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The Third Sunday in June

Father & Son painted splash

By Phil Hecken

Every third Sunday in June, for the past two-plus decades, I spent watching the U.S. Open with my pop. When the U.S. Open came to Long Island (1986, 1995, 2002, 2004, 2009), I was either AT the Open with him (1995, 2004), working it with him (2002), or watching it at his house. It was a Father’s Day tradition.

This year, I’ll be watching it alone, and it just won’t be the same.

Wherever you are today, whatever you may do — if you still have a Dad who is among us — give him a call and tell him you love him. Thank him for bringing you into this world, and remind him this is his day.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to do that just one more time.

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Peace.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


It’s never too early to make Dad proud…

6-17-12 great kid

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

The concepts have slowed to a trickle, probably because of all the uniform contests Paul & I have been running. So…just one concept today.

And so, lets begin:


We have Brent Hatfield with a new take on the old Crew:

Hello there, Brent Hatfield here again. Below are four Milwaukee Brewers Concepts of the Home/Road Jerseys and Home/Road Hats. I am a lifelong Brewers fan, and the inspiration for these was the reintroduction of the Orioles cartoon logo (Believe it or not).

0homeg - Brent Hatfield

0road - Brent Hatfield

Brewers Concept Caps - Brent Hatfield


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got a pretty nice (full) set today, including 4 of the “Big 5” colorizers (only Gary didn’t submit this time around).


We’ll start off with John Turney:


I did a high resolution scan, which allows for better colorization, which I did in Photoshop. The sun drenched black and white photo also allows the picture to “grab” the color I apply. I colorize the grass, then the faces, and then I do the crowd. I then do the uniforms and then cover the whole thing with a dark brown “wash” of brown. I then use Alien Skin Exposure (and Photoshop plugin) and I added a Kodochrome 25 film filter, to bring out more color, to lighen the lights and darken the darks.

–John Turney

Bob" "Hunchy" Hoernschemeyer b&w

Bob" "Hunchy" Hoernschemeyer - John Turney


Next up is Pete Woychick, with a glorious Giants colorization:

Hi Phil””

I found this action shot and had to give it a try. Not only did the photographer catch the baserunner in mid-air, but also apparently at the very moment he realized he was about to be a “dead duck.” (see enlarged facial expression)

ӣ The caption says it comes from a 1947 exhibition game at Seals Stadium, but judging by the Giants cap and stirrups, it looks more like a 1946 uniform. Glorious stirrups!

”£ The Seals uniform is rather generic””nothing on the cap or sleeves, and only a small insignia on the chest, just barely visible on the shortstop 404 feet, and a ~20 foot wall, to center field. That would be quite a poke!


— Pete


seals_giants_after - Pete Woychick


Next up is George Chilvers (who actually sent me two, but I’ll save the second one for next time), with…shockingly…footy:

Hi Phil

I thought I’d better start doing some research about football kits in the Olympics in years past. But I then got sidetracked colourising this one of two teams neither of which are in the 2012 finals!

The original is here and shows US captain, Harry Keough, in the pre-match ceremonies with Italy’s captain, Egisto Pandolfini, and referee from England Arthur Ellis. The game was played in Tampere in Finland on 16 July 1952 (nearly 60 years ago) and your guys (assuming you’re not Italian) took a bit of a beating – losing 8-0.

The tournament was won by the “Magical Magyars”, a Hungarian team that 12 months later became the first continental side to beat England in England. I’ve already colourised them for you — :)

Best wishes

— George

usa v italy 1952 olympics colour - George Chilvers


And our final colorization today comes from Larry Bodnovich, who did a nice job on an old college all star uni:


I colorized football uni around 1940. I used TimmyB’s picture for reference.

I saw the picture on an auction site, Mears. It did not give much info. I think it had 1940. Said about new uniform. I had no idea of the colors. Then on GUD site featuring TimmyB’s Hall of Fame pictures I saw the display picture and went with those colors. Same uniform but different socks. The guy modeling the uniform does seem to be an older guy.

— Larry Bodnovich

Result14adb - Larry Bodnovich


Thanks gentlemen! Wonderful, wonderful stuff as always. I’ll have more fine efforts on the next installment of “Colorize This!”. See you then.


Rangers vs. Astros 6-16

In the Uni-Battle for the Lone Star State…

…nobody won.

Yes, last evening, the Rangers and Astros held a little throwback game deep in the heart of Texas.

A day after I lauded almost every throwback game this season, we got treated to a dud. It’s not that the unis weren’t done well (they seemed to have most of the authenticity they needed), tis just that the 1986 Astros versus the 1986 Rangers was probably one of the worst years, uniform-wise, to which to throw back.

