It’s Not Easy Being (Neon) Green: Seahawks/Rams Report

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Okay, so that happened.

I’ll get to last night’s game in a minute, but first I want to take a look back. Most of you probably know that the Seahawks wore neon-green jerseys (without the matching pants) on one previous occasion in 2009. That game had […]

No Foolin’

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A good April Fool’s prank should have three elements:

1. Plausibility: It’s something that could be true.

2. Desirability: It’s something you want to be true. (This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something you’d welcome as good news, mind you — it […]

This May Be a First: WNOB

Did the A’s ever have a coach whose last name was Laurie? Nope — that’s Rene Lachemann, who coached for Oakland in the 1980s. He was known as a practical joker, so one day in 1988 the other coaches got together and had equipment manager Steve Vucinich change his NOB to “Laurie” — the […]

All Gummed Up

Bit of a sticky situation last night in Arizona, as Jordan Pacheco of the Rockies came up to the plate with a big wad of bubble gum stuck on his butt. “And just to add insult to injury, he struck out,” says reader Villaroman Santos.

I’m assuming this was a prank played by one […]