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Uni Watch DIY Project: The Annual Super Bowl Edition

As longtime readers may recall, Steve Speicher has an annual Super Bowl ritual: He DIYs himself a jersey based on one of the teams competing in the big game. In 2012 it was an Eli Manning Giants jersey; in 2013, a Colin Kaepernick 49ers jersey; and last year it was Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

Here’s Steve’s account of this year’s project:

I decided to change things up this year and go with a 1980s-’90s Seahawks throwback, but with Marshawn Lynch’s name and number. Crotch-grabbing and awkwardness with the media aside, I’m in the camp that thinks he’s a pretty damn good back.

The process was the same as I’ve used before: measure the shirt, mock it up in Photoshop, construct vector-based images for the numerals and letters, grab some logos from Chris Creamer’s site, and size and lay everything out on the representation of the shirt. Then, once everything is sized relatively well, move all the graphics into files that are of printable size for the transfer paper, print, cut, iron, and you’re done [click to enlarge]:

The old Seahawks numerals were massive, so I tried to make mine a little bigger than last year’s, but I was limited by the size of the paper. I’m also aware that the NFL logo I used is the current one, and not the one that would’ve been worn back in the day. But I figured if Seattle were to wear this throwback today, it would have the current logo.

The collar was the most difficult part — I think it’s a little too thick, plus it came out a bit goofy on the application, as you can see in the photos. But the biggest mistake was by far the sleeves: I wasn’t careful and didn’t double-check when I was applying the first sleeve logo/stripe, so I accidentally put the left sleeve’s graphic on the right sleeve. I only noticed after it was firmly ironed on, and by that time it was too late, as those things don’t like to peel off nicely, and I’d already completed the front and back numbers and the nameplate. As a result, my sleeve logos are facing the wrong direction. Grrrrr. I could have started over, but I decided to just leave it alone and live with my mistake. Maybe someone at the party I’m going to will Get Itâ„¢ and call me out.


Nice project, even with the sleeve glitch. I love that Steve does this every year. Hope he never stops.

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

I played basketball in my driveway with a group of friends on Christmas night last month. It wasn’t excruciatingly cold, but it was prime winter weather. I wore two pairs of gloves — basically, I gave up on all outside shots and focused on rebounding. The gloves kept my hands warm and helped protect me from jamming my fingers with my rock of a basketball.

How do you keep warm when playing sports outdoors in the winter? What tricks do you have to keep optimal mobility without shivering to death? What’s the coldest you’ve been while playing a game or doing a physical activity, and how did you cope with it? Also, how do you keep warm when watching sporting events?

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Too good for the Ticker: About two years ago, as part of a “No Service Like Wire Service” entry, I ran a 1971 photo of UMD basketball player Howard White, who wore an “H” nickNOB. But that photo is nothing compared to this shot of him (click to enlarge):

What a doozy! I love everything about it — the wide-spaced “13,” the massive “H” (compared its size to the NOB lettering on the guy to White’s left), the huge, angled quote marks. A masterpiece!

For those who care about such things, White went on to work for/with Michael Jordan. But I’m more interested in the “H.”

(Big, big thanks to Nicole Haase for bringing this one to my attention.)

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ESPN reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, my latest ESPN column is about the latest wrinkles in the annual debate over which cap logo should appear on a Baseball Hall of Famer’s plaque (including Craig Biggio’s, shown at right). I got lots of very positive feedback on this one yesterday. Check it out here.

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If you’re an industrial designer or engineer, I’d like to have a word with you regarding a project I’m working on. Can do? Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Hooray! The Padres will wear brown pinstriped home jerseys for five Wednesday day games this season. … The Royals will give away a few fielding-action bobbleheads this year. … Do the White Sox need another color in addition to their usual black, white, and silver? This Sox blogger proposes the idea (from Matt Mallonee). … The winning entry from the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers’ fan design batting practice jersey contest has been revealed (from Jeff Ash). … New 25th-anniversary logo for CPBL in Taiwan (from Jeremy Brahm). … Here’s a shot of Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins in a Harlem Globetrotters uni (from Phil). … The Durham Bulls are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their ballpark this year, so they’re ading logo on the home jerseys (from Joe Sewash).

