying two-and-a-half dozen synthetic jerseys—even divided into two loads—takes, what, 90 minutes or so, total? Including re-hanging them in players’ lockers.

    Isn’t exactly a major undertaking.

    We DO know clubhouses have multiple washers and dryers, don’t we?

    Well, there’s your problem right there. The Mets clearly donned the BP jerseys for BP that didn’t take place. By the time they realized their mistake, it was too damn late.

    Yes, as you can see, we have a new toolbar at the bottom of the page — part of our relationship with the Big Lead. It just went live yesterday, and I’m still deciding what I think about it.

    If you don’t like it, there’s a little toggle switch at bottom right that lets you make it disappear.

    Eh. Not great, but I understand why it’s there. Thanks for the toggle notice; not terribly obvious.

    I was pretty amused when I saw the Swooshkateer ad, though ;-)

    One more regular season game with practice jerseys: when the Yankees and Devil Rays opened in Tokyo a few years ago, despite Tampa Bay being the home team, it was decided that the Yankees would wear their pinstripes because the Tokyo fans wanted to see Hideki Matsui wearing them.

    So the D-Rays had to wear road uniforms, and they managed to protest just a bit by wearing link with white numbers and NOBs, normally reserved for practice. Fortunately, this was in the pre-stupid-ass-panel era, so they just looked like plain green jerseys and didn’t stand out. Surely hardly any of the Japanese fans watching the game noticed that they weren’t actually game jerseys.

    OK … just realized something after reading this …

    MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL: I can only think of one of these leagues where it WOULD BE a significantly noteworthy item for a home team to wear an away jersey or away team to wear a home jersey. NFL and NHL much more so than NBA, but it certainly does happen in all three leagues every year – this game noted above is the only time I can remember ever hearing about it in an MLB game. One possible exception: games that are moved (like Marlins to Seattle, though I don’t know what uni’s were used).

    The old United Way commercial with Alex Rodriguez running around in Yankee pinstripes at Tropicana Field always bothered me because of this.

    That Giants pitcher looks like a million dollars with his striped socks. It baffles me as to why the teams actually encouraged the PJ look by removing the stripes from their socks. Maybe if the brought them back more players would go high cuffed. Plain black socks aren’t that attractive.

    Chicken or the Egg applies here. Did the stripes disappear because the pants got longer or vice-verse.

    Your sequence of events is out of whack.

    The absence of stripes on stirrups has nothing to do with long pants. Maybe more to do with the onset of ribbon stirrups, but was more the other way around. As players began to pull their stirrups high, teams abandoned stripes…as long as they weren’t gonna show anyway.

    High top shoes have much more to do with long pants than anything whatsoever about socks.

    Probably too late in the morning to add anything meaningful to the conversation, but I’ll type out my thoughts anyway. My first question would be, what’s the point of a BP jersey? Completely serious. Is it a lighter-weight material, so you can warm up/stretch/etc., easier? Are they worn to keep the game jerseys dry/clean until the game starts? Why not just wear the game jersey during BP?

    As far as the Mets go, I think the point has been made already… they have other “game jerseys”. It wasn’t a case of not having anything to wear. If you already have a designated game jersey you can wear, why not use it? That logic, in my mind, supercedes the argument of “why not wear” the BP jersey.

    The funny thing is… a large majority of the public could probably not even tell you that these were the BP jerseys. I’m a Braves fan, but haven’t made it down to Atlanta this year. If they trotted out on the field tonight in the BP jerseys, I wouldn’t know it. But, we’re Uni Watchers. We have a right to get upset about this stuff, because we care. Are they frivolous arguments in the grand scheme of things? Well, sporting events themselves are rather meaningless when you get right down to it. I’d rather be debating these things than politics or religion.

    They’re certainly lighter in weight and thus probably easier for the equipment managers to carry around, but the one I’ve got (from 2007; SASP included) actually made me sweatier than a regular jersey when I tried playing baseball in it.

    I think they’re just used to create another jersey variation that can then be sold to fans. Which would be fine, if teams didn’t already have a plethora of alternates.

    My first question would be, what’s the point of a BP jersey?

    I believe the Phillies started using them first in 1978…Pete Rose wore one in the 1979 All-Star Game. The Mets started wearing them in 1981 and I’m pretty sure the Yankees had them one or two years before the Mets. They probably began as a lightweight shirt to warm up in without getting the player too hot. They usually had no NOB and I’m sure most teams back then did not want to spend all the extra money to do that. There was not a big market for game used apparel back then either.

    Today is another animal…they seem to now be designed just as a different look to sell them to fans. Why do they need spring training hats? Flag hats? How does a flag commemorate 9/11? In 20 years someone will find a flag hat and not even know why the flag was on there.

