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The Grass Is Always Greener


By Phil Hecken

On Uni Watch, it’s rare that we focus on *individual* sports — if only because there really aren’t uniforms per se. But sports like tennis and golf probably deserve more attention, and today, tennis is going to get that attention. Because tomorrow is the start of the oldest, and most prestigious of the Grand Slams, Wimbledon. Known simply as “The Championships,” most readers probably don’t know much about this tournament, other than the fact that it’s played in England, on grass, and the players are pretty much required to wear white. And many of you probably don’t even know that much.

But with the Olympics taking place in London later this year, I thought we might take a bit more of a look at this sport — since we’ll be seeing it in the Olympics (and I have a correspondent already hard at work compiling a post on tennis at the Games). Of all the sports in the universe, baseball is by far and away my favorite (I often tell folks, with the aid of hand gestures, that, “There’s baseball” [holding one hand above my head], “and then there’s everything else” [holding the second hand at about waist level] — indicating my preference for baseball above all other sports.) But as far as sports I actually enjoy playing, tennis is king. I still play, although not so regularly as I once did, and I’m not too proud to mention that I was the #1 Singles player in high school during my junior and senior years. And I recently took on a challenge from a much younger (like 20 years my junior) classmate in grad school, who was also a former #1 Singles player, and I took him behind the woodshed, with a “one-oh-and-one” (that means I beat him 6-1, 6-0, 6-1). But enough about me…

I’m joined today by my doubles partner (figuratively speaking) Brinke Guthrie, he of “Collectors Corner” fame, to give you the rundown of Wimbledon for 2012. So without further ado, Think Brinke…


Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 10.40.46 PM

The Championships
By Brinke Guthrie

The Championships.

That’s what they call the tournament to determine the winners of the country’s tennis title. How veddy British. Now of course, the full name is “The Championships– Wimbledon.” But the very fact they refer to the tournament the way they do, speaks to the very DNA of the country. It’s proper. It’s…gentlemanly. It’s lawn tennis, after all.

Wimbledon is the one tournament everyone knows. If you’re a tennis fan, then you know all about the Grand Slam events, and the other big events like Key Biscayne, Indian Wells, Cincinnati, and some others. Casual fans know The Big W. Wimbledon has the big rep, even though Melbourne, Paris, and New York also enjoy similiar prestige Slam status. Maybe it’s the Wimbledon rule that you have to wear predominantly white.

The British take this tournament seriously. Their papers always whine about having not having a British player win it- ask Tim Henman or Andy Murray! I think the last British woman to win was “Our Ginny” in 1977.

And this is a bigger summer than usual–the Olympics move in after Wimbledon wraps. Their website even has a breakdown on strawberries and cream.


They’ve even got…Rufus.

Rufus, a Harris Hawk, trained by Wayne Davis of Avian Control. Visits the Club most weeks in the year to provide a deterrent to local pigeons by making aware a predator is in the grounds to persuade them to roost elsewhere. Flies for one hour (9am) most mornings of The Championships before the gates open.

Would they have a trained hawk to look for rats at the U.S. Open? Of course not. Not enough hawks.

Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 10.53.01 PM

Now that we’ve established the tournament identity, let’s look at some of the players. New French champ Maria Sharapova’s Nike dress is understated, befitting the venue. Roger Federer’s Nike look is also rather conservative, and his look has varied a bit over the years, from a nice cardigan to, um, this. Nike always includes the little trophy logo, too. More Fed history here. Ana enjoyed warming up in this.

Other news and notes. You won’t see these at Wimbledon. But for the Olympics and US Open, you bet. Woz hopes to win her first Slam wearing all-white Stella McCartney-Adidas. Nadal’s Nike kit (remember, it’s British) is here. There’s Adidas for the men and for the women.

Ready? Play.


Thanks Brinke. New balls, please.

