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It’s neither war, nor civil…

Civil War Splash 1

By Phil Hecken, with Michael Princip

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or don’t care about college football, you’re probably aware that the Oregon Ducks are good. Very good. In fact, they’re the Number 1 ranked team in every poll conducted by humans. So, the traditional end-of-season matchup between the University of Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State University Beavers, colloquially known as the Civil War takes on even greater import than ever today. A win by Oregon means they will be punching their ticket to Glendale.

It’s one of the oldest rivalries in college football, dating back to 1894, and having been contested 113 times prior to today. There have been many notable games over the years, and the rivalry has been so intense that there was actually rioting during the 1910 game. So heated has the rivalry been that the game was nicknamed the “Civil War” in 1929.

In past (recent) years, especially since Nike began outfitting both teams, the game was probably better known for the garish clash of uniforms than for its importance on the national stage. Viewers are usually left guessing as to what the matchup will look like (that wonderful poster was created by reader Drew Orlick), but this time around, we’re pretty sure what the teams will be wearing. Depending upon your perspective, the uni matchup may be very good.

The Beavers, one of the “10 select schools” chosen by Nike this year, will be sporting their special “Pro Combat” costume (although, I rather like that one), and Mike Princip, who’ll have his own section momentarily, believes he has inside information on what the Ducks will wear. He’ll reveal that in his portion of the post.

So today, we’ll look back at the Civil War vis-a-vis the uniforms, especially those of recent vintage, when they were, shall we say, rather retina-searing. Prior to his sleuthing revealed what he believes the boys from Eugene will wear, Mike had prepared what he thought would be some great uniforms for the Ducks to wear in today’s matchup, from an historical perspective. So, without further ado, here’s everyone’s favorite Duck Tracker:


So, the Ducks face the Oregon State “Giant Killers”, a.k.a. Beavers, and I’m sure they studied the Cal game very intensely, nearest Duck defeat, yet do they have the talent to execute as well as Cal did? Um, I would say so, since they did end up beating that same 2010 Cal team quite handidly 35-7 at home. So, suffice to say the Beavers play well at home, and have the added incentive to knock off the, potential BCS Championship bound, state rival Ducks.

Oi! Which Ducks team will show up, the Win The Day Finish etc.. Or, the sputtering out of sync mistake prone Ducks we saw at Cal? I’m hoping the former of course, and I’m hoping they do it in throwback style. Actually, the 1967 Ducks uniforms were pretty slick, and if they came out in a similar outfit today, as a throwback for this game, might not be a bad idea? Sort of like matching the same year as what the Beavers will be outfitted in, yet as an attempt to avenge their loss, at the hands of the ‘Giant Killers’ that season, 14-10. Would be a bold move on their part no doubt, not unlike Chip Kelly gambling with a 4th and 6 on the 45 yard line, and in some ways it would reflect the personality of the team. Coach Kelly did say that his favorite uniform is the throwback style.

Now, for some possible Duck ‘Civil War’ throwback stylistics, based off of Seth Prince’s Oregonian article; “Civil War: 5 Moments that fanned the flames of the rivalry.”

1910’s Blue and Yellow Webfoots (Past & Present): Following a 12-0 Oregon victory in Corvallis, fans of both teams began a verbal argument that escalated into exceedingly rowdy behavior as Ducks fans returned to the train station to leave. The UO’s public relations department spread stories of (then) Oregon Agricultural College hooliganism to the statewide press, offending students of OAC and causing the rivalry to be suspended for 1911.

1937 (Past & Present): Oregon students found taunting Beavers on campus and began pelting them with tomatoes and water balloons. Some Oregon State students were dragged off the street and thrown into the millrace that flows near campus. Others were forcefully taken to Skinner’s Butte, stripped and forced to repaint the ‘O’ yellow and then forced to slide down the painted surface. By 1 p.m., most Oregon State students had fled the riot, some with torn clothes and black eyes and missing shoes.