    First team to wear them was the White Sox:

    Most fans (myself certainly included) had no idea of their existence until Pete Rose wore his in the ’78 All-Star Game. This gave rise to the mistaken idea that the Phils pioneered the idea. Nope.

    Nowadays, when game jerseys are super-lightweight, BP jerseys serve exactly one purpose: ka-ching.

    Leave it to the White Sox. NOB…BP jerseys…softball tops…BFBS….

    Quite a legacy of shame there.

    Practice jerseys were a lot more casual at first. Didn’t the Angels have one with no number on the back (just on the sleeve)?

    On the other hand, practice jerseys were always mesh in the beginning and game jerseys were never mesh. Is there any reason for this? It’s not like you can see the tiny holes in the mesh from a distance. Many Japanese teams have worn mesh jerseys, and some even have multiple versions (mesh/thick knit) of the same jersey with each player choosing what suits him on that day!

    The first Met BPs were not mesh…they went mesh in 1984. Yankees also did not use mesh on original BPs.

    I remember being told back in 1997, while I was working a game at Shea, although I can’t remember by whom, that the plain-whites were “lighter” than the pinstripes in terms of weight/thickness of the fabric, which is why the team was wearing them semi-regularly by the latter part of the season, rather than as a Sunday alternate as originally intended (although the white “ice cream” caps paired with them went away after three or four outings).

    Of course, we all know the rest of the story….

    Let’s kill those green alts, though. There’s a little island just west of Wales that has dibs.

    Except that Germany has a significant history of wearing green as a change kit color. Moreover, should a nation like Bolivia, whose primary kit is a green shirt with white shorts and socks, give it up because Ireland has “dibs?”

    “Should a nation like Bolivia, whose primary kit is a green shirt with white shorts and socks, give it up because Ireland has ‘dibs?’…”

    Just a joke, fer crissake. Half of Africa wears green, and then there’s Bolivia, Mexico, Hungary, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, etc etc… Well known. God bless ’em all. Also known is the less-distinguished history of the green German alts. Official color of the BundesFuss or whatever. Just saying that it doesn’t look near as good as the old black-and-white, and that our teutonic brethren and sistern should go with their best look.

    Nobody noticed the diagonal striping? That was part of Adidas kits in the late 1980s — mostly the United States.

    With practically every other day’s blog about something regarding the Mets unis… I think it would be cool to see the UNIWATCH colors changed to blue, orange and black… Other bloggers agree? Maybe have a blog off UniWatch called

    Next topic.

    There’s certainly much more non-Met material on this site every day than Met material. A larger percentage than that of other teams? Sure. Just like if this were my site, there’s probably be more Cub related details. I don’t agree with everything that is said or done on this site, but this is one area where I respect and defend Paul’s Metcentric opinions.

    I’m a Yankees fan, and I don’t care about the Mets “focus” here on Uni Watch. It’s Paul’s local team and favorite team, but those are never factors when the Mets do something stupid with their uniforms, such as pairing black game hats with blue practice shirts.

    Is it plausible to think that the Mets equipment manager and staff simply couldn’t get all the laundry done in time for a doubleheader following Hurricane/Trop. Storm Irene?

    Nope. They had two days off (Sat. and Sun. games were cancelled) and the ballpark sustained no damage. More to the point, VP David Howard said they were just “changing things up,” the all-purpose non-answer that supposedly justifies any uni-related shenanigans.

    Those vintage base ball unis Ben shared with us looked better than the Mets and Marlins. I’d like to see a Major League team try that look – but instead of a bib crest, make it a patch to go over the heart. Keep the dark pants with white tops, though.

    I don’t even mind the horizontal-striped hats. They aren’t as high as the Pirates old pillboxes, which I didn’t like, and there are only two stripes instead of three.

    I was a big fan of the plaid shirts one of the teams was wearing. Regarding the pillbox hats, the one’s C&P now wear are slouched towards the front, not a symmetrical crown and now have only one thick yellow stripe (previous version had two.) It’s an unusual look, I like it.

    Rhubarb, you have a hand in the remodeled versions?

    Regarding the ’98 black jersey/blue undershirt combination…was that specified in the MLB style guide at any time? I remember two illustrious video games from that year, “Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr.” and “Mike Piazza’s Strike Zone,” each for N64, showing the blue undersleeves with the alternates, and I know that video games (at least in that era) got their info from what was in the style guide as opposed to what was actually worn on the field (that’s why the post-1999 Reds’ sleeves were messed up in pretty much all VG’s until 2002). Also, in the Griffey game, the Mets are shown wearing their blue batting helmets with the black jerseys! Disastrous.

    Just want to add that I love both the black mets alt caps and actually thought they looked kinda good with blue tops and black hats. I do agree it is a bit lame to wear the BP jerseys in a game, though it’s also true most people don’t notice / care.