And, as a bonus (and this is really easy) … some Wimbledon trivia:

Wimbledon Trophies


1) What year was the first Wimbledon Championship held?
A: 1792, B: 1831, C: 1877, D: 1914

2) Who was the first black player to win a Wimbledon singles title?
A: Venus Williams, B: Serena Williams, C: Arthur Ashe, D: Althea Gibson

3) What are the traditional Wimbledon colors?
A: Green & White, B: Green & Purple, C: Red & White, D: Red & Yellow

4) Who was the first male player to wear a pair of shorts at Wimbledon?
A: Don Budge, B: Bunny Austin, C: Ellsworth Vines, D: Jimmy Connors

5) Gertrude Moran shocked the world by wearing what article of clothing at Wimbledon in 1949?
A: Skirt, B: Sleeveless shirt, C: Bikini top, D: Lace panties

6) What company has provided every tennis ball for the Wimbledon Championship since 1902?
A: Wilson, B: Penn, C: Prince, D: Slazenger

7) What surface is Wimbledon played on?
A: Clay, B: Cement, C: Grass, D: Astroturf

8) Who was the youngest woman ever to win a singles title at Wimbledon?
A: May Sutton, B: Elizabeth Ryan, C: Charlotte Dod, D: Steffi Graf

9) What is the nickname for the Ladies’ Singles Trophy at Wimbledon?
A: Rosepetal cup, B: Gussie dish, C: Rosewater dish, D: Venus cup

10) What is the nickname of the No. 2 Court at Wimbledon?
A: Winner’s Court, B: Court of the Irish, C: No Man’s Land, D: Graveyard of Champions

Post your answers below…


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Back today with another nice set, and this time I’m starting off with George Chilvers, who sent me this more than a week ago, but which I held off running until today. Trust me, it’s worth the wait (I hope there are some readers out there who may appreciate this):

. . . . .

Harvard 1955 colour - George Chilvers


Another one this week. This is another from the excellent Boston Public Library collection, and is of Harvard’s 1955 outfielders Richard Hoffman, Richard Fisher, and Matthew Botsford. The original can be found here.

This actually took an AGE to do – mainly because of the mesh fence. I could have just left it, but it looked wrong – so perfectionist that I am I had to do it.

All we need now is the possibility that there may be some Harvard alumnus who appreciates colourisations. Can’t think where we’d find one of them.

Best wishes

Fantastically awesome George. But Mr. Chilvers wasn’t done. Not by any means. He also sent along this tremendous offering:

Giants at Polo Grounds Opening Day - George Chilvers 1917 colour

Hi Phil,

Nice sentiments about your Dad in last weekend’s piece.

As promised here is another for the stockpile – this one appeared on the news-ticker a few days ago and someone (probably Connie) suggested it would be good for colourising. Giants at the Polo Grounds on opening day 1917. I actually enjoyed this one – the colours just get along well together, with the red counterpointing the blue and white, set against the green of the turf. Or something equally pretentious like that.

As I’ve said before it’s often only when you start to colourise that you see little extras – I hadn’t in the original image seen the guy stood behind the line of players who is either conducting the music or warming up. And having looked at EVERYONE in the crowd I can honestly say that it was a predominantly male oriented sport.

Best wishes

Great stuff (as always) George. Hopefully George can keep us entertained with a few more colo(u)rizations as he enjoys Euro 2012 and prepares for his correspondent’s role at the 2012 Olympic Games.

. . . . .

Next up is prodigious colorizer John Turney, who has one that a certain other dinner companion with Paul & Conn reader will no doubt appreciate:


LavvieDilweg_1 - John Turney


End LaVern (Lavvie) Dilweg is seen here modeling one of the lesser-known uniforms in the Packers’ historical closet.

The pants are described as “faded blue canvas”, the first time the Packers moved away from gold or canvas-colored trousers. Finishing off the look is a pair of gold socks with two navy blue stripes.

This uniform was worn for two seasons, 1927 and 1928, before being replaced by the famous “circle” 1929 uniforms.

From Packers uniform blogspot, the pants are the right color.

–John Turney

Great stuff, John. Mr. Turney also did a second one, this time using the research from Tim B. & LarryB:


Glen Presnell (with ball) and Wayne Milner 1931 color - John Turney


Glen Presnell (with ball) and Wayne Milner, Lions versus College All-Stars. Since this uniform was featured last week, I thought it would be fun to see it in action.

