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Sons of Washington – Vote! Vote! Vote!

Washington Football Redesign Contest Vote Splash

By Phil Hecken

We’ve been treated to three days worth of submissions for the Washington Football Redesign Contest, and now it’s time to vote. To be as democratic as possible — and so some people don’t feel like their designs were summarily dismissed — I’ve decided to allow reader voting on every submission. Obviously, some are better than others, but that’s not for me (or a crack panel) to decide. So now it’s up to you.

So, before you cast your votes today, make sure you take a brief refresher course by giving each entry one last look-see. The first set is here, the second set is here, and the third set is here. Below (after the jump) is the poll (you’ll also be provided with links to each design in there, but not all the descriptions or in some cases, every design). For the first round of voting you may vote for FIVE of your favorite redesigns.

I’ll keep the voting open all week, and next weekend, the top 10 vote-getters will be advanced to the final vote. The winner of that will win the contest. Simple and fair, right? Right.

I want to again give a HUGE round of thanks to our pollster, James T. Huening, who sets all these polls up and enables the Uni Watch community to have their say in contests such as these. My thanks to all the submitters, and best of luck to you all.

The rest is up to you, dear readers…so, here’s your ballot:

Vote Below — (click on each name for a graphic of the submitter’s redesign)


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


The battle between flora and fauna resumes…

5-27-12 s-bag

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new one set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


We start off today with Matt Malinoski, who has some concepts for the AL West, circa 2013…


I have decided to submit my concepts by division, so here are my concepts for the 2013 AL West:


Angels-Set - Matt Malinoski

Angels: 1970 uniform with current graphics.


Astros-Set - Matt Malinoski

Astros: 1965 home uniform with Colt .45 stirrups and matching number typeface. Road uniform is similar to home but with city name instead. Replaced Astrodome in logo with large baseball, removed the motion lines and added stars to the background.


Athletics-Set - Matt Malinoski

Athletics: 1951 uniform in green.


Mariners-Set - Matt Malinoski

Mariners: Removed the compass rose from front of jersey and added stripes to stirrups. Changed belt loops.


Rangers-Set - Matt Malinoski

Rangers: 1985 home uniform with 1960s MacGregor number font. Road uniform similar to home with some added trim. Changed belt loops.



Matt Malinoski


And our other submitter today is Rocky Vaughn, who brings us some Mississippi State University concepts:

Hey Phil,

Some Mississippi State University Football Uni Concepts:


MSU_maroon jersey - Rocky Vaughan

MSU_white jersey - Rocky Vaughan

1. Maroon Jersey reflects on my favorite MSU uniform under Head Coach Rockey Felker (1986) with the new MState emblem on helmet.
2. White Away jersey paired with optional maroon pants with classic striping.


MSU_gray jersey - Rocky Vaughan

MSU_black jersey - Rocky Vaughan

3. Alternate Gray Uniform, from top to bottom, adds an unconventional twist to the Bulldog look.
4. Alternate Black Jersey paired with Gray pants looks interesting. I used White numerals trimmed in maroon because their previous Black tops with Maroon Numbers were difficult to read and not very pleasing on the eyes, in my opinion.
* When State took the plunge to re-brand themselves, I can’t understand why they didn’t request a newer version of the Interlocking MSU logo. *


MSU_interlock logo.m - Rocky Vaughan

MSU interlock white - Rocky Vaughan

5. My version of Maroon Interlocking Logo
6. My version of White Interlocking Logo


‘Preciate it,



And that’s it for concepts for this week. Back with more next time!


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Another great set today, and aside from the G&G Boys, I’m back with John & Pete.

Let’s get right into it:


We’ll start again with John Turney, who has a “correction” from last weekend:

Wake Forest v Tarheels - John Turney

Apparantly I made a big error in that the team in photo was Wake Forrest and not the Tarheels. My apologies.

Here is a corrected version

Thanks John. He also sent a couple others, but I’ll hold off on all but this one — John didn’t identify the teams, so if anyone knows (including John), by all means — speak up:

Old AAFL teams - John Turney

‘For Next Time’


Next up is George Chilvers, with this:

Bob Marshall catcher Davenport Blue Sox 1914 colour 2 - George Chilvers

A quick one for this week:

Bob Marshall, catcher for the Davenport Blue Sox in 1914.