    I’m a big fan of the Mets black alts in general. I know some here regard them as an unforgivable sin, I think you guys underestimate the number of fans who like them. I could understand the hate if they had totally ditched the standard blue hats and pinstriped home unis – but they never did so I’ve had a tough time understanding the constant complaining about them on this site.

    Still a fan of the site – I’m just not a traditionalist like most people on here.

    “If you have a turntable, then you’ll want to give Great Moments In Cubs History a spin. Shouldn’t be too long a record, right?”
    You have (or had) that record, Paul.

    Brings back memories. The old punk/ska record store near here closed last fall, and they always had this late 60’s New York Rangers record for $20.

    I wanted to get it, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a hockey record that wasn’t for my Bruins.

    (I do however, have a copy of “YAZ3000”, which is great)

    There’s certainly much more non-Met material on this site every day than Met material. A larger percentage than that of other teams? Sure. Just like if this were my site, there’s probably be more Cub related details. I don’t agree with everything that is said or done on this site, but this is one area where I respect and defend Paul’s Metcentric opinions.

    Shortly after marrying into a St. Louis-based family, my brother in law (HUGE Cardinal fan and now employee) gave me a two VHS set of “Great Moments In Cubs History” for my birthday. Professionally designed, wrapped, and everything – it was fantastic. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I popped tape #1 into the VCR … my confusion by the static on the screen finally changed to understanding as I turned around and saw the entire family crying because they were laughing so hard.

    personally i thought the blue uniforms looked sharp until i saw the black pit stains but the black cap was terrible. on baseball tonight Bobby Valentine said he really liked these uniforms and hoe they “matched” with the blue hats and when they asked how he felt about the classic pinstripes, he said they were too boring.
    this whole discussion made me sick to my stomach, no one really knows what a good uniform looks like anymore

    Bobby V’s a fine one to talk about what matches: this link doesn’t match with anything. Well, maybe with the link that they wore with it!

    I have no idea, and frankly I don’t care. Shannon, I know you (and many other fans) are into spending $200 for a polyester shirt, but the retail side of the uni equation has never interested me (except insofar as it has been a terrible, terrible influence on what we see on the field).

    “The Raiders won’t let Terrelle Pryor wear No. 2, because they don’t want to be reminded of JaMarcus Russell.”

    Can’t say I blame them…
    Is this the first case of a team “retiring” a number in dishonor of someone?

    Say what you want, but that Bucs uni looks like Florida. Maybe not a Buccaneer, but certainly Florida. And sometimes team colors are about geography, not the nickname.

    I think the Bucs were supposed to have the red of Florida state, the green of Miami, and the orange of UF in their uniforms at one time. There is film from one of the NFL Top 10s shows which showed the original TB jersey.

    I think this is just the first time it’s gotten any sort of media coverage.

    The Chargers waited a few seasons before giving out 16 aagain… didn’t they?

    I believe #2 for the Chicago Bulls was once deemed “cursed,” after Khalid El-Amin and Eddy Curry both wore it with little success.

    Don’t forget Brad Sellers, Rory Sparrow and Dennis Hopson.

    Norm Van Lier claimed he personally put the whammy on it because the Bulls didn’t retire his number. He also said that he’d lift the curse if Randy Brown wanted to wear #2 the following season. (Randy had recently switched from #0 to #1.)

    Supposedly, he did lift the curse before Eddy Curry joined the team. Eddy was actually pretty good for his first few years.

    And now for something completely different: A Vancuuver Canucks jersey. No, that’s not a typo–on my part. See here:


    Apparently it came from the Canucks’ team store. William Gibson (@GreatDismal) tweeted the link last night; I gather it’s his kid who got it.

    Since the Jets beat the Giants yesterday, they get the inaugural Snoopy Trophy! As for as silly, meaningless trophies go, it’s not too bad mostly because it has Snoopy in a leather helmet.



    I think the loser of any Jets vs. Giants game should get a trophy with Charlie Brown in mid air, bug-eyed, about to land on his back.

    Surprised there’s been no mention of the fact that one end zone at Giants Stadium was decorated for the road team. Will it be similarly decorated when the Cowboys come to town?

    Also, didn’t the Giants and Jets used to play for The Mayor’s Cup in preseason? I guess that fell by the wayside when they both moved to Jersey, huh?

    “Surprised there’s been no mention of the fact that one end zone at Giants Stadium was decorated for the road team. Will it be similarly decorated when the Cowboys come to town?”

    Why not? It would give each game the feel of a bowl game. And it’s not without precedent – the Saints were one of a few teams in the 60s and early 70s who painted one end zone for the visitors. Each week. The Chiefs had two helmets at midfield – one for theirs and one for that week’s opponent. In the 80s the Packers had one end zone with Packers helmets and the other one had plain helmets with the color of the visitors.

