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Utah State Aggies Unveil New Blue Uniforms

The Utah State University Aggies became the latest college football team to unveil a new uniform for the 2023 season, debuting new fauxback blue uniforms on Friday afternoon.

The uniforms are “Aggie Blue” and “Fighting White” and are designed to evoke the uniforms worn by NFL Hall of Famer and USU Aggie Merlin Olsen. The new blues join a white set previously introduced.

For a change, we’ll start with the hype video:

The new uniforms don’t quite look like those that inspired them, but they’re still pretty nice. Let’s take a look:

As you can see, the uniform is designed to be worn with either the blue or white helmet (and hopefully will be mix/matched with the all-white set seen in the video above). Jerseys and pants are both Aggie Blue, with the jerseys featuring two wide white stripes across the shoulders, a “UTAH STATE” wordmark and bold number both rendered in white, with a silver outline. Rear number is given the same treatment, and it appears the jerseys will be NNOB.

The pants have the same striping pattern as on the jersey shoulders.

Here are a few more looks at the new blue uniforms:

And here is a look at the new blue and white uniforms together:

According to KSL Sports, “the blue uniforms are slightly darker than last year and they added a white face mask that makes the helmet pop that much more. The face masks on the white editions were changed to blue to create the same effect.”

Comments (17)

    Designed to evoke memories of Merlin Olsen? I can’t recall him ever wearing shorts.

    You should have seen him water skiing on Bear Lake. “Skies Out, Thighs Out!” ‘ol Merlin used to always say.

    I know the kids like it and this makes me sound old, but the undershirt hanging out still looks nothing but sloppy to me.

    These would look great if they mixed them up and wore white helmet/blue jersey/white pants and also blue helmet/white jersey/blue pants. The only mono look I like is all white.

    This is a good classic look-clearly not severely over designed ala UAB’s garbage-but one that’s kinda tired too, yes?
    I agree that the blue helmet/white mask does ‘pop’ but dark facemasks generally don’t have the same effect.

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    they added a white face mask that makes the helmet pop that much more.

    That’s what made the 2017 LA Rams the Best Rams Uni Ever.

    Big big fan of these USU unis.
    Now tuck in your shirts!!!!

    That’s a good uniform right there. Nothing looks as crisp as dark blue, silver and white, and the details are sharp.

    Nice uniform, nice photography but I hope the next generation in a few years will want real football pants again instead of these briefs. And real socks, not sneaker socks.

    It’s clear the untucked white shirt thing is a fashion trend. Next we get players with toilet paper stuck to their shows and an onion tied to their belt. It looks freaking stupid. Can’t imagine being a coach and encouraging that..

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