1954 (Past & Present): Captive Oregon students had their heads shaved, were painted orange and black and some were forced to do housework at fraternities. One was led through campus bearing a sign that read: “I’m a dumb Duck.” Oregon won that year 33-14.

1960 (Past & Present): Oregon State student body president Dick Seideman received a ransom note demanding he ride a child’s scooter to 13th and University Street in Eugene and make a public appeal for recently abducted OSU’s homecoming queen and her safe return.

1972 (Past & Present): Ducks fans made a rush at the south goal post at then-Parker Stadium in the closing moments of a 30-3 victory. When the fans turned to go after the north goal post, Oregon State fans attempted to defend it and both sides engaged in a brawl.

Ok, that’s me geekin’ out with some throwbacks, however the rumor is the Ducks will be sporting the carbon helmets, white jersey, matte gray pants, and silver shoes today. I dig! Go Ducks!


Thanks, Mike. Great job on that. Now then, the past decade and a half have produced some great games, and some bad uni matchups. Some really bad matchups. So much so, they’d almost be the guaranteed “1” in the Sunday “5 & 1.” But they weren’t all bad. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

1994: Prior to last year’s appearance in Pasadena, the Ducks hadn’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1995. So the Civil War was very important. The Beav’s hosted and the Ducks prevailed, 17-13, wearing a beautiful yellow-white-yellow combination against the all-black OSU team. The Ducks had their classic “interlocking” UO helmet, and the Beavers sported a white lid with their own classic “Beavers” script.

1995: The 1995 game, hosted by the Ducks, featured the Ducks in monochrome kelly green with their yellow helmets against the all-white Beavers. Still outfitted by Russell, the Ducks reigned supreme 12-10.

1996: Back on the Beavers home turf, the Ducks destroyed the OSU team, 49-13, clad in yellow-white-kelly, while the Beavers went mono-black again. This was the first game in which Nike manufactured UO’s uniforms.

1997: UO went monochrome green again in 1997, and once again, emerged victorious, with a 48-30 pasting of the Beavs. While the Nike-clad Ducks kept their yellow dome, the Beavers in white over black had UCLA loops and new fonts, plus a very Giant-esque front helmet number.

1998: On a rainy night, OSU prevails in double overtime, 44-41. It was an upset for the Beavers, and featured a delay of game during the first overtime when Beaver fans rushed the field, thinking their boys had won the game (however, a pass interference penalty gave the Ducks another chance). While the celebration was premature, the Beavers still emerged victorious, winning by a field goal in the second OT. Uniforms remained virtually unchanged, stylistically, from the perious year.

1999: This would mark a major sea change for the Ducks, uniform-wise, as Nike began to give UO their identity. The introduction of the gorgeous mallard-inspired helmet, as well as the dark green (almost black) uniforms, and “lightning yellow” would occur in 1999. The Beavers would also introduce new unis this year (now firmly in the Nike stable as well), and for the Civil War, sported white jerseys with black block numbers and orange dropshadow. The homefield was enough for the Ducks, as they reigned supreme, 25-14.

2000: In what would be one of the more attractive games for some time to come, 2000 also had the Ducks ranked #5 and the Beavers ranked #8 (the only time both teams were ranked in the top 10 simultaneously), so the game carried major bowl implications for both teams. A ticket to Pasadena awaited the white-clad Ducks, while a win and some help would get the Beavers to the Rose Bowl. The mono-black Beavers emerged victorious, 23-13, but neither team went to the Rose, as UW also won and got the bid. However, the Beavs did get invited to the Fiesta Bowl.

2001: This year would be better for the dark green-clad Ducks, as they simply needed a win to clinch the PAC-10 title and go to the Fiesta Bowl. They succeeded, taking out the Beavers in a driving rainstorm, 17-14. In what may have been an ominous omen, we saw the victor flash the victory “O” triangle. Well, it could have been an “O”.

2002: Back on friendly turf for 2002, OSU rolled over UO, 45-24. This would mark the end of this generation of unis for the Ducks.