NFL News: Marshawn Lynch might get fined for wearing a BeastMode hat at media day on Tuesday. Lynch wore a different version of the cap yesterday. … The Gatorade towels the players had at media day might have served a purpose after all (from Tom Adjemian). … Sunday’s Kitten Bowl will have kittens named after NFL players (from Phil). … Richard Sherman helps his Seahawks teammates out by fixing their wrinkled and untucked jerseys during games (from Phil). … Some fans of a Seattle restaurant saw a Seahawks logo in one of the place’s pizza boards. … Brett Favre is the most well-known player to wear No. 4, according to this piece (from Phil). … Former Bucs running back Manfred Moore was mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker. Graham Clayton remembers that in 1977 Moore played four games with the Newtown Jets in the Sydney rugby league competition. … A Connecticut car dealership is running an ad with bogus Seahawks and Pats jersey, the wrong officiating jersey, and blurred Super Bowl patches (from Mike D).

College Football News: Will SMU have new black jerseys for the 2015 season? … The veterans affairs member at Marshall has one of the school’s Military Bowl helmets in his office. Coleman Mullins noticed, though, that “‘Marshall’ is a sticker applied over the ‘Schutt’ that’s actually molded into the neck bumper,” he says. “Is this normal? I’ll admit I have not been that up close and personal with many football helmets.”

Hockey News: A former minor league goalie had been looking for the jerseys he wore for the first pro team he played for, the defunct Reno Renegades. After years of searching, a fan of the team reached out to him and shipped him his old jerseys. … “The AHL will be having a press conference on Thursday to discuss the movement of five AAA-level minor league hockey franchises to California,” says Charles Eldridge. “I don’t know if new names will be discussed, but keep a lookout for new names, logos, and uniforms. Selfishly, I hope the new Anaheim Ducks affiliate in San Diego goes for the classic Gulls name. Keeps it in the fowl family and a nostalgic treat for the local fans.”

Soccer News: A new soccer stadium is being proposed for Indianapolis (from Phil). … In the Chile-USA match last night, because home team Chile wore white socks, USMNT wore red socks with their white kits (from Evan Sadler). … “Chile” was misspelled on ESPN’s mobile page (from Phil).

Basketball News: An artist creates portraits of James Harden out of, basically, anything he can find. … It looks like the Rookie-Sophomore game will have some insane uniforms (from Phil). … According to the last item in this article, the Pacers will not wear their ’90s throwbacks tonight after all (from Phil). … The Raptors wore camo last night (from Phil). … Oregon wore throwbacks against Arizona last night (from Phil).

Grab Bag: Paul was quoted in this article on why neon is the hottest color in the sports world now. … Richard Petty discussed his signature hat and glasses (from David Firestone).

Comments (95)

    QOTW: I don’t play much sports outside, in the cold, anymore, but now that I’m curling (outside, although there is a cover), I wear batting gloves. They allow for a good grip on the broom and the rock, and I’ve gotten so used to them that I’ll likely wear them when I curl indoors.

    Back in the day when I was on the high school tennis team, we’d have some very cold early spring practices (I can remember at least twice playing while flurries were flying) — and I HATED wearing sweats, so I’d be on court with shorts and short sleeves, with a sweater/vest (no, they were never cool, but they were warm). This was before shit like “heat gear” existed. Couldn’t wear gloves so I just sucked it up. But that was maybe 30 degrees — nothing like bone-chilling, in which case I’m sure practice would have been canceled.

    Do you velcro-rip them open and closed several times to tighten them before each stone? The sport of curling would be enriched if those who wear baseball batting gloves would do the Full Nomar every time.

    There are already a bunch of rituals around throwing the rock – sweep out the hack, sweep around the hack, clean the bottom of your stone, pull your opponents next rock out, clean the bottom of your stone, sweep around the hack, clean your slider, clean the bottom of your stone.

    Fortunately most televised curling is on a clock so this takes place while the game is going on.

    I have no Jeter/Nomah OCD (yet) surrounding my settling into the hack, mostly because I’m trying not to fuck up. I do occasionally clean the bottom of the rock (because I see the guys on TV do it!), but that’s aboot it.

    Now that you have mentioned this, however, I will probably begin to develop some annoying pre-throw routines…

    You at least have to clean the area around the hack. You can’t clean the bottom of your stone and then run your stone right through the crap you just cleaned off.

    Seriously, most of the cleaning rituals are just that – rituals. From the days of corn brooms when the ice was dirty all the time.

    Mike, in regards to your QotW: I’m not much of an athlete though I’ll do some winter horseback riding with a pair of tights and thermal underneath my pants and jacket.