    Besides, the Jets and Giants share the stadium, so they should keep each end zone like that. When the Superdome opened, the Saints and Tulane each had their own end zone. There’s something to be said for sharing instead of changing every single detail to match one team.

    Agreed that they should always do that for Jets/Giants games due to the shared stadium… but there’s no way that we’re ever going to see a Cowboys endzone in that stadium.

    @The Jeff — How much would it suck if the Cowboys (or Eagles, for that matter) were in the Super Bowl when it’s played at Giants Stadium?

    Thought it was interesting that they each had an end zone, yet the bunting all the way around the stadium was all Giants.

    Also the Chiefs-Rams game had a supposed “rivalry” trophy but apparently no players cared to give it a victory hoist – at the end of the game, they showed the Rams’ PR guy carrying it, walking around with a, “anybody want this?” look on his face.

    I THOUGHT those looked like BP jerseys on my vacation trip to Shea II last night but when I asked what I assumed was a long-time Mets fan sitting to my right, she said that they started wearing blue tops periodically last season. I’d hate to trust her scorecard!

    Didn’t see any “I’m calling it Shea” shirts but saw a couple of t-shirts with the number ’08 and a NOB of “Shea Stadium.” I snapped a pic but because I saw a couple of them, I assumed it wasn’t rare enough to forward it to you.

    Sorry I missed seeing you guys. Would have loved to say a quick hi and passed on my admiration for your site.

    Chris Mayberry
    (The Canadian Pres)

    Those blue “Shea Stadium 08” shirts were a giveaway item from the last year of the old ballpark, I believe. You still see them from time to time.

    Prior to the aformentioned “Los Mets” game, the last time the Mets wore a blue top in a regulation game was probably 1984.

    GAHHH i knew i saw you walking past in the outfield. I even mentioned it to my friend. Should have stopped you. I guess i’ll tell you now; I love your blog.

    Coke is really doing some cool displays with their cases lately. Has anyone seen any others? If so, please share! I’d love to see more of these. I hope they have one for the Razorbacks somewhere here in Fayetteville.

    “He rises!”

    I believe that’s what Ahab said when ol’ Moby surfaced.

    (that’s all you get…something cryptic)

    Wow. I dunno, VP of corporate communications citing 3 sources – is that really enough verification for this level of whale? ;)

    Yes, I’d say we’ve gone from evidence with a value of maybe 60 percent reliability (Ricko’s remembered account of another person’s long-after-the-fact remembered account) to evidence with a value of maybe 95 percent reliability (multiple firsthand participants with specific memories that agree on minor but key details). Still not at 100 percent certainty – 50-year-old memories can be wrong, after all, even if they agree – but this is as close as we’re likely to get until we have either a surviving artifact or a contemporaneous color photo or description.

    Case closed, and it’s good to know Ricko was right all along!

    BP jerseys during a game? Really? That’s like when George was wearing sweat pants out of the house while unemployed and Jerry called him on it.

    Jerry explains this message for us.

    SOMEBODY found a blue bronco……this link is going to be messed up because this is from my cell, but here it is….


    So do we go with “Myth Busted” or “Mystery Solved”?

    Now someone needs to forward that link to the Gridiron Uniform Database and The Helmet Project.

    “Erroneous Half-Baked Assumption by Someone 30 Years After the Fact Shot Full of Holes” works for me.

    Awesome. I would say it was both myth busted and mystery solved. Glad the lockout was good for something.

    Well, that solves one mystery. Now for another one: why the heck did people think it was brown?

    My notion was that possibly flimsy decals let too much of the orange helmet show through, creating a cruddy looking purplish brown that didn’t look anything like the bright royal blue on the pantlegs and the white jerseys’ numbers and stripes. Reacting to that visually, the mind almost can’t help but think, “Must be some kind of brown.”

    So it rushes to that conclusion (“Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them.”—Obi Wan Kenobi).

    Or, the players questioned about it—who probably didn’t even remeber if the pants had stripes—gave the answer they thought the questioner wanted to hear.

    That and someone also concocted some ridiculous crap about it making the “transition to the new colors easier for the fans.” Oh, right. That’s so stupid it’s laughable (and obviously from someone clueless about how things really were in 1962, especially in Denver regarding the Broncos).

    Bottom line: I never said it might not have ended up looking rather brown, just that it was never INTENDED to be anything but blue.