2003: As the Ducks broke out the highlighter yellow unis (one of my all time favorite UO unis), which featured the Oregon wordmark on the shoulders and non-linear pants striping, the home field would be all they would need. Eugene’s finest would flash the lightning and crack the thunder, defeating the Beavers by a score of 34-20.

2004: The trip back to Corvallis would be all the home cooking the Beavers would need, as they would break out their own new uni sets (almost rivaling UO for overall garishness), destroying the Ducks, 50-21, under the bright lights of Reser.

2005: A dense fog would envelop Autzen as the Ducks sported yet another iteration of uni style, this one with the now (in)famous diamondplate pattern and Belotti bold font. They would also extract payback, coming away with a 56-14 beatdown of the Beavers.

2006: Another rainy day in Corvallis would feature a color vs. color matchup. Once again, the home team would emerge victorious, with the Beavers winning a closely fought game, 30-28.

2007: In a change from the past several years, the road team, Oregon State would win 38”“31 in double overtime at Autzen (the first road team to win the game in 10 attempts). Two uni-notables, here, with UO wearing highlighter (and unlucky) yellow helmets, and the Beavers ditching the dropshadow for a new font and the ill-conceived sports bra look The game featured a blocked Oregon State field goal with 1:01 remaining, followed by a missed Oregon field goal as regulation expired.

2008: Uni sanity would return by 2008, as the Ducks went all white and the Beavers sported a pleasing orange jersey. Oregon State had a lot on the line in this Civil War, needing a victory to advance to the Rose Bowl, but Oregon gladly played the role of spoiler, taking down the Beavers in ugly fashion, 65-38.

2009: The last Civil War again came in a season when Oregon changed up their uni style. That particular uniform was actually a hybrid, combining the helmet and jersey from an earlier throwback (although the helmet was altered for the Civil war) with the pants from the regular season. (See Mike’s wonderful 2009 Duck Tracker for the full story.) Much like the Beavers in 2008, the Ducks needed a victory in 2009 to advance to their first Rose Bowl since 1995 (1994 season). Unlike the Beavers in 2008, the Ducks pulled this one out, ekeing out a 37-33 victory in a back-and-forth game.


Finally, we have a big Beaver supporter, Phil Amaya, with one last treat for today:

Since the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State is this weekend, thought you might be interested in this link to Oregon State’s football website. On the right side of the page, under “Beaver Nation Online” there is a video on the preparations of the equipment manager. The video was produced prior to the Cal game but it is a nice tribute the the guys who are “under the radar” and whose concerns are not only to make the team look good but to function well.

Go Beavs!
Phil Amaya
Portland, Oregon

Well, there you have it. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about the Civil War. And I didn’t once poke fun at the pro combat uni or the “war” reference in the game’s nickname.

Big thanks to Mike Princip for all those mocks (too bad the Ducks won’t break out a throwback today, but hey, when you’re undefeated, let’s not jinx things, right?).


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

Lots and lots of tweaks keep pouring in, so obviously this is a popular feature. A bunch new to get to today. If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great a keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

Now, on to today’s tweaks:


Starting off the show is Peter Macaluso, who has a interesting take on Big Blue:

Every time I watch the Giants play, it angers me that they basically have an Auburn stripe that could so easily be fixed to look correct.

Either have three red stripes that are the same size…or change a
color. I went a step further and basically gave them Auburn’s beautiful jersey treatment.

Peter Mac


In the two-spot is Christian Andrick, who wants to tweak the Chiefs a bit:

Going with the white helmet idea and a little bit of a change to the logo and stripes.

Christian Andrick


With the college hoops season now underway, Julio Colomenares has some thoughts about THE Ohio State University b-ballers:

Here’s my shot:

Being a Buckeye basketball fan, and not happy with the SOD, I decided to throw out some ideas:

For the home jersey. I switched to Syracuse stripes using a vertically arched Buckeyes.

For the road, I used a separated/ arched Ohio State and Syracuse Stripes.

For an alt, I used the same lettering and kept the football stripes.


Julio Colmenares


That’s all for today. Check back tomorrow for more.