    Of interest, though, is my work. I currently am in management for a large wholesale grocery distributor. While I work out of a non-perishable warehouse most of the time (light jacket is fine in winter), the occasions I spend in our 500,000 square foot freezer are quite different. At -15 degrees, our case selectors have thermal coveralls that they wear in addition to as many layers as they need. Sweat can become a major problem if they are too well layered, and any exposed skin is a potential for frostbite. Oddly, dehydration is another risk, as the humidity is next to zero, so a strange evaporation can take place without even noticing – hydration is key.
    My own strategy when in the freezer is a pair of tights/thermal shirt (looks silly under khakis and a button down), with a heavy jacket, gloves, and hat. My exposure to the negative fifteen is usually limited, and our loading docks are a positively warm 20! Fortunately the offices are heated.

    One final interesting (to me) note – the first time I worked the freezer, I went from -15 inside to 25 degrees outside and was absolutely floored that id stepped into an environment a full 40 degrees warmer, yet still sub-freezing. Even stranger are the ninety degree days in the summer.

    Wow, that sounds like a real job. I hope you aren’t always battling a cold – I had a friend who worked in the freezer for a hot dog packing plant one summer and he was basically sick for 5 months.

    The Howard White “H” jersey reminds me of the Elvin Hayes “E” jersey from a previous Uni-Watch column.

    QOTW: To keep warm, I always layer on my trunk, my core. If that area is warm, I generally stay warm. My arms and legs don’t seem to need as much coverage. For my hands, I wear surgical gloves inside regular gloves if I will be outside a while. That thin layer of rubber from the gloves will keep your hands toasty and mobile. Also for your legs, try, and don’t laugh, pantyhose. Works well and you can move in them.

    As for the coldest I have been, state championship football game in 1974. It had rained all day and the field was muck. Ankle deep pure muck. Then, about an hour before kick off, it got cold. Like bone chilling cold. About 5 minutes in, it started freezing rain then it snowed in the second half. I got really cold because as soon as you hit the ground the first time you got soaking wet. In the cold air and wind, it was freaking miserable. At least we won.

    What you said, James. I’d only add two things:
    1) A hat/hood is essential. I’ll even wear one in the house instead of putting on another layer of clothes or turning up the heat.
    2) Bread bags. A pair of socks, then a pair of bread bags followed by another pair of socks will keep your toes warm. And the bags hardly make any noise once they’re sandwiched between the socks.

    I used to wear batting gloves when I shot baskets at the park. Never played a full game in the cold, but just shooting around they were fine.


    I don’t get cold easily, but I do have to deal with it during the beginning of the baseball season. During games I can’t wear hoodies and I think puffy base-layers look tacky, so I am limited to a tight undershirt which doesn’t really block out the cold. If I got too cold I will occasionally put my pants full length *gasp*.

    “… Brett Favre is the most well-known player to wear No. 4, according to this piece (from Phil). …”

    Given Favre’s recent-ness and the #1 position that football now enjoys nationwide, that statement is probably true. Lou Gehrig is too long gone now, and baseball isn’t baseball anymore. But say “Number Four” east of New Haven and you’re still talking about the guy from Parry Sound, Ontario.

    that DYI Seahawks jersey is badass. Looks better than what they wear now, even with the sleeve snafu. Good to see SMU is going BFBS. I said this 2 years ago, every college fb weekend will have a BFBS / full stormtrooper matchup. Very original.

    The SMU black jerseys are from 2-3 years ago, you can see they are just a black variant of these red/white uni’s:

    I think the coaches were ‘saving’ them for a special bowl or big game, but the team sucking worse and worse didn’t allow that.

    The new coaching staff has only been in place a few weeks, so I imagine they just pulled the uniforms out of storage and put them on mannequins for recruit visits.

    Looks like there’s a typo on the opening paragraph. “Teas” vs. “Teams”. Unless, of course, it’s a game between Lipton and Luzianne!

    Re: DIY Seahawks Sleeves

    What has been seen can not be unseen…

    Still a very fine job. I know where you’re coming from regarding why you didn’t go back and change it. I’ve done various craftsmen work around the house (building things, installing things, etc.) and once you’re several steps ahead of your mistake and you notice it, you get that sinking feeling, then comes the Hulk stage of wanting to just destroy everything you just worked on, then comes acceptance where you just say, “Fuck it, I can live with that shit right there.”

    Loving the DIY jersey. Don’t worry about the sleeves; non-Uni Watch folks won’t even notice.