I did all my usual colorization things to try an get a colorful shot with a film that could have been used at the time. This was not a great shot, a little blurry, but that is what happened with action shots 70 years ago.

–John Turney

. . . . .

That’s all for this round of Colorize This! Back with more next time.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

You folks heard the call for concepts, and you’ve responded with vigor — so back to two new today.

And so, lets begin:


O's with Gray Cap - Yancy Yeater

We have Yancy Yeater, with an idea to bring back the gray road cap:


I always wondered why no one has tried a road gray cap. The only one I can think of was the Pirates in the late 90’s. So I did a mock of the current Orioles road with the tri-panel hat but instead of white I made it gray.

Yancy K. Yeater

Interesting idea — one that I and a bunch of readers took a look at a few years back. You may want to give that a quick read-through.


Iowa Hawkeyes - Mike Cahalan

Next up is Mike Cahalan, with a couple new looks for the Iowa Hawkeyes (and who had sent this to Paul originally):

Iowa Hawkeyes - Mike Cahalan

Hi Paul,

Love the Uni Watch website and column on I’ve been a uniform geek since the 70’s when I watched my Minnesota Twins, wishing they would come to their senses and ditch their hideous light blue road uniforms in favor of the pinstripes they wore in the 60’s. Inspired by the redesign of the Washington football uniforms on your website (love the Warriors design), I thought about how I would bring the Iowa Hawkeye’s logo into the 21st century. After settling on a logo that I thought looks more stylish and aggressive, I decided to try my hand at some new football uniforms. I’ve attached them here. My favorite option introduces silver into the color scheme while the other sticks to the traditional black and gold.

Keep up the great work.

Mike Cahalan
Urbandale, IA


And that will do it for this weekend. Check back next time for more.


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

Things happen when you take 2.a.m. indoor batting practice…

6-24-12 c-road trip

Click to enlarge


That’s all for today folks. Thanks to Brinke for his Wimbledon preview — hope a few more of the UW tennis fans will rise up and demand more coverage (or…not). Thank the Lord that interplague ends tonight — and I don’t often plug a game or a series — especially Yanks vs. Mets…but you folks just might want to tune into ESPN tonight for the match-up of two of the best pitchers in the game today. Every time out, it seems, the Mets RA Dickey is capable of tossing a no-no. He’s already thrown two one-hitters this year. If you haven’t watched a guy who throws an 80 MPH knuckler…do so. Dude’s on one amazing roll right now.

“Even though I was a Mets fan as a kid, those shooting stars Astros unis were enough of a reason to root for them also.”
— “Jet”

Comments (101)

    I can tell you about the most exciting tennis match I ever played…. The server won literally every game… the first four sets were 7-6, 6-7, 7-6, 6-7, and then Isner-Mahout style we went deep into no-tiebraker fifth set, it was something like 14-14 or 15-15 and then I turned the computer off and went to eat dinner.

    Nice artwork, Yancey… I know of a link (which is proudly sporting a new banner to match the GUD and the BUD) that could use your services!

    Your link seems to be broken for me to follow, Rob H.

    Also I was reminded that the Royals tried the road gray cap too. I am surprised MLB hasn’t tried a mandatory home and road cap for each team. More merch to be sold and teams could change them up every few years. Maybe only let a select couple teams mostly Red Sox and Yankees not participate.

    Apparently I put an extra “http://” in there by mistake.. I guess it wasn’t decipherable, though.

    Maybe only let a select couple teams mostly Red Sox and Yankees not participate.

    Interstingly, the Tigers are one of the most traditonal teams (jersey-wise), yet they manage to have home & away caps.

    The colourizations blow me away every time. I don’t have the patience or the time but I’m in absolute AWE over them all. Outstanding work! Really dug the Packer one this week. WOW!

    Ricko is right-o: great colorizer day. John Turney is really stepping up his game.

    But George rules. Good Lord, what could be better than three Harvard pitchers from the 1950s? [Don’t answer that question.] Such clarity and detail. And that fence backdrop!