That’s almost it for today (the colorization stuff will have to wait until tomorrow), but I do have a PSA from =Brinke=:

“Can anyone make a 1440×900 size wallpaper of this logo? The Giants haven’t made a new wallpaper since 09, and a bunch they do offer are of players that are gone.

“These background textures are cool:

This, this, and this.”


OK, everyone, that is all. Enjoy the games today (yes, besides the Civil War, there are a couple of other big ‘uns). Cheers.


“I know you can’t revile too much, but are the Royals using the full Royals script or the KC on the new BP’s?” — Freudian slip provided by “Royals Chris”

Comments (122)

    Man, that’s Perfect!! Both of them are. Can I be greedy and ask for black and red versions??

    and ps this one has a little white stuff top right hand corner, can that be eliminated w/o affecting resultion?

    Yeah, let me re-post the first one. That’s what I get for not zooming in & double checking that the first time.


    This should be the right one without that single pixel line.

    I like the Nike Pro Combat look. I wish Nike would do a similar redesign for all MLB teams.

    “I wish Nike would do a similar redesign for all MLB teams.”

    Do you hate MLB or something?

    I hadn’t even though of that. I was just gonna complain that black-on-gray would make for a very boring looking game.

    All-In-All the Civil War unis look great!

    One of the best 1-2 combo uni games this year. Peruod.

    The Cincy Bengals would do well to approximate something like these OSU unis. that would be a 2000% improvement over the mess they wear every Sunday.

    The Carbon/White Oregon unis look great. Single and only drwaback is that Carbon/Grey/Silver are not Oregon colors – but putting that aside this is a great uni! I even dig the White NOB over White jersey here, as ir really gives you a NNOB look that is a welcome change of pace (at times) in Major College FB.

    I smile everytime I see those OSU procombats….

    It can’t just be coincidence that a few months (maybe a year?) after UniWatch did an entire post on moving sleeve stripes and logos to undershirts that this uni was unveiled.

    Great idea, good unis. PLEASE NFL, reverse the curse of the disappearing sleeves! I’m tired of lineman man-boob!

    That’s basically what I’m hoping the Browns will look like in a couple years, but with orange helmets and in seal brown instead of black, of course.

    I just don’t think you’ll ever be able to get all the players to wear the undershirt, especially in the warm months.

    good point… was also wondering what itd look like in cold weather with long sleeves. Couple more minutes and I guess we’ll have an answer

    my god, it’s a simply amazing sight to see the long sleeves with sleeve-stripes midway down back in football. I love how that looks on the OSU QB today.

    As for the warm weather issue, don’t they make undershirts that are supposed to actually cool you down? Wouldn’t it be possible for the player to choose which kind of undershirt they’d have? Then all of our prayers would be answered.

    I may be one of the few that usually enjoys oregons unis…. i just cant get behind a team not wearing their team colors… just makes me angry

    The Red Wings have played four games since last Friday. Three of those have been against teams in 3rd jerseys (Columbus last Friday and Sunday and the Ducks last night) they are 3-0 vs. 3rd jerseys. Here is hope LA is in their 3rd tonight.

    Regular unis featuring Paul’s favorite color, and stinking Anze Kopitar has to score in OT. Ah, well, it was Ozzie’s first game in over a month, and it wasn’t a horrible first game back.

    Meanwhile, the Blue Jackets have worn their new thirds in 4 of their last 5 games (they wore their regular home unis against Nashville), and they’ve lost all of those games. If this keeps up, they ought to collect the uniforms and set them on fire at midfield of Ohio Stadium to try to get the jinx off the team! (Then again, considering how I detest the “vintage white” and Atari 2600 numbers on those jerseys, I want to burninate them anyway…)

    I still can’t believe Phil Knight allowed Oregon State to be chosen for the ProCombat uniforms. This is a rivalry so intense that it’s referred to as the “Civil War.” So why would Mr. Nike choose his biggest rival to sport advanced unis?
    As a Michigan alum, if I start a company that does anything having to do with universities, you can bet the only thing Ohio State would be chosen to recieve is a giant “Fuck you.” THAT’S the way rivalries are supposed to be.

    mr. knight and all the benjamins he’s counting laugh at that statement

    /rivalries? pffft…there’s bank to be made here

    Nice job today Phil and Michael. Always good to get some history of the teams in the game and past uniforms.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it’s appalling that Oregon and OSU try to align this football game with war, PARTICULARLY one as bloody and divisive for this country as the Civil War.