Original at Library of Congress


Great stuff, George.


Next up is Pete Woychick, with this:

ACMA 2011.7006.17

ACMA 2011.7006.17 - Pete Woychick

Hi Phil””
Here’s another photo from the Smithsonian site. (Original Hilldales baseball team circa 1940) I always like these group shots for the variety of facial expressions and personalities that transcend time.

Wikipedia: Hilldale Club
The Hilldale Athletic Club (also known as Hilldale Daisies, Darby Daisies) was an African American professional baseball team based in Darby, Pennsylvania, west of Philadelphia. ”¦ Hilldale was a charter member of the Eastern Colored League in 1923 ”¦ Drew disbanded the ballclub in July 1932 after the combined attendance of two subsequent Saturday afternoon games at Hilldale Park totaled 295. ”¦ The Daisies wore red and white. Their jerseys in the 1920s had “Hilldale” across the front in the style shown above as the “team logo”. The club wore a red cap with a white plain-block capital H as seen above.

Due to the discrepancy in the dates (photo “circa 1940”; club disbanded 1932), I don’t know if this is the same team. It seems like it must be, but why would the caps have a W? (On a related note, is there a Negro Leagues uniform database? Seems like there ought to be”¦)


Thanks Pete!


And we conclude with another wonderful history lesson from Gary Chanko:

This early twentieth century postcard is, unfortunately, the last one in my pile to colorize. It turned out to be my favorite.

CUG+Randolph original

The image is one of ‘Real Photo’ postcards from the era (it sold at auction for $3600) that captures an afternoon game between the Chicago Union Giants and the locals from the small Wisconsin town of Randolph. The original contains no written material or date information. However we do know the photo was taken between 1900 and 1904 based on Chicago Union Giants history.

Although much is known (more info can be found here and here) about the Chicago Union Giants, one of the top Negro baseball teams in the Midwest in the early 1900s, I was unable to find further information about the game depicted in the image (Chicago probably won) or about the Randolph team. I’ve contacted the Randolph historical society hoping someone may have more info and, perhaps, the location in Randolph where the game was played, but no reply to date.

Randolph - Gary Chanko

Some points of interest in the photo:

• Most of the spectators are outfitted in their “Sunday Best,” particularly the ladies which are a large percentage of the crowd.
• The crowd size looks to be a few hundred which is almost ten percent of the entire community population of just a few thousand.
• If you look closely, the protective screen for the grandstand is visible beginning at the pole behind the catcher. The unused screening material can be seen draped over the front of a vehicle on the far left.
• The playing field must have created a few nasty bad hops.
• A line drive down the right field line might be unpleasant for few spectators.
• Where’s the ump? Player’s bench?


Fantastic job, Gary.


Great job all around by all today’s colorizers. Check back again soon for the next edition of Colorize This!


Michael Saunders

And finally…

The Angels and Mariners played a PCL throwback game yesterday, with the Mariners playing as the Rainiers and the Angels as the LA Angels (who played at Wrigley Field, dontcha know).

I didn’t see any of this game, but it looked like both teams did a pretty nice job recreating the old unis. More photos here and some info about the LA Angels unis here.

OK, everyone, that’s it for this middle day of the Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the 500 today (if that’s your cuppa) as tomorrow we brace for the camostrosity.

Have a great Sunday and we’ll be back with the final 10 in the UW Redesign The Washington Football Team contest next weekend. Don’t forget to vote!


“No offense meant but the battle-axe blades on Provo’s Warriors concept primary and secondary logos look a bit like testicles.” — ‘Teenchy’

Comments (121)

    How can a throwback game picture get any better than link? The undersleeves, the thick sleeve cuff and pant piping, the matching helmet, the black low-top Mizuno metal spikes, the blousing, the properly-fitted jersey, the perfectly-sized pants that aren’t MC Hammer baggy or 1980’s ballplayer skin-tight, the lefty batter… even his expression is like “Damn, this throwback is so good-looking, it’s blinding!” Amazing.

    How can a throwback game picture get any better than this?

