Charlie Finley Would’ve Been Proud (if he’d been born yet)

Last summer I did a post on Craig Brown’s excellent Threads of Our Game site, which aims to be a Dressed to the Nines-style database for pre-1900 baseball uniforms.

Craig updates the site based on his own research and, especially, research submissions that are sent to him. He’s recently made some major finds regarding […]

Bill Henderson wants your help for the Seventh Edition of the Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide

By Morris Levin

Bill Henderson publishes the Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide. The most recent edition was the Sixth which he released in 2012. Bill catalogs and identifies every jersey worn in a Major League game since 1970, and shows the unique attributes specific to each garment to assist the collector in identifying authentic […]

Uni Watch Profiles: Jordi Kodrinsky, NBA Court Artist

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a piece from intern Mike Chamernik, who recently interviewed an NBA fan with a great online project. ”” PL]

By Mike Chamernik

About a year ago, Deadspin showed a digital rendering of what the Pelicans’ new court would look like. Seeing the pic reminded me how much I […]

Let’s Look Back — WAY Back

We all love Dressed to the Nines. But if you’re seriously into old-timey baseball history, D2T9s has a serious limitation: It only goes back to 1901. Nobody has come up with a visual database for 19th-century baseball uniform designs.

Until now. A new site called Threads of Our Game launched on Tuesday, and it […]