    Awesome DIY today. As a DIY’er myself, many times I have attached things backwards, inside out, etc. I usually just leave it. The whole point of DIY’s is they don’t have to be perfect, and sometimes are better if they aren’t.


    Although one thing needs to be fixed…part of the description:
    The old Seahawks numerals were massive just right.
    There you go. Great job, Steve!

    Regarding the car dealership ad: Another common goof present here is using a college football even though it’s meant to suggest an NFL game.

    QOTW: I play ultimate (frisbee) outside all the time. Usually I’ll add base layer long sleeves and running tights under my uniform (shirt and shorts) and play with a ski hat. They also make gloves specifically for ultimate which are something of a hybrid between wide receiver gloves and batting gloves. Also, adding two layers of socks is clutch.

    Regarding White Sox color tweak…I say keep the same black logo, but change all silver trim to either gold or red.

    Also my thought. Seems odd that a Connecticut business thought that “thing” would evoke any sense of the Pats. I know you probably can’t wear an NFL jersey in the add due to legalese, but for cryin’ out loud, at least give a half-assed effort…

    QOTW: I live in Quebec City and I play outside hockey 3-4 times a week. In January and February it gets usually to -4 in Fahrenheit (-20 in Celsius). I wear 2 pair of pants, 3 layers for the upper body, a winter hat and of course my hockey gloves and a jersey. Nothing beats a nice evening in the cold playing the best sport on Earth. Have a good day!

    I do the same in Calgary, François.

    I don’t like skating much below -20. Not because I get cold (you can dress for anything) but because below that temperature I find my skates don’t bite the ice properly – too much skidding sideways and not enough skating.

    My favourite outdoor spot to skate is still Lake Louise


    The ECHL’s Stockton Thunder are having a press conference today to announce that the team has been sold to the Calgary Flames and will be the team’s AHL affiliate. I’m kinda hoping for a Flames style makeover. No word yet if they’ll be any uni changes.

    QOTW: back in high school, my tennis team would start having practices in March. I would wear a racquetball glove on my right hand and something heavier on my left since all I really needed it for was my two handed backhand. Otherwise, the next best thing is move to an indoor court, which I unfortunately don’t have any near me anymore.
    I have winter sports I play like indoor volleyball or bowling to occupy me in the winter and leave the warm weather sports in the spring and summer.


    I’ve become a fan of winter running in the past couple of years (I don’t like running outside when it’s 40 degrees or higher – I get too sweaty).

    I keep it simple, from head to toe:
    * UNC ski hat (Nike’s Dri-Fit hat keeps the cold out without getting all steamy inside, and I’m repping my alma mater)
    * Outdoor Research windbreaker – it’s bright, has reflective stuff and was on super clearance sale at
    * Uniqlo Heattech long sleeve tee – really thin and soft, but keeps me warm and doesn’t get drenched in sweat
    * Head touchscreen gloves – I’m generally not a wuss about the cold but my hands need to stay warm, and I like being able to control music and my fitness tracking app without exposing my hands
    * Running pants – Champion C9 stuff is dirt cheap at Target
    * Tights – ditto, on clearance at Target
    * Socks, I’m whatever – I prefer ankle socks over compression socks some people seem to like

    That’s it – that keeps me comfortable down to about 28 degrees, and it rarely gets that cold in the DC area.

    Watching sporting events? Lot of hot chocolate.

    Uniqlo heattech stuff is amazing and CHEAP compared to most high-tech running stuff. We don’t have it yet in Canada but I picked up a bunch in Japan last fall.

    Also – you didn’t mention shoes so I’ll chime in.

    For reasonable weather – Nike Pegasus trail shoes.

    For unreasonable weather / ice / hardpack, – these homemade beauties (fashioned from Brooks Axiom shoes + sheet metal screws + orange paint)




    Dude, that’s dedication. At the point when I’d have to break out a pair of shoes like that, I’ll hit the treadmill at my local gym or run the stairs inside my house.

    Orienteering shoes are also fantastic for grip on ice. They are essentially trail shoes with metal dob spikes.

    I wear my regular runners – I run on the road mostly, and I decided trail shoes don’t give me enough traction to make up for the extra weight.

    White Sox colors, ditch the silver and replace it with gold trim. And maybe just maybe wear, you know, white socks.

    White socks, absolutely. But not gold — neither athletic or metallic.

    I’d prefer keeping silver. If you wanted to add an extra color to white/black/silver, in very limited use, red would be best.