    We’re going to see a lot of this at Maryland this year: that “tortoise” motif from the white helmet is showing on the collar and kilt hem of the national-championship field hockey team:


    I switched the game on last nite and saw the “uni’s” and called my son in. We looked at each other, shook our heads and figured that, since they are trotting out a minor league team every nite, that this was a natural progression to minor league uniforms.

    however, after reading all of Saccomano’s blog, I need to see if I can find pictures of Lionel Taylor’s “tail-less” logo :)

    OK, but what if the Mets opted for the hitting rehearsal smocks specifically to avoid wearing black jerseys? (Put aside for a moment the fact that they could have worn their other home white uniforms, which are ridiculous to even have, but having them, should be worn in just this situation.) Granted that the black caps were a bad idea, but in the end the Mets ended up wearing less black than they would have had they worn their black alts. Which is the greater evil, the Mets wearing black, or a “professional” team wearing practice smocks in a regulation game? Personally, I go with the Mets in black as the greater crime, so I think there’s some pretty strong grounds for mitigation here, at least when this crime against uni-decency gets to the sentencing phase.

    they have TWO non-softball tops, both of which have matching pants

    either of those would have been preferable

    why do they need to wear a softball top, be it the black regular jersey or the bp jersey…at all???

    there is no “well, this isn’t nearly so bad” choice here

    Philo, I specifically acknowledged that they have two completely functional home white uniforms (which is in and of itself a ridiculous crime against uniform decency). The point is, if the Mets were going to wear a softball top anyway, doesn’t the fact that they opted for a mainly blue softball top instead of a mainly black softball top mitigate the offense somewhat? If the answer is “no,” then what we’re saying is that we prefer the Mets to wear black. Personally, I think the hitting rehearsal smocks may be the lesser of evils here.


    there is no lesser evil here

    both are crimes against uniformity

    and i gather by what you’re saying you’d prefer the phillies to have a red top to a second uni, as well as the astros (and they do have a second top) as well as the indians (who also have a colored top)…or the twins to wear their blue top instead of those gorgeous creams, which, if im not mistaken, is ALSO an alternate uniform designee

    so…all those teams, including the mets, are committing crimes against uniform decency by having two completely functional home white uniforms (unless you’re not counting the cream as white, in which case the twins, mets and indians are exempted)

    yet…you feel rehearsal smocks are preferable to alternate jerseys

    i’ll give you that no team needs two home white (or cream) home unis…so phils, astros, twins and mets all need to fish or cut bait…but you’re ok with every team having a colored alt…yes? and if not, then you’d prefer them to have a BP jersey to a completely functional home uniform that happens to also be white (or cream)? if i’m not understanding you, then please fill me in

    or, i suppose you’d prefer your team to have both a red and a blue alt…since they do

    I’m not a fan of colored alts in most cases. As with any uni-style, it’s something that can be done well and rarely, but that when common is rarely done well. But a softball jersey at least makes sense. It allows a baseball team to emphasize its team colors in ways that teams in every other sport on the planet, save perhaps cricket, already do as a matter of course. Sometimes, as with a doubleheader, it’s logistically convenient to have a second, and visually distinct, uniform top. And at this point, it’s a longstanding tradition in baseball, with legitimate antecedents in the turn of the previous century.

    But two distinct white home uniforms? That serves not purpose and makes no sense. On a limited basis, I can live with it, as with the Twins doing it on Sundays last season, and at least those were both pinstripes. But continuing it into a second season (as in Minnesota, Philly, and Milwaukee) and expanding it to everyday wear (Twins again), that just serves to highlight the ridiculousness of it.

    And that’s bad enough, but then you come up against the pins/plain barrier in baseball. For reasons that can only be explained by assuming the malevolent involvement of time-traveling supervillains from the far future, of the many beautiful patterns used by early baseball teams, including plaids, tattersalls, and wide stripes, only pinstripes survived into the modern era. And so the first and most fundamental distinction in baseball is between those teams that wear pinstripes and those that do not. A team that outfits itself with both pinstriped and plain white home uniforms is an abomination, an offense against everything baseball stands for. Might as well have an AL team name its starting pitcher the designated hitter. It’s just wrong.

    In this case, the Mets had three options: Wear the evil other home white uniform, wear the evil black alt jersey, or wear the evil BP jersey. I guess I don’t see this as three indistinguishably evil options. The alternate home white is the clearly superior choice, but one the Mets were never going to consider. This is the Mets, after all. Given that the remaining options boil down to lots-of-black and less-black, I give some credit for having chosen the less-black option.

    Not saying rehearsal smocks are preferable to alts, I’m just saying that in this instance, the badness of the solid-color alt in question may make the rehearsal smock less of a sin than it would otherwise be.

    Probably worth pointing out those unis were NOT Tennessee Orange. That would be a LOT lighter, the color of the original Bucs.

    Broncos’ first orange set was same orange as Browns or Orioles or…

    One more error that needs clearing up.

    Jack Faulkner wanted Texas Orange (which I’m not sure sure would have looked all that swift with royal blue).

