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Clippers, Raptors Reveal New Throwbacks

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Paul here, taking a rare weekend turn while the rest of the Uni Watch team enjoys the holiday weekend.

Couple of NBA teams revealed new throwbacks yesterday. Let’s start in L.A., where the Clippers announced that they’ll be dressing up this season as their franchise forebears, the Buffalo Braves. I’m not nuts about reviving a team that used Native American iconography, but I do like to see a team acknowledging its history, and I’ve always loved the diagonal striping on those old Braves unis. You can see some additional details in this promo video.

No word yet on when this uniform will be worn.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, the Raptors announced that they’ll be bringing back their inaugural 1995 white home uniform as a throwback this season:

Again, no word yet on when this uniform will be worn. As you may recall, the Raptors wore the purple version of this uni as a throwback in 2014-15, which raises an interesting question: How many uniform designs have been revived as throwbacks in both their home and road versions?

That’s it for today (sorry, holiday weekend and all). See you back here tomorrow! — Paul

Comments (23)

    It would be really best if the Raptors could make an arrangement when Memphis visits Toronto.

    Would be sweet to see the Vancouver Grizzlies throwbacks vs. Toronto Raptors in their throwbacks.

    As a Vancouver resident myself, I don’t mind. Different perspective. I was a Vancouver Grizzlies fan and have been to their games.

    I’ve accepted Memphis is wearing the Vancouver throwbacks for this upcoming season. We are going to see it, so might as well have the 2 expansion cousins play each other in their original uniforms.

    Tangent, seeing that Buffalo name actually on the LAC throwback:

    What major sports team is least likely to have a throwback with a label/logo of a past location?

    How far back are you willing to consider?
    New York Yankees won’t play as Baltimore Orioles.
    Washington Redskins will never play as Boston Braves.
    Baltimore Orioles 2.0 won’t play as St. Louis Browns.

    I was particularly thinking of the NYY and the (AL original) Orioles. I grew up 70 mi from NYC and know how their fans roll.

    I would love to see the Oakland A’s throw back as the Philadelphia A’s, but I doubt it will ever happen. Unless it did and I missed it.

    Have the Rangers and Twins ever played each other with BOTH teams as the Washington Senators?

    The Raptors should just get the Griffins contest winning entry and cut the sleeves off them.

    OKC Thunder actually can never wear the Sonics stuff since the city retained all logos and colors with the lawsuit/agreement… same technically with the Ravens (fka Browns) but logos aside of course, even if CLE never came back there would be riots if BAL ever tried that.

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