Let’s start with the *good*. The last time the Astros threw back to 1986, the uniform had a belt. Now, that style of uniform did have a belt from 1989 thru 1993, but that was worn with a button-front jersey, not a pullover. The uniform worn by the Astros last evening in Arlington at least had the period-correct sansabelt pants. Unfortunately, most of the players wore their pants pajama-style, and all of them had black cleats. The Astros always wore white cleats with those uniforms.

The Rangers also had most players going pajama pantsed, although it seemed like Majestic was pretty spot on with the repro. But really, that uniform should look like this, not like this. Even though the Rangers look more like the Dodgers, it’s just not that great a uniform. But I’m sure the reason they’re throwing back to 1986 is because the Express wore that uniform for his entire Rangers career.

The Astros will be wearing this this throwback twice more (at home, on July 6 and July 20) as a part of their 50th Anniversary uniform lookbacks. At least in 1986, the Astros came thisclose to reaching the World Series. The Rangers in 1986? Not bad (87-75 record, good enough for second place — 5 games behind the California Angels in the AL West), but not much reason to celebrate either. If the uni were more attractive, I could see doing so. Oh well, it’s certainly not the worst uniform in history, just doesn’t strike me as much.

I give Majestic a decent grade (and I’ll do a letter grade later on) for a decent job, but as far as the matchup? Meh.


And that’s going to do it for today. Have a good Sunday everyone — if you have one, don’t forget to tell your Dad you love him.


“I would say Interleague Play did more damage to the sport as a whole than all the PEDs, expansion & bandbox stadiums combined.”
–Mark Peterson

Comments (74)

    It looks like the Astros went with white instead of the cream that they wore on the road back then. While it makes sense if they’re going to use the same unis for the home throwback games, it’s still a bit of a disappointment.

    I was at the game and they were definitely cream. You can see a contrast when you see both teams standing next to each other on base.

    Thank you. It’s less obvious in the photos, even when you (or at least I) can see both teams or pants and sanis.

    So, apparently there’s a cream uniform involved. Meh, even white vs cream is sort of a fail, really. Assuming that teams *must* have a “home” and “away” uniform (that really shouldn’t be a requirement, but that’s not the point here), any color used by one team as a home color should not be allowed as a road color for someone else.

    The reality is that the road unis for the Astros in that time period were cream. The home was a starker white. They were basically the same uniform and one of the reasons it’s my least favorite in Astros history for it’s lack of diversity. The road uni was essentially a home uni that didn’t get put in the wash.

    “”Assuming that teams *must* have a “home” and “away” uniform…””

    Assuming this is true, when did this rule come into existence?

    Back in the 70s and 80s several teams had white pants for home AND road and a combo of multi-colored tops that could be worn home or road.

    If memory serves, neither the Indians nor the A’s had road uniforms between 1975 and 1978.

    I was at a family reunion yesterday, so I saw zero baseball, but the ‘Stros/Rangers game — apart from the subdued version of the rainbow guts on the shoulder yoke — looks really bland to me. Just… eh. Am I crazy, or would I think that a grey v. grey game (while just as dumb) would look better than white v. white?

    Also, you may wanna check your email in a few hours, Phil…

    Am I crazy, or would I think that a grey v. grey game (while just as dumb) would look better than white v. white?

    Do people need to wear sunglasses at night? Of course gray v gray is worse. When the Padres wore sand roads, link didn’t look bad; even tho it’s darker than cream. But of course nothing is worse than softball tops.

    Hey, George Chilvers, I regard today’s contribution as a calculated affront to the USA. Not only did the Yanks lose that game 8-0, the representative of this great republic who appears in the foto could hardly be dweebier, nerdier, dorkier. Look at how he wore his shorts! Meanwhile the Italian giy looks like a million bucks.

    He also didn’t bring a gift of a fancy pennant for the Italian captain. Cheapskate.

    I think/hope you will like the one that Phil has on hold for next time ;)

    The Rangers throwbacks were bland, at least their look has improved today. Too many teams currently use script when other alternatives are available. For example, the Tigers road uniforms should use the old english style font for the word Detroit. A possible Tigers alternate could have the word Tigers in that font style, too.

    Milwaukee had better uniforms before the script, and it looks like Houston won’t be retaining the script in their 2013 unis. Cincinnati’s field looks strange with the word Reds in script which you see with the top camera.

    The Rangers script looked fabulous. All that uni needs are sleeve stripes and a red cap instead of blue.

    Throwing back to 1984 would have been a better choice, in my opinion.

    Jim, I completely agree with you on this — the 1984 unis are some of my favorites. I think they went with ’86 because that’s what Nolan wore his entire time with the Rangers.

    The throwback Rangers/ball/state outline logo behind the plate was gorgeous!

