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Kings Reveal Gretzky-Era Throwback

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Yesterday we had news of two NBA teams with new throwbacks. Now the NHL is getting into the retro act, as the Kings announced (complete with an apostrophe catastrophe, sigh) that they’ll be reviving their Gretzky-era design for two games this season — on Feb. 22, as part of a 1990s theme night, and again on March 21, as part of a 1980s theme night.

Sorry, that’s it for today, because the entire Uni Watch staff had the day off yesterday. Thanks for understanding. — Paul

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    Aw Yeah! Time for some College Football Uni Tracking – Canadian Rule Style!

    Canada West conference opened this weekend.

    -Manitoba Bisons wore black over black for their home opener in Winnipeg. Visiting Saskatchewan Huskies went white over green. These are new jerseys for the Huskies with the UCLA striping:


    -In Edmonton, we saw new uniforms for the Alberta Golden Bears. They have switched from adidas to Nike The changed yellow helmet features a white mask and has the smirking bear logo overtop of a paw:


    They wore white jerseys at home over yellow pants. Not a bad new uniform from the waist up. Downgrade for waist down as the pants feature the wordmark along the side of the leg. Visiting Calgary Dinos wore their alternate white helmets with their dino paw logo. Red jerseys over white pants:


    -In Vancouver, we saw the debut of the new UBC Thunderbirds uniforms. They have shifted back to wearing navy blue with gold trim. Visiting Regina Rams went white over green:


    Man, the new UBC Thunderbirds uniforms are a real downgrade in my eyes from the old royal blue and yellow, especially the helmet:


    I love the Canadian uni tracker, Wade! I’d be totally on board with it as a regular feature. Just sayin’…

    I’m an American who’s a CFL fan and would also like this feature.

    Is there any reason that Saskatchewan, UAlberta and Calgary colors all closely resemble the CFL teams?

    There is a reason the Edmonton Eskimos wear the same colours as the Alberta Golden Bears. The Eskimos history dates back to 1895, but there have been 3 incarnations. The current version started in 1949. The Eskimos received a set of uniforms in 1949 from the Alberta Golden Bears. Eskimos are green and gold simply because the Alberta Golden Bears gave them their uniforms.

    Calgary Stampeders and Calgary Dinos colours differed a bit more in the recent past than today. Calgary Dinos started play later than the Stamps and used to be just red with yellow trim, but have added black in as a trim colour. Calgary in general seems to be a red sports team town. Many of the teams sporting red and yellow (Flames, Triple-A baseball Cannons and U. of C.).

    Saskatchewan in general just uses green a lot. It is on the licence plates and the provincial flag. The Roughriders started wearing green later than the U. of S. Of course, Riders were black and red and had to get rid of the wool uniforms. In the 1940s, they found a set of cheap green and white uniforms of more modern material and that was the only reason for the change to the iconic Roughrider green.

    The school and the Roughriders seems to influence each other. They both wore silver pants at the same time in the 1990s. The Huskies wore uniforms almost identical to the Riders (here is 1994):


    The Huskies started wearing green jerseys over black pants in late 1990s, which seemed to influence the Riders when they have that alternate black uniform. Mixing in the green jersey over black pants at times in the early aughts.


    Further to this, the Regina Rams were a junior football organization prior to becoming the school team for the University of Regina in 1999.

    The CJFL Regina Rams also wore uniforms throughout their history really similar to the Roughriders.


    If the Kings are having an 80s night as well as a 90s night, it would be pretty nice if they could actually use the 1988-91 silver numbers and NOBs with black trim (white trim on the sleeve stripe numbers) for that particular game.

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