    I was indeed the person who salivated over that Opening Day shot, and George delivered on every drool. [Memo to self: switch metaphor?] The graphics and iconology of WW1 – in all the major combatant countries – were as spirited and attractive as the trenches were gruesome and ugly. What an era.

    Thanks, GC.

    Those 1950s Cantabs were outfielders, not pitchers. I’ll have to look ’em up.

    The 1917 Polo Grounds shot is truly amazing. Always enjoy seeing your work George.

    WOW the colorizations today and fantastic.
    The Polo Grounds shot is amazing. How long did that one take George?

    I also like how John did the All star football game. It is good to see that uniform in action.

    Really hard to say as I don’t time myself.

    Obviously spread over about 3 days, maybe say 10 hours overall – but I could be out by a factor of plus or minus 9 hours :)

    I was looking at the flags and people in stands. I tend to grayscale the crowds. So I give you and John a ton of credit for taking the time to colorize those.

    The Harvard shot was good too. I read how you took a while to do the fence.

    One of my favorites of yours was that Harvard vs Army football scene. American college football that is.

    One a side note. Go Italy beat England.


    Great job on the Iowa unis Mike. Definitely a Patriots influence but not a direct ripoff like the Steeler versions. Best Uni Concept on this site in a while IMHO.

    Can’t imagine why Iowa would leave a design they have been wearing for 30 years (especially the Hawkeye on the helmet) but if they would, a more traditional design instead of the usual Nike piping would be preferable.

    You (and Mike Calahan) apparently weren’t in Iowa during the 1990s when Reebok changed the Steeler-knockoffs to the bumblebee look. They switched back to their current look after Nike took over the apparel contract. They then tried to update the link and caught holy hell for it. They backed off the move, though I still see a fair amount of merchandise with the updated logo around.

    I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life and I still get a little sick to my stomach thinking of those horrible bumblebee uniforms. I was just bored at work one day and, remembering the aborted Tigerhawk update, thought about how I would make the logo look more aggressive. Obviously, I don’t see the Hawks changing their logo for many years to come. Hope this football season goes better than the past two though I’m not very optimistic.

    Amazing colorizations…always love to see such detailed work.

    Oops…there was too much color in last nights Nats at Orioles game…one of the worst uni matchups in recent history.


    Although, in theory, no worse than one team in navy and the other in royal…which we’ve seen a number of times.

    The O’s pants ought to be orange, and then the Nats pants could be white instead of gray… but aside from that, nice. Color is good.

    It looked better than the Marlins/Jays game:

    Those O’s and Nats alts look so great that I’ll let that matchup slide.

    I have been watching the Pirates and Tigers series this weekend (Go Bucs!) and the Pirates white home versus the Tigers road uniforms has been a pleasant sight link

    With all the talk recently of NickNOB…tonight Robert Alan “R.A.” Dickey faces Carsten Charles “CC” Sabathia.

    Almost everywhere I read about or see this on TV (or is it T.V.?) R.A. has periods and CC does not. What is going on here? Do people get to chose whether their punctuation is required? Or does someone choose for them, like a HOF cap? What is it based on?



    CC chose to drop the periods in his name a few years back. It’s just his preference, I guess.


    Thanks…now I can sleep easier. You know you are a star when you can dictate punctuation.

    I find the all white rule at Wimbledon charming and somehow comforting. I hope it remains forever. What has become of me?

    Meanwhile, George, that Harvard colorization is your finest moment. It is…stunning!

    Not only that, brings back all those childhood nightmares about Imperial Storm Troopers, huh.

    Oh, wait, Wimbledon’s been around longer than Star Wars, hasn’t it.

    Elegance–both the concept and practice–are lost on more and more people every year, it seems.

    All you gotta do is look at high school proms these days to see it absolutely doesn’t register with some. And that it’s probably goona get worse before it gets better.

    Try listening to women’s tennis without a video feed and tell me it’s “elegant”.