    A lighter colored bat and no batting gloves (and stirrups if that’s your thing)?


    Saying again. Throwback games are not asking, “What if the GAME had never changed?” They’re asking, “What if the UNIS hadn’t?” You’re gonna have batting gloves and 13″ gloves and maker’s marks on cleats and batting helmets and catcher’s helmets that look like motocross racers and…

    They ain’t filming EIGHT MEN OUT.

    Why a “lighter colored bat”? Dark bats have been common in baseball since at least the 1870s. For example, speaking of Eight Men Out,


    Because I think lighter bats look better? I dunno… it wasn’t really intended as an overly serious statement. He asked a question, I gave him an answer.

    Kudos to Seattle for getting it right. Boos to the Halos for wearing those GD pyjama pants.

    Kendrick looked just about perfect. You can’t see them in this shot, but he was wearing red sanis too.

    And in kind of an odd turn, you can see Peter Bourjos’s leg in the lower left of the photo here. He has white sanis.

    I really like that Rainers set. Red & cream look very nice & it works much better than the Phillies cream alternate which has blue. Tho if I were to pick a red team for cream, it would be the Reds.

    At the game it was even better. No annoying intro music or cloying sound effects; all music used was from the ’50s and played sparingly. Even better, they had an actual organist in house (supplemented with some canned organ music during his breaks). The PA announcer did all batter announcements Bob Sheppard-style “Now batting, right fielder, No. 51, Ichiro Suzuki, No. 51”) and was stationed behind the backstop (not sure if that’s how they did it at Sick’s Stadium, but it was a nice touch).

    The video/ribbon boards stayed on, but they were B&W for the first 4 innings (and “Technicolor” from that point on).

    And yes, the uniforms were gorgeous. All of the Mariners, er, Rainiers wore high cuffs; there were a fair number of stirrups worn. I was more annoyed with the fact that the base coaches and catchers wore their usual red helmets instead of the blue batting helmets to match the caps (the Rainiers wore red all around). Even the grounds crew wore white jumpsuits with “Rainiers” on the back instead of polos and khakis!

    This was how a TBTC game should be played – attention to detail all around. It was far quieter, but that got the crowd into it much more. Makes me wonder if they’ll do it again when the Padres or Giants (Seals?) come to town…

    Good for the Mariners. And I hope everyone appreciates Felix Hernandez going high-cuff. He normally wears his apnst a long and low as anyone out there. Sorry we missed it.
    John K

    In light of the quote of the day, I’d just like to state that in the highly unlikely event of the Redskins contacting me to use my design, the exact shape of the axe blades would be negotiable and subject to modification.

    Also… George, I think you should have tried to do something to fix Bob Marshall’s eyes. I know it’s that way in the original photo too, but he looks kinda like a zombie.

    “Also… George, I think you should have tried to do something to fix Bob Marshall’s eyes. I know it’s that way in the original photo too, but he looks kinda like a zombie.”

    Yeah, I was gonna say something about that, but then I just left it alone. And hey, as long as we’re talking about zombies today…


    Great job by all of the colorizers today, BTW.

    We see that a lot in old photos.

    I’ve always figured it was the equivalent of today’s “red eye”. Maybe owing to the flash powder used back then? Also wondered if, say, it happened more often with blue eyed people. That flash powder would really have lit up light-colored eyes, I’d think.

    Again, I’m really sorry – even moreso that it turned into a quote of the day.

    Thanks also, Phil, for making “Hail to the Redskins” an earworm that will stick with me all day. It does remind me, however, that I’d promised you some research results a long time ago and have yet to deliver. I need to do that.

    As for Zombie Bob Marshall, perhaps now everyone will link

    Hi, Jeff. I agree and I wasn’t 100% happy with that, and as has been said I’ve noticed it a fair bit in old photos. Fixing it is a lot easier said than done.

    Sometimes we just have to go with the flow, and as I said in my note to Phil this was a “quick one” for this week. By the time I got to the problem with the eyes I’d already done the rest. It’s not an iconic image so I let it go (maybe wrongly) but aware it wasn’t completely correct.