    I’m in full agreement. I remember thinking how swell Texas’ 1986 uniforms would have looked with blue-red-blue soutache trim on the sleeves and trousers, plus red trim where the white was on the grey uniforms. An opportunity missed…

    No need for the Tigers to change – at least they have history using a script “Detroit,” going back beyond the Al Kaline days. Or they could just go back to the serif’d “DETROIT” worn by the ’84 team. Besides, Old English is great for initials, but upper-lower Old English is just too hard to read. No thanks.

    I’m kind of with you on this one. Just the same, I’d like to see a team who uses Old English (Detroit, Chisox, A’s) try it, just once, to set them off from their opponents.

    The classic Roman
    link from the 60’s is the most iconic Tigers road. Script (2 color, not 3) is good, but going all Old English…too busy.

    Oakland did link in the 60’s, and even though it’s not all Old English, it’s too busy and clunky.

    Detroit went without the Old English “D” in 1960. It’s a great link but I’m glad they came to their senses.

    If just the D was in olde English, I’d agree. Otherwise, that looks like a clone of the Yankees’ road jersey.

    Rice University baseball has or used to wear the Old English for their jerseys, and it looked great.

    Re: link I like the no-frills road jerseys, too, especially with the tv number (if you don’t consider that a little too “flamboyant!”) Not just a clone of the Yankees road jerseys from around that era, but also: the White Sox, Red Sox, Senators, Indians. The “all business” road look came and went with most teams. If your block letters don’t have to be navy, then add Cincinnati, the Cubs, the Browns (about 100 years ago), the Braves (1940, in navy) and the 42 “PHILS.” Adding an outline may be a bit ostentatious, but it allows us to count San Francisco, Houston, the Cubs again, both Sox again… I’m sure there’s others in the “manly men block letter road uni” club, but seeing I need to stay awake for a few more hours, I’ll leave you with this: link

    Gusto44, I’d love to see “Detroit” in old English on their road jerseys, too. After all, the Old English “D” is so iconic on the home jerseys. I put this together in 2010 for another Uni-Watch contest: link

    Splendid! I’d try it with one-color tackle twill, or vertically arching the title, but that’s beautiful.

    I was at the game, and the Astros uniforms were definitely cream, which is a lighter shade than the ivory that the Braves are wearing as their home weekend alts this season.

    As for the Rangers’ 1986 uniform, I personally love them bc that’s what the team wore when I was a kid growing up in Arlington. I love them so much that I made the trip back for the weekend just to see them in person. During the broadcast Friday night, Tom Grieve mentioned that many Rangers players & Bobby Valentine didn’t like the look of the previous uniforms back in the early 80’s, so they were given the chance to redesign the uniform to what they thought would stand the test of time and remain “classic” in their minds. Yes, it looks very Dodger-esque, but that doesn’t bother me… these uniforms remind me of Juan Gone, Palmeiro, Nolan, Sierra, and the rest of my childhood heroes… an era that makes me happy just thinking about. I’m glad the Rangers did this throwback.

    Larry, you give the best reason of all for attachment to a team’s identity: It has personal meaning. A permanent link, a bond that can never be broken. I couldn’t dissuade you from your opinion if I’d concocted the best argument in history.

    these uniforms remind me of Juan Gone, Palmeiro, Nolan, Sierra, and the rest of my childhood heroes… an era that makes me happy just thinking about. I’m glad the Rangers did this throwback.

    Unfortunately, they remind me of Jose Canseco doing this:


    The best memories of my dad are associated with golf. He belonged to a social club in Cleveland, the Italian American Golf Association. They played every Sunday throughout the summer at various courses in the Greater Cleveland area. My life, and my relationship with my dad, changed forever when I was around 10 or so and he asked if I wanted to come with him and be his caddy. I did and continued to join him every week after. Thanks for posting that image of a father and son on the golf course. I miss my dad every day and would love to be able to tee it up with him even once.

    I was at the game last night. It was nice that both teams had throwback batting helmets, but it was kind of sad that most wore pajama pants. The white/cream contrast was OK — no problems at seeing the contrast from where we sat (3rd level.)
    Other uni notes:

    The Good:
    – Astros’ starting pitcher, Harrell, looked mighty fine in stirrups.
    – Fans got free Nolan Ryan-era t-shirts.
    – Rangers won, and Justin Grimm started his major league career 1-0.
    The Bad:
    – Napoli wore black catching gear again, including a black catching helmet. Black isn’t one of the Rangers’ colors, and having him wear a black helmet is just jarring.
    – Little Robbie Ross wore 2-in-ones last night, bless his heart. (sigh) On a positive note, he got to hand off the rookie pink backpack duty to Tanner Scheppers.