    Ungh… *pop* *squeak* Uhhhh *pop* Ohhh *squeak* *pop* Aah *cheer*

    Yeah. Elegant.

    Apples and oranges. Sorta.
    I’m talking about attire. Or the setting.
    (although deportment certainly is involved).

    But I agree with you about the noise with the women.

    My theory? If they can make that much noise, let the fans cheer like crazy. BJ King said a number of times there was no reason fans shouldn’t be able to cheer loudly at tennis.

    The night the Minnesota Buckskins handed BJ’s Philadelphia Freedoms their first loss in World Team Tennis at the Met Center back in ’74 it was so loud in there you could hardly hear yourself think (almost 15,000 in the building). Was really cool, actually. Not one player complained about it. Most thought it was great.

    Speaking of noise, I wish people would stop talking so much during the games & stadiums would turn off all that unnecessary music & noise pollution on the P.A. system. My hearing isn’t that great (along with tinnitus) and even *I* think it’s too loud.

    The Jeff | June 24, 2012 at 10:15 am |

    I find that pretty much every rule to be completely and utterly WTF-ish.

    Fantastic colorizing job on that pic of the 1917 Giants that I’d submitted. Really excellent work…


    “…when I watched my Minnesota Twins, wishing they would come to their senses and ditch their hideous light blue road uniforms in favor of the pinstripes they wore in the 60′s.”

    Something wrong with that sentence.

    Also, what the Orioles need to do is wear the black-crowned cap exclusively, at home and on the road. Not only are they mixing eras with trucker caps combined with belted pants, but the white panel cap combined with pajama pants makes for too much white.

    Those Iowa unis are sweet, especially the ones that incorporate gray. They need to quit ripping off my Steelers and have something more original, even if the Steelers did officially sanction the current Iowa unis.

    How come no one ever points at K-State for wearing Cowboy unis using Purple instead of Blue?

    Or the Raiders for going to Army’s unis (at the time) but with Silver instead of Old Gold?

    Just sayin’…

    Or why does this pants/socks combo get so much love when its original incarnation was a blatant copycat of the Packers?

    Yup, ol’ Hayden said he wanted the Hawkeyes to “dress like winners.” Pretty sure that’s an exact quote.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t think they could change.

    And I agree about Mike’s design. Really solid. Updated without being over the top.

    Iowa might see the stripe-less black helmet as being a bit too similar conceptually to Iowa State and Minnesota, though. Other than that…

    1. The Steelers officially sanctioned the Iowa uniforms, going as far as mailing them design templates and even a “Mean Joe” Greene jersey. Their coach at the time did something rarely done today: he went out of his way to get permission. But at this point, it’s time for some divergence, and the Steelers aren’t going to be the ones doing it. I personally think Mike should submit that design to Iowa, its a modern design that actually works.

    2. The Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons retired the gold pants upon the switch to Nike this year. I think that’s a new NFL rule on non-throwbacks, since they have their new throwbacks that utilize a different pair of pants. The Rams retired their gold pants despite having as much as FOUR pants options in recent years. (They’re not wearing their throwbacks this year, but personally I think the white and blue pants look better anyways.

    (Washington) retired the gold pants upon the switch to Nike this year. I think that’s a new NFL rule on non-throwbacks… The Rams retired their gold pants…

    Seriously? Fuck. God dammit, NFL.

    Wait… actually… the Bears are supposed to have those orange pants as an option… if that’s in addition to the white and blue, then I think you’re mistaken about any rules. If those are replacing the blue ones… then, dammit again.

    I think the NFL put a hard cap on three pants TOTAL. I think before they allowed three with the current design, with throwbacks not counting, hence why the Rams actually had four for the past few years. The Rams retired the throwbacks and the current gold pants.

    As for the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons (I prefer the link nickname.), the gold pants were part of the link 1971 throwbacks from 2007, but they retained the option to use them. Then in 2010 they decided to incorporate those pants and socks into the current design. But with the NEW throwbacks, something had to go and the team had to drop the gold pants.