    I’ll try harder in future ;)

    I’d love to see the MSU design (but only the first 2 unis, home & away) be used for Texas A&M instead. With the two schools now in the same division of the same conference, MSU should focus more on its gold accents (rather than gray) to distinguish the schools.

    “…MSU should focus more on its gold accents (rather than gray)…”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Don’t need another “Wisconsin Huskers and Nebraska Badgers” situation on our hands. With their connection to the “Gold Egg Game”–I think it’s called, they would look pretty striking in maroon and gold. And hey, they’ve link

    Indeed. I’ve done that one in my head numerous times while watching them play. Having been around since the MLB Angels came into existence, I see that look as far truer to their overall history than the current red-led set.

    Same, awesome job, Matt!

    It seems odd seeing the Angels wearing an all-red cap these days.

    I love that Halos concept too. I was always a fan of their look circa 1995.

    Ah, found it. Knew I had that photo in a book somewhere. It’s used in THE GAME by Tex Maule. Cutline says vs. Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Yup. New York Giants versus Brooklyn Dodgers circa 1936… unless the Gridiron Database is wrong.

    LOVE Matt Malinoski’s Houtons Astros re-brand concept! The only change I’d make is replace Navy caps with Orange for home whites. Great job!

    The new logo sans Astrodome is outstanding.

    I also love the Astros concept…the numbers matching the font are great…what would the NOB look like?

    Unfortunately the number font Matt chose for the ‘Stros just doesn’t work. As one who remembers the real original Astros uniforms the modified block numbers they used were unique and helped complete the set.

    We all know what I’d like to see Matt do with the Astros caps, but there are only two other things I’d like to see him tweak further…make the Mariners’ caps teal (forest green…whatever) brimmed, and change the Angels’ number font. I don’t mind their letter font, but it never looked as good to me on the numbers.

    Even as it is, fantastic job, Matt!

    do you have any idea how long it took him to spell out ‘orange’ in bold letters in the middle of all those words?

    good thing he doesn’t know the html coding for colors

    Well, you’re right…I *don’t* know it. That last comment was supposed to be colorized.

    Your Astros concept is perfect. I wouldn’t change anything.

    I’m seriously hoping that this is what it turns out to be next year. I do think, however, that they’re going to do something that hints of Ye Olde Tequila Sunrise.

    I like the Astros one as well. Tho for the numerals I’d prefer a shorter wide block or the McAuliffe font. Kudos for not simply rehashing the old “HOUSTON” road wordmark & coming up with an Astrodome alternative.

    For the A’s one, I’d much prefer it would be kelly green than forest. And NNOB all the way.

    So just why in the heck do you have no problem with the Boston Celtics team name and logo? It’s no different than the Indians. Answer: Because Celtics are white and it’s PC to be racist against whites.

    No, it’s because a Leprechaun is a mythical character in Irish folklore.

    Or do you think the Celtics logo is a caricature of an Irishman?

    Ditto for Notre Dame.

    He does have a point, sorta. At the most basic level, Celtics, Indians, Vikings, Spartans, etc are all racial/cultural nicknames. In a vacuum, they’re the same thing. The difference is in the history of each group. The Indians were abused and oppressed in this country, Celtics or Spartans weren’t.

    The question is whether or not that history should matter in regards to naming a team. If history does matter, then you have to decide how to draw the line. The Aztecs were wiped out by the Spanish a few hundred years earlier than the Indians. According to the NCAA, they’re acceptable. To others, they’re not.

    The other option is to name the team for no other reason than “we think that imagery looks cool” with a total disregard for anything else. We don’t care about the people, that warpaint looked sweet. Obviously that approach is insensitive and offensive to some.

    Certainly not gonna argue any of those points.

    But the fact remains the Leprechaun already is a character the particular group likes, on its own, because they created it themselves. It wasn’t invented by “outsiders”, and its use is intended as (and usually is taken as) an appreciation of something lighthearted and fun in their folklore.

    Somewhat similar the Padres’ Swinging Friar, who was far, far more an extended version of Friar Tuck (or that padre who always knows Zorro’s true identity) than a parody of Catholicism.