    I guess the only sport I do these days is running (i.e., participating in) 5k and 10k runs with the wife. I have some long tight pants that keep my flamingo legs warm enough on colder mornings.
    Florida has made my blood thin so gloves come out if it’s under 60 degrees!!

    In response to Mike’s question…

    I play in the COHL (Chicago Outdoor Hockey League) and I have played with weather as low as 15 degrees. The only thing I wear different from indoor hockey is an Under Armour shirt that has a balaclava attached to it. It’s nice to keep the breeze off my neck and ears.

    I have noticed other players who wear gloves under their mitts, extra shirts and even wool caps under their helmets.

    Kind of related to the QOTW: link – kinda cool seeing how different players deal with the cold.

    Some players are in shorts, others in long pants or tights, some players in gloves, most players in winter caps, and Daniel Sturridge rocking the freedom fighter look with his scarf.

    just got the chest crest patch from the late 90’s San Diego Gulls Love the team name and would love to see them back

    Reading the comments under the story, it’s pretty easy to figure out who among the Deadspin readers Gets It (TM) and who doesn’t.

    But link. Everyone knows New Era® and Major League Baseball® are both registered trademarks and require the R-ball rather than the superscripted ™. SMH.

    Ha! I noticed that same thing!

    By the way, nice work with the superscript TM. Every time I’ve tried it using HTML coding in the Uni Watch comments section, it doesn’t work. I’m guessing you achieved the effect by using the copy-paste method. You definitely Get Itâ„¢.

    “.. An artist creates portraits of James Harden out of, basically, anything he can find. …”


    When I played youth hockey in the Hudson Valley, our home rink was outdoors, as were several away rinks. To layer up, we often wore glove liners under our hockey gloves. Not that much of a big deal, but in the 1980s the popular glove wasn’t a smooth silky black glove like most outdoors stores sell today, but a gritty (glittery?) white glove that we called “Michael Jackson gloves.”

    QOTW, totally up my alley. I’m a road cyclist, and can comfortably ride in at least 32 degree weather with what I have. I wear a champion thermal baselayer shirt from Target, a pearl izumi longsleeve jersey (fleece material), thermal tights by a company named Louis Garneau, and shoe covers by pearl izumi. I wear nike running gloves and a cap beneath my helmet, and I’m good to go. With the blizzard here in the northeast, I won’t be riding outdoors, but if the roads are good I can tolerate cold pretty well with not a lot of layers.

    QOTW: My outdoor activities in the winter usually consist of running, downhill skiing, and snowshoeing. For skiing and snowshoeing, I pretty much wear the same thing:

    -Columbia Lhotse Mountain II Interchange Jacket with Omni-Heat Reflective lining (it works so well I sometimes come close to overheating even in temperatures in the -10 degrees Farenheit range); long-sleeve base layer crew neck or turtle neck; ski pants; base layer leggings; thick Smartwool socks; black ski cap; North Face Etip gloves (they’re thin, but surprisingly warm); ski gloves (over the top of the Etip gloves if it’s really cold); Scott ski goggles.

    I will run in temperatures down to around 0 degrees Farenheit and will dress according to the conditions. That usually involves layering. At the colder end, I’ll wear two short-sleeve base layer t-shirts, a long-sleeve crew neck or quarter-zip base layer, a Columbia full-zip fleece, base layer leggings, running pants, the North Face Etip gloves, Puma black crew-length athletic socks, Asics running shoes, and a grey fleece beanie I got from the local blood bank that has “Give Blood” stitched on the front.

    I can watch sports outside in temperatures dipping down to the upper 20s without feeling too cold. I’ll layer my clothing, but I start off with as few layers as possible and try to acclimate to the temperature before adding layers. I find I stay warmer that way than if I start out wearing all the layers. Maybe it’s psychological, but it works for me. I usually can go without a heavy coat as long as my hands are warm, so the North Face gloves are invariably included in the potential layers. Also, coffee and hot chocolate in copious amounts.

    Coldest I’ve ever been: I’ve skied in below-zero temperatures several times, but the absolute coldest involved a different kind of physical activity – walking. I was walking to take final exams in December of my freshman year of college. My dorm was a little over a mile from campus. The outdoor temperature was 35 degrees below zero, with a wind chill of -70. I think my brain froze on the walk, because those exams were far from the high point of my academic career. Granted, I wasn’t walking for the purpose of sport or leisure, but I went as fast as I possibly could and got a decent workout from the brisk pace.