    The Seahawks, Titans, and Broncos all use three pants without a throwback. We have to wait and see how they look on Seattle, but the Broncos could easily go down to ONE pair of pants (the white ones with the blue stripe) and the Titans could drop the white pants.

    You got a source on this, Gerard? I mean, have these trouser retirements been officially announced somewhere?

    the Wiki image is hardly definitive.

    The one for the Bears link.

    Actually, the guy who maintains those images posts here from time to time. Perhaps he’ll chime in on this topic.

    Iowa and the Steelers had basically the same uniforms in the 50s. Pants were different though.

    One of my favorite old Iowa uniforms were from the early 50’s. The light numbers outlined in black.


    As a Cowboy fan, I have always noticed K-State’s Cowboy look and view it as a compliment. I particularly like their home uni look. Reminds me of the “dreaded blue jersey” look Dallas sported from time to time.

    The Hawkeyes have been wearing those unis forever. That is their look regardless of the Steeler design. It’s a compliment, not a ripoff. Why would they change after so many years?

    Well, the Big Ten could use a school with a radical design, and Iowa (along with Minnesota, who became Oregon-lite last year) is ripe for the picking. Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Pedophile State, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Nebraska won’t do it, Indiana cares too much about basketball for anyone to notice, and nobody is going to care about Northwestern and Purdue.

    And what’s wrong with looking traditional? The Illini have had some pretty gaudy looks the past decade. Actually a few of them have had some really ugly uniforms.

    Trust me the fanbase, alumni, coaches and school officials do not think Iowa is “ripe for the picking”. There was a new logo revealed in the early 2000s (?) that was a more aggressive looking tiger hawk. It caused an immediate uproar. I went to the U of I, and have lived in Iowa City for over 10 years, and there has definitely been no call for a new logo/uniforms.

    Jake, the Steelers have won six Super Bowls in those uniforms. What has Iowa done? Unless your name is Ohio State (once off probation) or Michigan (and to a lesser extent Nebraska and Wisconsin), you’re not gonna crack the top of the Big Ten.

    Joseph, I wasn’t bringing team performance into this at all. I was simply stating that, Iowa has not changed their uniforms in over 30 years, and around here there is no desire to.

    People will use any god damn excuse (even a pedophile – may he burn in Hell) to put a logo on Penn State’s helmet. Nobody is bigger than the school or its tradition.

    I like what the Hawkeyes wear now. That concept doesn’t really look like the Hawkeyes, but more like NBA Atlanta Hawks meets MUTigers.


    I still say that the Hawkeyes should use the 1995-1996 jerseys with the “wings” in the shoulders. Do away with the 95/96 chest logo and wordmark (too cluttered) and Iowa would have the very best look – unique, sharp and appropriate – in the entire Big 10 (except MAYBE Michigan). Apex made the Big Ten Centenial jerseys for a few programs that year and the concepts were nice, but the cluttered the uniforms so much the reactions were mostly negative. Do over with less clutter, and they’ll be keepers.

    Absolutely LOVE the Hawkeyes’ winged shoulder jerseys.

    By the way, will Michigan PLEASE lose the helmet numerals – clutters up a beautiful helmet. Throwback every 20 yrs is OK, but no need for them in regular uniform.

    I had some strawberries & cream at Wimbledon once upon a time — along with a glass of Pimm’s & lemonade, of course (surprised that there’s link).

    It was raining pretty hard that day, so I didn’t get to see any tennis being played, but at least I did have a tasty snack.

    On the subject of putting gray in caps:

    While I really like the idea of them, but not so much in the current modern bland polyester gray.

    If done in a true heather gray wool blend or a faux heather gray, it looks SO much better & more richer in texture.


    Road jerseys need to be done this way, too. It would improve them immensely.

    Yeah, Redlegs road unis with gray flannel hat from ’57 through ’68 (or whenever it was) remain one of my all-time favorites.

    Or course, the fact that players such as Frank Robinson and Vada Pinson wore it didn’t hurt.

    And if a number of other teams had done the same it wouldn’t have been nearly as unique (KC A’s did have a gray crown road cap that alternated with navy in ’62).