    So he almost certainly ordered “Burnt Orange”.

    However, that’s what most suppplier catalogs called typical orange (Browns, Orioles, SF Giants, Bears) back then. I don’t know why, but they did. That’s where the confusion comes in…when it’s reported that the unis were lighter/brighter than Faulkner expected. People assume that must mean Tennessee Orange. Not so.

    You could look it up. His preference for Texas’ shade of orange has been documented, even before the Internet.

    QB in that photo is Jacky Lee, who I believe remains the only player ever “loaned” to another team.

    Scroll down a bit here…

    Let’s propose a new MLB rule that pants must match he jersey color. I’d rather see more of link than what the Mets pulled last night…

    Re: Texas League All Star logo…

    What a great logo that would’ve been. I understand the use of enlarging the first and last letter when it fits, in this case, it does not.

    My rule of thumb has always been to enlarge the first and last letter if one of the following are applicable:

    1. There is no background logo interference (i.e. the word is the only/main part of the logo…wordmark).

    2. Both the first and last letters are the same.

    Otherwise, it ends up having the exact effect Paul mentions.

    Dont know if anyone else posted but I noticed in the preseason games that the Dolphins are wearing white cleats again. Look much better that way than the black they wore for a couple seasons.

    who gives a shit???

    paging matt powers…dr. powers? please report to the UW HQ pronto

    There’s something about the new Germany jersey that I don’t like, but I can’t quite place it.

    I, on the other hand, love it, except for the area on the tricep where the stripes are interrupted (reserved for patch placement). A really great kit, both of ’em. This is how adidas’ soccer kits should look all the time. Very minimal detailing coupled with classically placed three-stripes. The green jerseys have a great retro flair, while the whites have the modern touch of the diag. stripes that keeps them a little more contemporary. If it were me, I’d downplay the three stripes, but if they have to be there, this is how they should be done. I’m also not too hot on the collar on the whites.

    Yes, the Miami Hurricanes once wore kelly and old gold (Ted Hendricks, far left)…

    And check out Syracuse (far right, front row).

    A little ticker material for tomorrow: I have 2 friends who play quarterback in college: one at Indiana-Pennsylvania, the other at Gettysburg. Meanwhile I go to the Catholic University of America. Here are the uniforms for each school.

    Gettysburg: link

    IUP: link

    CUA: link

    Yes, we’re outfitted by (Blegh!) Nike.

    Just interested to know, which uniform do you think is the best of the 3?

    Not on Facebook, so I can’t see the first two. CUA looks OK.

    If link is Gettysburg, they have my vote. link isn’t bad, either. I don’t mind monochrome, as long as they’re not playing on the same color turf.

    “Mothersunbowlvilker” the one you put for Gettysburg actually is worse than the one I posted. Ugh!

    Here is the one my friend CJ is wearing: link;

    He’s number 5

    I’m pretty sure that Mike Martz wouldn’t let Jeff Smoker wear #9 for the Rams. It was all because of Joe Germaine.

    ESPN’s Tuesday Morning QB, Greg Easterbrook, indulged in some uni-tweaking in today’s column, redoing the Arizona Cardinal’s as the Angry Birds. I think it works, but I’m a CHawk fan.

    How about this explanation for the Met BPs:

    The Marlins wore gray in game one. They wanted to wear black in game 2, a fresh set of jerseys. The Mets had planned to wear black that game also. When they discovered the conflict, the Marlins asked the Mets to maybe wear their snow whites, so they would not both be wearing black (either due to some MLB requirement or so as not to be ridiculed by Paul). The Mets didn’t have the snow whites readily available, so they went with the BPs, fresh out of the dryer from being washed during game 1. Why were the Mets so nice? They could have said screw you, we are wearing black and you can’t. Perhaps this is why per a Mets press release:

    “SEPTEMBER 7: The Florida Marlins graciously accommodated a
    request from the Mets to move the game between the two clubs on
    Wednesday, September 7 to 5:10 p.m. to allow the Mets to travel back
    to New York earlier for their September 8 doubleheader vs. Atlanta
    …The game was originally scheduled to start at 7:10 p.m”

    So the Mets wanted to be nice after the Marlins did them a solid. This also would explain why “a well-placed source with the team tells me he was caught completely off-guard by it”…and another vaguely said they were just “mixing it up a bit.” Seems to be either lack of knowledge or for some reason not wanting to admit the boring truth. If this were all planned out properly, the Marlins or the Mets would have worn black in game 1 and the other would have worn black in game 2.

    and those same executives and the eqiupment guy are having a chuckle now that this is such an imbroglio here, LOL.