    This is the high horse we’re all on, right?


    if you read the article (and i know you did), the game acquired the nickname in 1929, and by 1937 or so they were calling it that every year

    now…was it as distasteful then as it is now to refer to the rivalry that way? is the “holy war” between byu & utah perhaps not such a “pc” name?

    i don’t think anyone has ever denied the equating of football with war over the years…does that make it any more right then as it is now? you probably wouldn’t nickname something the “civil war” now, just like you wouldn’t name a team “redskins” or use the term “colored” (in reference to race, not jerseys) either

    They’ve been calling it that since 1929. It’s no longer appalling. Everyone has had long enough to be appalled by it. Now it’s just tradition.

    Sorry, guys. I’m just cranky that Nike sold out of their WVU Pro Combat gloves (now ridiculously expensive on eBay).

    yep…too bad pitt’s in “camo” … game might have had an outside shot at the 5 & 1 — although, it is cincy playing, so what am i thinkin

    Are you trying to figure out mothervilker again? Might as well try to push Mt. McKinley into the lower 48 states, as it would be easier.

    Jimmy Hoffa will crawl out of the swamp in Secaucus before the Giants put on a white helmet!!!!!!!

    I hate to be so negative, but the tweek of the Giants’ unis is wrong on so many levels. The Giants’ uniforms excel because they are classic, yet distinctive — particularly the blue helmets with the red stripe and the gray matte pants. I can see adding a blue stripe to the road jerseys so they incorporate all the Giants’ colors, but I like the quirkiness of the all red stripes. Actually, with the truncation of jersey sleeves, it might be a better idea to eliminate all jersey stripes and find a better way to incorporate the contrasting colors.

    Exactly what I was thinking, except Joe Ferguson.

    The Bills looked oh so much better back then. The downfall all started with the red helmets. It’s been a long long time but it still looks as wrong now as it ever has.

    I wouldn’t mind a return to the 80s-90s look for the Giants, as an alternate. I just feel the solid-blue jersey to be a bit plain without any form of sleeve stripes, and I’ve never been crazy about the 1961 logo – I find it rather dated, compared to the “GIANTS” mark. I’d like to see someone take a crack at updating it (can’t get any worse than their own 1975 attempt).

    SMU – UCF on ESPN2. Holy Mothervilker these teams look like they are dressed for a college football game!! A glorious concept.

    Off topic, but is Nike gonna do the logo gloves for the NFL once they start making the unis or will they leave them plain?

    On a similar note, is it any more unsportsmanlike for a player to put his hands together to form the palm logo than it is for Texas players to flash the horns or Florida players to do the gator chomp?

    No. Apparently it’s only Big Ten officials who give a hoot about that sort of thing/weren’t in the loop about the special gloves (not that they should have been, I still prefer plain gloves).

    The whole thing is comical. It’s just too bad Michigan stunk up the field that day; if the game had actually been close, and the penalties had actually impacted the outcome, there’d be a bigger uproar, I’m sure.

    All I can see of Pitt is their gold helmets today! They’re being whited out by the snow in Cinci. Makes for fun TV.

    The game takes me back to my childhood. First time it snowed we were out there playing football in the snow.

    This is the way football should always be played…well, if it’s too warm they should play on muddy grass. Speed is overrated – staying on your feet in “bad” weather is impressive.

    That I remember, I just never knew about the numbers until I was looking at the helmets available for the contest yesterday.

