Who’s The Hunter…Who’s The Game?


…And Then There Were Ten

By Phil Hecken

And now we’re down to 10. Ten finalists in the Rename/Redesign the Washington Football Club contest. The voters have spoken, and now it’s time for you to pick the best.

Before the final poll, I’ll give you the rundown of the final 10 designs one last time. Take a good look-see, […]

Sons of Washington – Vote! Vote! Vote!

By Phil Hecken

We’ve been treated to three days worth of submissions for the Washington Football Redesign Contest, and now it’s time to vote. To be as democratic as possible — and so some people don’t feel like their designs were summarily dismissed — I’ve decided to allow reader voting on every submission. Obviously, […]

Have You Hailed Your Washington Football Club Today?

By Phil Hecken

This fine Saturday we’re down to the third set (of 3) of the Redesign the Washington Football contestants. If you missed Part 1, you can check out the first 11 submissions here, and for Part 2, the second 11 submissions are here. All submissions are in alphabetical order, so today is […]