    The Mets didn’t have the snow whites readily available…

    Uh, because why? Slight hole in your logic there. (Answers that rhyme with “hurricane” are not acceptable. If they could wash the BP jerseys after the first game, they could’ve had the snow whites ready too.)

    Quit tying yourself in knots trying to explain this. The answer is simple: They did it (a) because they’re testing the waters for a blue jersey next season, (b) because “changing things up” is the latest excuse for doing anything in our short-attention-span world, and, most of all, (c) because they could.

    I don’t profess to be a clubhouse expert…but my scenario depends on this all being on short notice. The Mets have a black jersey, a pinstripe, a cream pinstripe, a los mets, three different pants and a BP. Are they all hanging in each player’s locker at all times? I don’t know. Where are they kept if they are not hanging? There is not much time between doubleheaders to do too much.

    I’m not sure why you’re trying to rewrite history here. Mets VP David Howard specifically stated that they were trying to “change things up” (read: using the a regular season game as a focus group).

    I’m not sure why you’re trying to rewrite history here.

    why do we discuss most of the things we do here? Obsessively trying to make some sense out of odd uniform choices.

    The “testing the waters theory” holds little water, as they are doing that Thursday with Los Mets anyway.

    Steve, please — at this point you’re just grasping at straws, or maybe toothpicks. Howie Rose just this very moment said on the radio that equipment manager Kevin Keirst told him they did it “to change things up.” Let’s please move on.

    When I first heard (well, read) the Mets wore this last night, I thought I’d hate it. After seeing highlights of the game, though, I actually like it relative to some other combinations they’ve worn. I’m on board with the whole “it’s a game, not practice” angle, but this was NOT EVEN CLOSE to the ugliest or most mis-matched thing they’ve worn (blue pinstripes with black sleeves, anyone?).

    Two points:

    1) they wore blue socks
    2) the caps and the lettering on the jerseys were the same color

    You can’t say either of those things when they trot onto the field wearing the snow whites with the two-tone caps, which remains both their most butt-ugly and random combination. I don’t like the black jerseys, either, but at least when they wear that, they don’t half-a$$ it.

    A perspective from a distance, the Mets are one of the team out there that are lost in the wilderness when it comes to their appearance – i.e. at some point they need to find their way home. My Blue Jays are very much in a similar wilderness, although there appears to be a chance that the Jays might find their way home next season (although maybe not)

    I may be wrong on this, but after viewing the Jets/Giants game, I was thinking the Giants blue and the Bills blue – are once again pretty much the same shade of blue – where they differ, even though they both go for a retro look – the Bills have an annoyingly inappropriate shiny sheen, whereas the Giants uni, goes for a muted look. Too bad the Bill did not pick-up on thus nuisance.

    as awful as the mets unis are (or at least the way they play fast and loose with them)…the blue jays unis are WAAAAAAYYY shittier

    i think even a jays fan can admit that

    if both teams could just go back to the roots (and i truly loved your powder blues — just wear them as a button down with the original font)…both our teams would go from the bottom half (more like bottom 28th for the jays — and mets if you throw in the black as well)…and both teams just ditched the black…

    they’d be up there in the top 10…not cracking the top 5 by any means, but both could be top 10

    as it stands now, the jays are AWFUL…and as long as the mets continue to sport the black softball top, they’re not much better

    lets hope you’re right about your team changing it up next year…i know at least my team is ditching the black drop shadow…and that’s a start…hopefully they’ll permanently relegate the black top to the roads for one more season and then ditch it permanently…and it would seem they’re bringing back the original 62’s (at least that’s the plan) for many games…with the occasional los mets blue top worn a couple times at home

    hope they ditch the snow whites for good now

    Yep Phil, I generally agree with what you’re saying, i.e. the Jays are in a darker wilderness. The Jays uni – is one of those inexplicable dumb uniforms. The only very minor saving grace, is their away uni, was actually worse a couple of years ago, when they had that two-toned grey uniform, i.e. it could be pretty well colour replicated by using a led pencil.

    It’s too late (I’m too tired) to double check, but I’m thinking it’s pretty much confirmed they’ll be changing their uni next year, maybe I’m taking something out of the context. What I read, and this is worrisome , they’ll be increasing the “Canadian look” of their uniform, to help being branded as “Canada’s team”. I’m Canadian, and trusts me sticking a maple leaf on a uni, when 98% of the players are not Canadian – does squat for me (although Brett Lawrie – you are making us proud). I would go with their World Series uni, which I thought was in line with what you said, a solid, but not top 5 uni.

    From the Toronto Star – August 9th

    It’s expected the Blue Jays uniforms will have a new look for the 2012 season, one that will reflect a Canadian theme more than ever.

    The team is playing coy as even a mention of a uniform change is hush-hush within the organization. But the change has been in the design phase for months and should be ready for unveiling by the beginning of next season.