    Just a quick correction…the 2004 Civil War was fought at Reser Stadium, home of the OSU Beavers, not at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.

    yeah…duh on my part — now fixed

    i finished this post at 1:50 am last morning, and obviously i missed that in the double-check

    /good catch

    “Fought”? … it’s one thing for the name of the game to have a war reference, but to say “fought” instead of “played” (or even “contested”)? Bad enough we’ve got Nike forcing the “combat” part of their “Pro Combat” program down our throats…

    *shakes head*

    Love the 1997 Oregon State unis. The blank helmets, the UCLA stripes and the elongated numbers. Very classic look. Just tits.

    I know that they’ll be trying something similar today with the Pro Combats, but I don’t think it will look as good. Still, it does look better than most of the P.C.’s.

    re: Civil War.

    How ’bout that. Stripes on compression sleeves would work.
    Oregon State’s might be a little low on the bicep, but still nice to see someone take a shot at the idea.


    Hey there Ricko!

    Jimvilk, I believe we have a winner. OSU steals the show from Oregon, though the ducks look great too (unfortunately no yellow). Phil Knight wants dollars, but did he really want the Beavs to look better than the Ducks? I KNOW he wouldn’t allow them to look more modern so he had to go old shuel for the black and orange.

    Can someone post that link where Ricko did a nice write up on the idea, backed by those concept pics?

    Yep, that’s it. Now, can someone show me where the idea of stripes on compression sleeves preceeded this write up? In football specifically. Can’t remember, were they used on the Nike Pro Combats that year?

    not sure where it was first discussed — if you look many posts up, chance michaels discussed a very similar idea on his board — definitely independently of ricko and our post, as far as i’m aware…i only saw that about a month ago; i know it was discussed on UW, and ricko had definitely discussed it with me for probably at least a month before we did that post; i do know that none of the 2009 pro combat costumes had sleeve stripes; however, FSU did have feathers on their comp sleeves…

    however, i don’t think the pro combat unis for last year were revealed (publicly anyway) until november 9th…so clearly both chance & ricko’s idea wasn’t influenced by that

    i do seem to recall once the combat costumes were revealed, we did discuss the comp sleeves and made comparisons to the ricko post

    but where and when the idea was first broached? no idea — and probably not even on UW

    I’m glad to see that most of the players complied with the compression sleeve usage. (Still some holdouts… meh.)

    The Oregon State uniform as a whole looks amazing. I love the matte helmets. They should seriously consider adapting it for permanent, non-alternate use… maybe putting that interlocking OS logo on the helmet, and then creating a white-on-black road version.

    Nice look for Oregon — except, of course, for the fact that it doesn’t include either one of the University’s actual colors.

    Would that gray/silver/carbon color be suitable for Ohio State?

    Exactly what I thought. Especially when you consider that Oregon’s uniform philosophy with these myriad possibilities seems to stem from Star Trek: “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”.

    granted…not one bit…not even the gloves or shoes…on oregon is in a school color…but damn they look good

    beavs also look good — WhyTF are the stripes (well, those who actually are wearing them) on the comp sleeves so LOW? that’s not the “ricko sleeve”…

    well…maybe it’s pretty close

    Oregon State does look good.

    The undershirt stripes aren’t quite as good in practice as in concept (the Beav QB looks great) but they are a big improvement over the current state of things.

    While jersey sleeves are gone for the forseeable future, this proves that the state of the football uniform is improved 1000% with some type of covering of the pit and upper arm, at least to mid-bicep. This may be the beta test, but it passes with flying colors. And the sock stripes are a blessing as well.

    It’s working, and with some further exploration, I think it could they could get this to work very well.

    The color match isn’t quite perfect, fabric difference at a guess. I also think the stripes could stand do be more mid-bicep instead of just above the elbow (might help with compliance as well, I know I don’t like the feel of a tight shirt cuffed that close to the elbow)

    Still leaves me wondering if we can’t do a form-fitting jersey that itself has sleeves. If not now, then at some point in the near future.

    I like those stripes even on the undershirt. As you say it is a big improvement over the current state of sleeve stripes.

    And like Phil i was thinking no school colors for Oregon but they look good.

    Oregon State looks pretty good to me.

    I thought both teams looked great today.

