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Soccer TimE...Part 2

By Phil Hecken

It’s often been said by many of the readers of Uni Watch that soccer football, particularly European football, doesn’t get much love on these boards, and that’s certainly true — but that’s due far more to the fact that both Paul and I aren’t especially familiar with the beautiful game (full . . . → Read More: Soccer TimE…Part 2

A Look at MLS Kits

[Editor’s Note: Today we have more guest-written soccer content, this time from Tim Newcomb, who’s bringing us up to date on MLS kits. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Tim Newcomb

For a league that was born in 1996 and looked every bit the part, the MLS’s recent expansion into soccer-embracing cities has infused the league . . . → Read More: A Look at MLS Kits

Chews for Jews

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For reasons not worth explaining, I recently found myself in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, where I wandered into a candy shop. Amidst all the Kosher chocolates and Israeli jellybeans, I spotted the items you see above — instantly recognizable as Bazooka bubblegum, but rendered in Hebrew and . . . → Read More: Chews for Jews

Braves NickNOBs Revisited

Last Tuesday’s entry, about the 1976 Braves’ nickNOBs, generated lots of very positive response (thanks, gang) and some good suggestions as well, so it’s time for a follow-up.

First and foremost, regarding the question of whether Jerry Royster ever wore “Rooster” in addition to “J.Bird” (we have photographic evidence for the latter but not . . . → Read More: Braves NickNOBs Revisited