NBA Unveils Full Uniform Schedule for 2021-22 Season

With the NBA season set to begin next Tuesday, Oct. 19, the league took a major uni-related step yesterday by loading the full 2021-22 uniform schedule onto its LockerVision site.

LockerVision, which debuted in 2018, is the only publicly available site of its type in pro sports. It shows the uni matchups for every […]

New Website Aims to Be the Last Word on Helmet History

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By now, most of you folks are probably familiar with the major uniform history online databases — Dressed to the Nines for MLB, for the NHL, the Gridiron Uniform Database for pro football, and so on.

Another football resource is The Helmet Project, which documents […]

Where Cap Collectors Can Let Their Geek Flags Fly

Photo by Johanna Miller; click to enlarge

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from reader Noah Sidel (that’s him above), who’s going to tell us about a cap-collecting community on Facebook. Enjoy. — Paul]

By Noah Sidel

I’ve worn a baseball cap almost every day since I […]

A Seriously Weird NFL Facemask

When I was a kid, I spent hours poring over the book The Pros, which one of my brothers had purchased years earlier and left behind in our house after he went off to college. It featured tons of great NFL photos from the late 1950s (and also lots of great illustrations and tons of […]