    Fantastic to see the Ducks sportin’ the silver and gray today. Yea, I would have loved to see them in school colors as well, but I’m really hoping the Seahawks can see how friggin’ cool silver and gray can be. Embrace it, you once had it, now bring it back home Hawks.

    What do you call the dominant color of the Beavers’ helmets, matte black? Radar-absorbing Navy Black?

    Those Oregon State unis are BEAUTIFUL! I know this may be sacrilegious on this board, but once you take into account the socks, they are better than Penn State’s!

    In terms of compliance, it helps that it’s probably quite chilly there. Were it August (or Arizona), I wonder how many would be wearing the sleeves.

    I can’t decide if I like the cornrows in Oregon’s helmet better or State’s batmobile black.

    Watching the Civil War. Go Ducks! However switched over to the other game on a commercial. Does anyone know why Auburn
    is wearing white and Carolina their Red(crimson, maroon, whatever it is)? If Auburn is undefeated wouldn’t they be the home team? I’m thinking it’s like the NFL where they alternate years for the Super Bowl but I’m not sure.

    For the SEC game, I think they alternate home team between the divisions — wasn’t Alabama the home team last year?

    Yes to the undershirts providing space for striping. Full long sleeved undershirts would lend themselves really well to an old-school look.

    Getting a closer, HD look at the Oregon reminded me that it’s the result of a detailed black and white swirl pattern (still looks very nice). Not suitable for Ohio State; a gray matte finish would be better.

    I agree with the others here in saying that Oregon State looks excellent.

    After reading today’s post I decided to do a quick 5&1 (no comments with this one, though) for the past decade of Ducks/Beavers football.






    And the bad one:

    Nice piece, Phil and Mike!

    he doesn’t have to comment

    NO UNIFORM THAT HAS BELOTTI BOLD will ever be placed in a top 5

    not on the regular 5 & 1, not on the special bowl 5 & 1, not even in the olympic figure skating 5 & 1 or the world cup 5 & 1

    jim hates that font more than life itself

    Todd Blackledge just said he doesn’t get a uniform (Oregon’s) that doesn’t have the school colors on it. Compared their uniform to the one the Raiders wore in the AFL

    He’s exactly right. It’s the same thing as Penn State wearing red, or Texas wearing blue. Just too many variations for Oregon, they need to settle down, and stick with green and yellow.

    Oregon State’s uniforms are giving me uni-wood! Those are fantastic! Such a contrast to the dreck the Ducks are wearing.

    If you didn’t catch Brad Nessler’s uni-related breakdown at the end of the game, I transcribed:

    “The only difference between #1 and #2 is #1 gets to wear the home jersey. That would be Auburn in navy if they hold on in Atlanta. But the Oregon Ducks, they’ve got 4 helmets, 5 jerseys, 4 sets of pants, 4 different kinds of socks and that doesn’t even count their throwback uniforms. Who knows what they’ll wear but they’ll take the gear to Glendale.”

    washington in the apple cup with black pants. wazzu put the script cougars on the helmet why they dont use that all the time is beyond me.

    Yeah, why don’t they use that “Cougars” script more often?

    Oh, right — because it’s bland and generic-looking whereas the regular logo is one of the best in all of football.

    also the beavers unis look very good even without the undershirt striping. add brown and thats what the broans should look like. also really liked the flat black helmet would like to see a flat orange on cleveland. would like to see a cold weather look for cal trying the beavers look but a throwback little stripes all the way down the sleeve

    This has to be The Jeff’s least favorite day. How many teams have gone white on white today? I’m doing the list right now or else I’d count. Maybe I’ll do it later.

    Vilk, I texted my Mom and said that I guess the Pitt didn’t check weather forecast or the equipment manager didn’t pack the gold pants…you couldn’t even see the players against the snow covered field in Cincy!

    Yeah, didn’t see much of that game, but when I did I thought there were just some floating gold helmets…

    OK, I think I need help. One, I am uni-tracking the Red Wings. Two, I just noticed they are wearing white for the six game in a row after wearing red seven games in a row.

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