    Not all Irish should be pre-judged to agree that “the Leprechaun already is a character the particular group likes”. [See: Negra, Diane; The Irish in Us]

    And here in Boston, we are sometimes reminded in print, radio and TV of the 150 year old signage that read: “Irish Need Not Apply.” For $24 you can buy a poster of one on eBay. Someone of Irish heritage must have felt oppressed.

    But what is perplexing to me is, why do some think they are the authority on who can be offended and which people shouldn’t be (“Somewhat similar the Padres’ Swinging Friar, who was far, far more an extended version of Friar Tuck (or that padre who always knows Zorro’s true identity) than a parody of Catholicism.”). Of course.

    The list of team nicknames that might offend just grows and grows on Uni Watch. Lately, about two out of seven blogs primarily focus on this subject. What a cryin’ shame. I long for a retro, vintage, old school, TBTC Uni Watch.

    Maybe the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Little League, Pop Warner and every other like-minded group should just get it over and go back to early-1900 baseball where official nicknames didn’t exist. Happy now?

    Maybe some readers here should consider rallying to abolish many of the attached city names that offend. Houston, Columbus – offensive. Dallas Cowboys, oooh, a proverbial double-header! Jacksonville, and by extension Jackson, MS, let’s make them history in more ways than one. Corpus Christi – don’t get me started. Providence, and Saint, Santa or St. Anything – too religious. The Twin’s TC logo, that I used to like until now, really seems bad in that light. Fort Collins, CO – not under my rules.

    Tell me who among us should be the arbiter of whether or not any these city names are offensive (or not).

    Whadayasay we get a rename the city thing going too? Exactly, of course not. Because it would be almost as lackluster as today’s post.

    A Catholic would have to have skin as thin as David Crosby’s septum to think the Swinging Friar was making fun of his religion.

    Ricko, first, I truly respect and appreciate your tremendous contributions to Uni Watch. My point is: Who knows anymore? And, apparently, you feel that you do.

    I don’t know where to draw the line, but I think it is fair statement, that according to your logic, it is somewhere between Chief Wahoo and the Swinging Friar – which you today wrote is “somewhat similar” to what is now known as “Lucky” the Celtics’ leprechaun. And, I’ve referenced that leprechauns are offensive to at least one Irish scholar Professor Diane Negra, of the University College Dublin. Land of the leprechauns.

    Where does it stop? I find the subject tedious, when debated here, and hope we will be reading more about UNIFORMS, and less about what offends people. I can just hear the masses saying, “Well you don’t have to read it if you don’t like it.”

    Well, none other than Joan Kroc, a spectacular philanthropist, who donated millions to Catholic charities tried to kill off the “Swinging Friar” because it was “unprofessional”. Translation: SHE was offended (or slighted, affronted – pick your synonym). No one’s perfect, she too, offended a few when she offered Ozzie Smith some gardening work if he wanted to earn a few more bucks during a contract dispute.

    I agree with you that “a Catholic would have to have [an extremely thin skin] to think the “Swinging Friar” was making fun of his religion. But what would we say (since we are in agreement) if the logo was, I dunno, a “Swinging Muslim”? Thin skin?

    I meant to add, what prompted me to leave a reply was the qualifying. I wish I could upload a flow chart that would go something like this:

    Was the character/logo created by the group or by outsiders? By the group go to next step/Outsiders – offensive.

    Does the group that created the character/logo like the character/logo on its own or not. Group likes it, go to next step/Doesn’t like it on its own – offensive.

    Is the character/logo lighthearted and fun, or something else. Lighthearted and fun, go to next step. Something else – offensive.

    Is the character/logo a parody of a religion or not? Not a parody – acceptable. A parody – offensive.

    Where is this litmus test for character/logos?

    My point with the Friar is that there is a LONG history of monks/priests having a little fun once in while, of playing a game or two…or wielding a sword if necessary. So that becomes more of a familiar “character”, both in fiction AND fact.

    Know what I mean? Friar Tuck is no more a slam on the Saxons than he is on the Roman Catholic church.

    Now, if some prefer the image of a somber man of the cloth who never smiles and spends all day in repentance, reflection and prayer, then I suppose they’ll find fault with a friar ripping a liner to left.

    One professor gets honked off about Leprechauns. She after General Mills about the Lucky Charms box, too? She suing Disney to destroy the negatives of DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE?