    This old gem:


    Featured in the comments on the link Phil provided today from August 19, 2010. Man, it feels like a long time ago even tho it was only about two years ago.

    That’s a good-looking lid and an example of a cap that would look awful with the material New Era uses. That navy lettering would just look completely lifeless against it.

    Speak of the Devil: another nice old wool gray wool cap:

    NY Giants 1917:


    This 1949-50 White Sox in reproductions is incorrectly produced as navy. It was black like this:


    This very old & cool Minor League Baltimore Orioles cap:


    Love the one element on the Iowa *silver* helmet concept design. I really like the dart shaped stripe from front to back. Much like some others I’ve seen on other helmets, but infinitely better.

    “dress like winners”

    English soccer has several examples of this phenomenon:

    Tottenham adopted their white-shirts-navy-shorts look from Preston North End, one of the top teams of the 1890s.

    Leeds United ditched their blue and gold unis for Real Madrid-style all white in the early 1960s. Interestingly, blue and gold have remained the club’s official colors, and the white shirts usually have blue and gold trim.

    Derby County changed their black shorts to navy in the early ’70s, in order to resemble the England national team.

    Around the same time, Crystal Palace did a complete makeover, including a Barcelona-esque red-and-blue-striped shirt.

    Wigan Athletic wore the blue and black stripes of Inter Milan as first kit with the burgundy and gold of Roma as a change strip in 1994/1995.

    We were atrocious that season.

    It doesn’t always work :)

    Bill Shankly, inspired by Real Madrid, ditched Liverpool’s white shorts for an all-red uniform.

    As a lifelong hawkeyes fan, that concept made me die a little inside. Iowa will NEVER replace the tiger hawk, its one of the coolest, most unique, and instantly recognizeable logos out there. The piping makes the jersey look like the horrible old Mizzou jerseys. I’m not averse to certain Iowa changes (like adding black pants to the home jersey for a blackout game) but adding grey to the color pallete is played out and reeks of the Nike shenanigans I hate. I like having both our in state bcs teams in nice, traditional designs- none of the douchebaggery that infected our neighbors to the north and south.

    Italy’s de Rossi wearing one short sleeve and one long sleeve under his jersey. No idea if that’s usual for him. Ill see if I can find a pic online.

    im not sure of the exact day, but this week

    i remember that pixture of the dude with the long sleeve and the short sleeve

    I’m usually late to the party, but has anyone mentioned that Georgia Tech is getting new football uniforms AGAIN this year? This story quite accurately represents my feelings about the topic: Russell Athletics is well behind on the uni design curve.

    I learned something that I didn’t know: Russell’s contract with Tech allows them to redesign new uniforms EVERY year.

    Tech is waiting to unveil the unis at the last possible moment, changing into the new jerseys right before the season opener, after warming up in old unis. Based on the past few redesigns, they want to avoid the annual backlash of sane people’s opinions.


    I’m usually late to the party…has anyone reported that Georgia Tech is getting new football uniforms again this year? The link below accurately represents my feelings on the subject: that Russell Athletics is way behind the uniform dedesign curve.

    One thing new I learned from the article: Russell’s contract with Tech allows them to redesign Tech’s uni’s EVERY year.

    Tech is waiting until just before kickoff of their season opener to unveil the unis, going to the extreme of warming up in old jerseys, then changing right before the game. Sure, the players will be fired up. And it gives no chance for any backlash from the fans.


    No gripe from me here – the GT uniforms over the past 3 years absolutely STINK. They were a disaster. Thank Heavens they are changing them. The odds of their being a change for the worse are about 75,0000-1 Against.

    I agree, Nick. I’ve about lost hope that GT will come up with a good design, but the article makes it sound like the designer didn’t work for Russell. We’ll see!

    Throwback day at Petco Park…in the stands:
    On the field, not so much:
    Actually, that Mariners fan has a fauxback. And let’s not pick on the guy wearing the Rangers shirt. A lot of our country’s finest were at that game too, taking a break from defending our country so that we can enjoy the freedom of wearing whatever team shirt we want to wear to the ballpark.

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