    Jays players, who wore red caps during the Canada Day weekend series in Toronto, could have a more pronounced maple leaf and red and white colours on the uniform to capture characteristics of the Canadian flag. The Jays have been wearing a bright red maple leaf on the right sleeve of their uniforms since the 2009 season.

    With Canadian Brett Lawrie making his home debut Tuesday at the Rogers Centre, the Jays are also anxious to boost emphasis on their national marketing plan in Canada.

    That plan blossomed during the World Series years in 1992-93, and saw the Jays play exhibition games in Western Canada. The club this year opened a minor league team in Vancouver and visits seven Canadian cities with a baseball training program featuring former greats like Robbie Alomar and Duane Ward.

    Now, Lawrie may help spearhead the latest initiative to boost sales with a new design.

    “Part of it is . . . we’ve put a team in Vancouver and we’re also trying to get as much TV exposure in Canada as we can,” Jays president Paul Beeston said. “But still, we have to perform on the field, that’s our best marketing tool.”

    I had forgotten about the Phillies wearing their red BP jerseys in a road game in San Diego way back on July 9, 1992.

    Not that anyone cares at this point, but the Cubs wore their BP jerseys in a game back in 1997 or so. They didn’t have a blue alt at the time, but the blue alts they came out with the following season looked pretty much identical to those BP jerseys. If memory serves, the BP jerseys had varsity block numbers on them rather than the typical Cubs number style. I can’t remember if they had NOBs, though.

    Anyone got a Henderson guide handy?

    Yeah, I knew as soon as I posted it that I got the year wrong.

    I want to say it was one of the years they were wearing the “team Cuba” road jerseys.

    Maybe I was right about the 1997 thing in the first place, because this is exactly the way I remember it.

    – From Nick Wilwert: “I couldn’t find the exact date, but sometime during the Cubs’ season-opening losing streak in 1997, in an unsuccessful attempt to break the streak, they wore blue batting practice jerseys.” Uni Watch has seen visual evidence suggesting that this was probably on April 10, when the Cubs had already lost their first seven. They lost again that day, 1-0 to the Marlins, and went on to lose five more in a row after that.


    If Henderson says it was a regular jersey in ’97, it’s possible that they added an “official” blue alt at some time later that same season and not the following year.

    Or maybe he’s just wrong because they did look almost identical from the front.

    But then again, nobody cares.

    The stupid slumpbuster stunt they pulled during the team Cuba years was that they wore their road caps for a home game.

    I once saw a regular-knit alt-like blue Cubs jersey with the script-style “Cubs” on the front on eBay; #20 Eric Yelding in the Cubs font on the back; and thought that my memory of 1997 and the slump-busting BP jersey was wrong and that they’d prepared a genuine alternate with that short-lived logo in ’94.

    Now I’m thinking that that eBay jersey was some kind of fake.

    On the other hand… the Cubs also got off to a terrible start in 1994 (after finishing so strongly the year before; Himes fired manager Lefebvre anyway), and lost all nine of the home games they played in April.

    I thought the game was against the Rockies, and I’m trying to find photos of the April 29 game or May 1 game against them, but can’t. Did they make a Team Cuba alt or pull out the Cuba BP jerseys in that game?

    Yelding never got an AB with the big club in ’94 and only played at Iowa. It’s probably not an Iowa jersey, though, because it has a NOB.

    JTH, was ’94 the year with just the caps?


    Yes, I believe the road cap game at home was in 1994.

    Obviously, my memory of this is a bit fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure they did it the first season that they had the separate home/road lids.

    Thanks, JTH; yes, 1994 was indeed the first year with those red-billed road hats (and for lots of other teams to start milking people with road/alternate/Sunday caps). I bought one that year; this was right before they started making the logos in that 3-D popout style so the C on my hat is flat.

    I still can’t stop thinking that a blue “Team Cuba” jersey of some kind was worn in a game.

    What do you think of link? Blue “Cuba” style, but it’s knit, not mesh, and looks like a regular blue road/alternate jersey. It’s made by Russell (normal for 1994-1996) and they didn’t make novelty jerseys in the Diamond Collection, did they?

    I can’t imagine someone going out of their way to fake something like this; it’s not being presented as game used. Could it be some kind of promotional thing?

    Maybe I should buy it for the purposes of Uni Watch research. Worst comes to worst, I get Tuffy Rhodes’ #25 on the back and wear it with pride!


    could be a counterfeit, but that page Phil posted from the Henderson guide seems to indicate that they did actually wear a blue alt during that era.

    Must say now that your brought the pics up, the only way the black jerseys looked good were with the blue/black caps, blue undershirts, blue stirrups. its not a bad alt look. But still: dump the black and drop shadow altogether please.

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