    Sometimes characters transcend their original origin and become a positive part of the mainstream. They end up kinda belonging to everyone…not because we think they slight someone, but because we enjoy them and like them.

    “Friar Tuck probably was Anglican”


    not in the 1100s he wasn’t

    You bet. I’m with you Ricko and was pleased that the Swinging Friar returned in the Padres marketing. Even though the Celtics added color to their logo, it seemed for awhile, the shamrock logo was sort of pushing the leprechaun logo aside, except for the unbearable omnipresent mascot “Lucky”. Ugh. I think the Friar and Leprechaun logos are cool, and I think Wahoo is cool too, even though I can’t defend my position.

    Funny, I found this to be a teaching moment and tried to see if Friar Tuck (who I previously knew nothing about) was, in fact, Catholic. I’m still not sure.

    “Sometimes characters transcend their original origin and become a positive part of the mainstream. They end up kinda belonging to everyone…not because we think they slight someone, but because we enjoy them and like them.”

    Great post. And humorous too. In a perfect world, all could enjoy the ‘skins and Chief Wahoo in the same manner.

    Another demonstration of the validity of my first debating rule of thumb: The first person in any argument to invoke the term “PC” is wrong, and he knows it. If the facts are on your side, you argue the facts. If the facts aren’t on your side, you argue principles. If neither facts nor principles are on your side, you shout “PC!” at the other guy.

    On the other hand, “Spartans” is possibly the most un-American team name there is. Probably the most evil civilization in Western history, and vastly overrated as warriors to boot.

    Evil and Overrated? That sounds American enough…

    …and what do you mean overrated? Obviously you need to be tied down and forced to watch 300 on a loop for a few days.

    /Totally not serious comment is totally not serious, yo.

    So which came first, Rainier beer or the Rainiers baseball team? I don’t know the history of either logo but they look pretty darn similar.


    The Rainiers were originally called the Indians when they joined the PCL. Rainier Brewing existed before the Indians but when the owner of the brewery bought the Indians in the late 1930s he renamed the team for his primary product. That owner, Emil Sick, would build a stadium for the team that would bear his name – and eventually host the ill-fated Pilots.

    Will the usage of “dontcha know” ever stop? Its not funny or amusing, it comes off as lazy and worn out. For the love of Christ please stop it already. If i have to read that tired expression on this blog again I think I will jam an ice pick in my ear. Cmon guys you can do much better. Hell I would rather PL go on and on about report cards from the Eisenhower era, at least that is original. Sorry for being a dick but enough already – and I’m not the first person to mention it either.

    Shouldn’t you jam the icepick in your eyes instead of your ear? I mean, if you’re trying to permanently avoid reading…

    Note: When someone says “sorry for being a dick,” he’s not. Not sorry, anyway.

    I grew up in the upper Midwest, and as much as 20 years in Virginia has softened my accent, I still say “dontcha know” as a matter of course. Funny how people assume that if one would not say a thing oneself, therefore anyone who does say it does so as an affectation.

    Yeah its true I really was not sorry. But honestly I wanted to try to make the comment without comming off completely like an asshole. But how do you tell someone that something they wrote is annoying without seeming like a jerk? There are a few things that would be nice if they went the way of thr Dodo bird (eg: dontcha know and natch) I can live with pretty much everything else. Even the constant native american imagery discussion is palatable in comparison.

    I do wonder if people actually use the word “natch” in everyday conversation. I’ve only seen it in a 70s comic book and here on UW. Probably heard it in a black & white movie or two, but that’s it. “Dontcha know,” on the other hand, I’ve heard (and used) from time to time, fer sure.

    “Dontcha know” and “yah, you betcha” are common expression in those parts of the Upper Midwest that I’ve visited. I think they’ve gotten a bit shopworn thanks to being associated with 2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin and those who parodied her (and please let’s not take this down a political path).

    Love that Hilldale Atheltic Club photo (especially the distracted kid in the lower left corner!) and Mr. Woychick’s fine colorisation.

    @ The Jeff – actually the ice pick in the eyeball would screw me over because then I would not be able to read Benchies the real gem of this site.

    Thank you.

