Uni Watchers Gather to Celebrate the Uni-Versary

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Saturday’s uni-versary party in Brooklyn was a super-special affair, with several dozen attendees and lots of good chatter. Here are some of the people who were on hand, with apologies for the less-than-ideal lighting in some of the shots:

It was great to finally […]

Uni Watch Celebrates 20 Years Around The World

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Who’s that good lookin’ (and happy) fella in today’s splash? Why, of course, it’s the one and only Paul Lukas — the guy who (a bit more than) 20 years ago brought Uni Watch into this world, changing the lives of many, and turning what many of […]

Greetings from Cincinnati

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Great turnout at yesterday’s Uni Watch gathering in Cincinnati, as about 30 people showed up. About two dozen of them are shown above — lovely folks, one and all. Here are some of them, and what they wore for the occasion (with apologies for […]

Look at All These Nice People

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Good times at yesterday’s Uni Watch meet-up in Brooklyn. Two people I really enjoyed meeting were Craig (above left, didn’t get his last name) and his lovely wife (can’t remember her name even though she told me two times, ugh!), who made the trip […]