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Jacksonville Jaguars Letting Fans Vote on 30th-Season Logo

The Jaguars will be playing their 30th season this fall, a milestone that the team will be celebrating with a commemorative logo. And as you can see above, they’ve come up with four different design options. Fans can vote for their choice here.

This will be the fourth milestone-season logo in Jags history. The previous three — for the team’s 10th season in 2004, for the 20th season and in 2014, and for the 25th season in 2019 — were all worn as jersey patches, as seen here:

Although nothing has yet been said about the new 30th-season logo being worn on the uniform, it seems reasonable to assume that it will be used as a jersey patch.

Comments (14)

    Who knew when Nike rolled out the bland current unis that was going to become their go to template for all teams.

    The current unis would look so much better with some gold accent like the originals. And also, stripes on pants.

    “This is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color… its brilliance, its divine heaviness.”
    -Auric Goldfinger

    I definitely second that opinion on the gold accents.

    They do like to celebrate themselves, don’t they?

    The choices are all so similar. They really need help with this?

    “Bold 30” doesn’t work for me because on the one hand, having “Thirty Seasons” on the banner under the 30 seems redundant, but oddly. on the other hand, the way “Seasons” is just floating out there on the banner for “The Original” it doesn’t seem connected to the 30 behind it. And don’t even get me started on the Duuuuuval thing.

    “Starter Sheild”, however, has way too much black.

    Just curious… are the Carolina Panthers (who started the same season) also doing a 30th Anniversary patch/logo?

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