    Was it Shaw or Wilde who said, “I can live six weeks on a compliment”?

    My favorite UW day is the colorization day. Great work by all. John , Gary, Pete,Gary. Keep them coming.

    How can a throwback game picture get any better than this? The undersleeves, the thick sleeve cuff and pant piping, the matching helmet, the black low-top Mizuno metal spikes, the blousing, the properly-fitted jersey, the perfectly-sized pants that aren’t MC Hammer baggy or 1980′s ballplayer skin-tight, the lefty batter… even his expression is like “Damn, this throwback is so good-looking, it’s blinding!” Amazing.

    Yes. A throwback game can look better. First the uniforms should be BAGGY!!!!! The jerseys should be a more cream (egg shell) color. And if they wanted to the players should have worn all black spikes. A good effort but many improvements yet to be made.

    You do know that most of those white flannels started out pretty white…or as white as they could get them back then?

    After a few cleanings, though, the lanolin content of the wool turned them a light cream.

    Just sayin’, only a few teams (Giants, for one) actually went all creamy on purpose. The rest were shooting for white, and that’s as close as they could get with the fabric involved.

    Sorry Ricko, but Paul has often provided evidence to refute your “claim” that manufacturers wool was “white”. To the contrary, his fabric swatch catalog screen grabs prove in fact creamed colored wool was the standard back in the past:


    Thanks Paul.

    I did NOT say they were pure white. Certainly not the white that became possible with the advent of synthetics.
    I said they started out much CLOSER to white and BECAME the cream that so many now think is how they were designed.
    On opening day they were whiter than they’d be later in the season. So, a team wearing them for the first time would have looked closer to white (or what was the best white possible) than cream.

    THAT’s what I said.

    All I know is that my high school unis (yes, I played in wool flannel) were a good example. You could always tell the varsity cuz their new unis were attempting to be white. The JV and B squad unis, which had been laundered more times because they were from previous seasons, were practically the color of margarine.

    I guarantee you by the mid-50s Yankee unis were whiter than that supposedly authentic full-on cream-colored thing Yogi Berra and others wore when the new Yankee Stadium opened.

    Okay, to be clear, it does depend on the era. As I said above, by the mid-50s they WERE much more white than in previous decades. But even those would “cream up” over time.

    Thanks Ricko. I knew that home white flannels were rather white, but didn’t know why the one (c. 1966) I own is cream – or kind of yellow. Another reason for me to be critical of Mitchell & Ness. I knew they could (and should) make the unis with lighter weight flannel, I guess what I’ve learned today is they could produce whiter flannel too.

    EFLI Peshawar WolfPak helmet designed by Gameplan Creative Chicago and produced by Schutt Sports. link

    No kidding! Matt hit it out of the park on these uniforms. I LOVE the Astros and Rangers. That’s what baseball should look like. They are perfect.

    they always wear those on Sunday. Only the third time for the SF alts.

    If it were up to me—-and it isn’t—-I’d wear the orange bill all home games and all black for all road.

    And bring back that 80s throwback!!

    Just a reminder for Dan Taylor and the supporters of his concept that Jim Henson got his start in Washington D.C. (WRC TV if memory serves). Here are his early commercials for local Wilkins Coffee as a reminder.


    I am disappointed to see the Frogs so far down on the list.

    I see plenty of Hogs, but there’s a definite lack of Pork.

    In the Hilldales picture, I wonder if the jacket in the back row reads “Hampton” (Hampton University being a HBCU in the Tidewater area of Virginia)?

    I haven’y seen any mention of it this year in Uni-Watch, but the host team of the Memorial Cup has a tradition started back in 2008 of wearing a commemorative jersey in support of Canadian troops. The jerseys are almost always done with more class than the various camos we see Stateside. This year’s jerseys (and additional information) worn by the Shawinigan Cataractes of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League cand be seen here:


    It is bound to go over better with some in the Uni-Watch community than what Shawinigan’s jerseys usually look like.


    Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is with Indian nicknames. Cleveland’s logo is offensive but I don’t see how Indians, Sioux, or Seminoles is any more offensive than Celtics or certainly the Fighting Irish. Redskins I get because it’s deraugatory and that would seem to me to be what should be avoided, not selectively deciding some ethnic groups can be be used for nicknames while others can’t.

    for the record, robert — paul and i are not in total agreement with this, but it may seem so

    i am completely opposed to the disgusting and racist “redskins” name and imagery, and i’m opposed to the indians “chief wahoo” … but as far as the actual team name, “Indians” — not on the face; i think it leaves things way too open to stuff like:

    exhibit A: seen at opening day 2011 (Getty Photo Caption: “CLEVELAND – APRIL 01: Fans walk into Progressive Field stadium prior to the Opening Day game between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox on April 1, 2011 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)”)


    Exhibit B: seen at the old stadium

    i don’t have a problem with the atlanta braves name at all, but they used to have shit like this and this and they still do the “tomahawk chant”

    i’d prefer it if teams wouldn’t use native imagery (particularly caricatures) because that can lead to all sorts of unintended and equally repulsive consequences — best just to avoid it

    my main beef is with the vile and racist term “redskins” and anything associated with it

    seriously, if you wouldn’t call a team “niggers” then DON’T call a team “redskins” … it’s really that simple and i simply cannot grasp how people cannot grasp that simple concept

    Ah, I get it. Even if the name itself isn’t deraugatory, it promotes deraugatory behavior by the fans. I understand that, but it doesn’t change my view that if we’re going to campaign to end the Indians nickname–no matter what grounds–then we should be campaigning for Boston and Notre Dame to change theirs. Although I do acknowledge native Americans are disproportionately represented where ethnic nicknames are concerned.

    Redskins is completely different–I agree completely with your analogy. Vikings I think is OK because it’s not an ethnic group, but a combat unit (the same ethnicity yes, but not the entire race), although there are plenty of fans in Minnesota who dress up in the Nordic equivalent of your “exhibit A”.

    it’s not just fans’ dress and behavior — fans don’t need a name to act and dress like idiots — and that’s all fans, i’m certainly not singling out braves/redskins/indians fans

    but by keeping your team named after a particular ethnic group, you’re certainly not discouraging idiot fan behavior, and imho, by extension, tacitly approving it

    that’s part a

    one could make an argument that the vikings and celtics and fighting irish have mascots/logos that are offensive…i’m not making that argument nor do i wish to get into it — im speaking specifically about the redskins and indians (in the case of the indians, their racist caricature, not the name per se)…

    my beef is especially with the “redskins” name and the indians logo

    if others want to ignore the fact that these two are in the case of the first, outright racist, and in the second, certainly in bad taste, instead playing “what about” or “how come you’re OK with” that’s fine…i can’t necessarily change people’s opinions and i’m not about to play straw man argument games

    as to the argument about irish and vikings — paul summed it up far better than i in this post:

    If a team name like Indians is bad, what about a team name like Vikings?

    That’s apples and oranges. The Vikings were not a victimized class subjected to genocide, theft of their land, etc. The issue here, at least from my perspective, isn’t about ethnic stereotyping; it’s about systematically destroying a culture and then using that culture’s imagery as if it belongs to you, which it doesn’t.

    What about the Fighting Irish?
    See above.”

    if you want to argue for the changing of the celtics/vikings/notre dame mascots, i won’t stand in your way, and i’d probably give you my blessing

    but that’s not what i’m discussing here, and i don’t necessarily think there is a valid comparison between the two

    What about the Fighting Irish?
    See above.”




    I guess the Irish were never victims of such horrible theft of land, or systematic extermination, were they?

    For what it’s worth, Phil, your second “this” is actually from the film “Major League.” That’s the Milwaukee County Stadium scoreboard (WTMJ is the Milwaukee NBC affiliate), because that’s where “Major League” was filmed in the summer of ’87.

    Not that there aren’t numerous other examples in the Indians’ actual history, but that one’s from the silver-screen version.

    Just saw this story that Don Larsen is going to auction off his uniform from the World Series perfect game:


    Wohoo, can’t wait to see the final results. And really loved what you did with the pictures there, great job!
    You can also vote for your favorite players here as well:

    No real Redskins fan would vote in the redesign contest. I understand that the name is controversial, but frankly it doesn’t matter. They will never be known by anything other than the Redskins.

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