    Regarding the neck bumper. We used to use those when I played high school football, and we had to decal our own helmets. No division 1 equipment staff for a small public Michigan high school! The decal for the neck bumper is what we used. However, I never recall an instance of it going over a molded mark like that.

    Good stuff, people – I’m going to bookmark this page for all the tips.

    I take long walks around Chicago every day, even during the winter, so I want to be as warm and as mobile as possible. The only area of my body I can never seem to make comfortably warm is my hands. Even with two or three (!) pairs of gloves on, I have to ball up my fists and keep them in the palm area. I use handwarmers sometimes, but I’m also keeping my fists balled (otherwise my fingers freeze).

    Also, my told told me an interesting story on staying warm: During one of his early spring high school baseball games in the ’70s, it got so cold that a team manager had to go and get the guys the football team’s sideline capes during the middle of a doubleheader. And, since it was a road game that day in a neighboring town, the temperature must have necessitated the capes.

    Have you tried ski gloves? They might help.

    A nice balaclava helps tremendously in cold weather. One with a built-in mask (plastic or hard foam) would keep your head and face quite warm.

    QOTW: I don’t play a winter sport, but I do umpire baseball. When temperatures are cold early in the baseball season, you wear tights under your pants, and nothing beats a therma-base shirt (those things they wear in the dugouts) and a Sport Coat behind the plate. They’re pricey (and I need a new one), but you can’t beat the warmth and class of that look.

    Bravo to you for keeping the “umps in sport coats” movement alive! When I become MLB Commissioner, mandatory sport coats for umpires will be Decree #2, right after mandatory bullpen carts with big hats.

    I will be a firm yet fun commissioner.

    Funny how Paul never calls out adidas for the poor execution they put out like the Shooting Stars jerseys. If that was Nike, there would have been snide remarks like “swooshkateers” and “douchebags.” But you never see that with UA and adidas from him. Things that make you go hmmmm….

    Regarding the neon trend in clothes, I think it looks terrible on the field.

    That said, one benefit I’ve found is the neon colors work great as high-visibility clothes. I do a fair amount of biking, as well as nighttime running in the winter, and it’s nice to be able to find workout clothes that make me a little more visible to drivers.

    The greatest move we’ve ever made in our croquet league is switching to Pro Spirit Jaheim’s from our warm weather Chuck’s. Sure they’re hideous, but the distance between our feet and the cold ground makes all the difference in the world. And they’re cheap!

    And kudos to the Lynch “jersey”. It takes a whole lot of white privilege to hate that cat.

    The Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL Hockey) are running a fan poll for the main element to be included on an alternate jersey for next year. The Julien Dubuque monument logo is based off of the grave of the founder and namesake of Iowa’s oldest city, which overlooks the Mississippi river.

    In my opinion the monument is a truly unique option.



    “It takes a whole lot of white privilege to hate that cat.”

    I don’t know what ‘white privilege’ has to do with being annoyed with the repetition of “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”… “Thanks for asking” “Thanks for asking”

    These guys become millionaires because they are good at playing a game. In return they are asked to do a few things, some of which may be driven by various levels of corporate and beaurocratic bullshit. One of those things is to speak to the media. If he can’t do it, or won’t do it, well, that’s part of the job. If he’s got a “condition” then see a doctor and get some medication.

    If he hates it so much, he can go Barry Sanders and retire, and I’m sure there will be another guy coming out of college, who’ll be glad to tote the rock for the Seahawks next year. There’s millions of people that would love to have his talent and take his place and be a starting RB in the Super Bowl, and would gladly put up with talking to the media when asked.


    I make $10/hour and have to do what my employers ask of me. If he’d rather be sitting on a counch and smoking a joint while playing Madden than cashing his checks for “tearin’ up the NFL ’cause he’s all ’bout that action” then he can feel free to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

    In a evenly-matched Super Bowl in which I have no real strong rooting interest, his antics, along with everybody hating on the Patriots this week for this weak-sauce deflategate bullcrap, is a enough to make me pull for New England this time.

    QOTW: In my high school football days in Ohio, our school wore mesh jerseys with bellies hanging out. It was a badge of honor to have a muddy belly at the end of a game, so those were exposed whether it was 10 below or 90 above… What we did do in cold weather was wear those neoprene hunting gloves, and to make them legal we ripped the NFHS labels off of a cheap pair of Neumann gloves and sewed them into the hunting gloves. The refs asked on occasion to see the label… no problem. Also, taping the earholes shut from the inside, and wearing ski socks (mine were red, our team was green) with a black sock over top were necessities.

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