    The Ugly:
    – One of the Astros’ coaches wore cream colored bermuda shorts in the dugout. He was on the field around third base before the game started, then retreated to the dugout for the game.

    I also can’t stand Napoli’s new black catching gear… I think he likes it bc he’s a Miami Heat fan. Haha…

    Pajama pants need to disappear from throwback games.

    “Pajama pants need to disappear from throwback games baseball.”



    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this before, but the Detroit Tigers have posted media guides from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s on their web site. link
    I love the old covers!

    Great post today Phil, always interests me to learn about what other guys did with their Dads on Father’s Day

    On Fathers Day, my Dad and I always went to see the Durham Bulls at the ol’ Durham Athletic Park. The last baseball game I’ll ever share with my dad was at the DAP. Miss ya, Dad.

    Pete Woychick, that colorization is just exqusite. And what a shot you had to work with. Nice job!

    (I posted a sports related photo on my blog today. Click on my name if interested.)

    Thank you! A great source photo definitely makes the job easier, and the results more enjoyable.

    While I don’t know the identity of any of the players involved, one of the cool things about these old photos is how each of us notices different details in them (e.g., the Giants had already scored a run in the top of the 6th and were perhaps in the process of running themselves out of an even bigger inning).

    Thanks, Phil. I found the Seals-Giants photo on the 90 Feet of Perfection blog. (The reason my version is smaller is because the dozens of layers make the Photoshop file grow quite large; I was simply saving space.)

    Speaking of stadium quirks, according to Wikipedia, Seals Stadium had no warning track (!) and at times “a live seal was kept in a water tank underneath the grandstand.”


    Brent, I think your Brewers’ uniforms are spiffy, indeed; better than what the Brew Crew wears nowadays. I’m going to posit the uniform pants use the same piping pattern as the Atlanta Braves, only with blue and yellow trim, and that the road legwear comes with yellow sanitaries, did I get that right? I get where you are going with all the sleeve patches, you didn’t want to slight any of the iterations of the team logo, and there have been some good ones.

    The alleged new Tottenham jersey:


    I’d seen mockups that looked like this before, this is the first actual shirt I’ve seen.

    I like the pattern on the back, but I’ll have to see how it looks with NOB and #OB over it.

    Amen, Phil. My father passed away on the last day of 2009. Like a lot of others can say, he was responsible for my love of sports. I can’t count the number of fun events we attended together as I was growing up. I have many memories of Sundays at the old Yankee Stadium in the early and mid 60s, him rooting for the Yanks, me for whoever they were playing.

    I took him to the very first Texans game in 2002 and the win over Dallas resulted in something I’d never seen… he didn’t want to leave when the game ended. He was so excited by the moment that Norm “First Fan to his car” Andrews wanted to stay and savor the moment.

    I’ll never forget that night. It was a small bit of paying back for all he’d given me.

    Happy Father’s Day to all.

    coupla things, real quick

    1) thanks for the nice thoughts in the comments (and the couple e-mails i got) about father’s day… much appreciated

    2) anyone notice the color wristbands in today’s benchies?

    Yeah, where’s our light blue bats, ribbons, shoes & wristbands farce, Asshole-Selig, huh? There wasn’t a special interest group that would pay some money for it?

    I didn’t see any blue wristbands or ribbons on today’s game on the radio while I was out doing yard work all afternoon.

    WOW, how soon is production starting on those Brewers unis? GORGEOUS! Not that crazy about the hats but the jerseys are beautiful…


    Those were my sentiments exactly. I really love those jerseys, just not the hats.

    They’re not bad unis at all, tho I’d pick one sleeve patch. The cap does look really minor league-ish. The only thing missing is some striped blue & Athletic Gold socks/stirrups.

    It bugs me that no one in MLB has royal & Athletic Gold. A missed opportunity.

    Did anyone catch what Cristiano Ronaldo had written on his undershirt after he took off his game shirt at the conclusion of the POR-NED match? It happened so fast I couldn’t catch it.

    “Did anyone catch what Cristiano Ronaldo had written on his undershirt after he took off his game shirt at the conclusion of the POR-NED match? It happened so fast I couldn’t catch it”



    looks like “just do it” in portugese (joking)

    Played 18 holes with my 12 year old son today. Just he and I and no cell phone. Great present. His younger brothers got me a Natural Light t-shirt. I like it a lot but I’ll probably remember the outing a little longer.

    hurray for the fellow colorizers.

    I like the explanations given by John and others as to the pictures they do and what they do. John gives good tidbits.

    Once again I’m in the minority here (twice probably). I don’t care as much for the 1986 version they used yesterday but the 1989-1993 look was always my second favorite Astros look. I do wish the home and road had more contrast. Or at least had “Houston” on the road version. Then again my favorite look for the Astros is this:

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