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Category: Umps/Refs

Ewww: NBA Refs’ Uni Ads Even Worse Than We Thought

A depressing spectacle at last night’s NBA All-Star Game.

Ewww: NBA Refs to Start Wearing Jersey Advertisements

In addition, the league’s in-season tournament will now have an advertised name.

A Close Look at NFL Officials’ Beanbags

There’s more to this unassuming little accessory than meets the eye — sometimes.

NFL Adds Social Justice Messaging to Officials’ Caps

You may not have noticed, but officiating crews recently started wearing a rear-cap slogan.

NFL Ref Has His Own Personalized Coin for Pregame Toss

NFL coin tosses usually feature commemorative coins, but one ref has apparently started using a personalized coin design that references his uniform!

If You Lie Down with Dogs: Crypto Deals Turn Ugly for Teams, Leagues

A sketchy industry, a market crash, a few ad patches and naming rights deals — what could go wrong?

Just a Bit Outside: Wild Throw Hits Ump in the Face

Click to enlarge Heart-stopping moment during last night’s Cards/Mets game, as St. Looie shortstop Edmundo Sosa uncorked a very wild throw to first while trying make a circus play and …

Ewwww: MLB Umps to Start Wearing Ad Patches in July

For all images, click to enlarge Welcome back to Ump Watch, where we continue to cover the wide world of umpiring attire. Sadly, the latest news on that front is …

Impossible but True: Pitch Ends Up in Ump’s Chest Pocket

Here’s a bizarre item that I missed over the weekend: During Sunday’s NCAA Regionals game between Arizona State and Fairfield, with the Sun Devils batting and runners on second and …

Did Bill Cowher Cause a Change in NFL Officials’ Unis?

Back in 1995, there was a now-famous incident involving Steelers coach Bill Cowher. The Steelers were facing the Vikings, and Vikes kicker Fuad Reveiz missed a field goal attempt during …

C’mon, Blue: Ump Uniform Oddities Continue to Pile Up

For all images, click to enlarge Good morning and welcome back to Ump Watch (now revised from the longer and clunkier Ump Patch Watch), where we continue to obsessively document …

C’mon, Blue: Umps Perplex Again with New Patch Mystery

For all images, click to enlarge Good morning and welcome back to Ump Patch Watch, the website where we cover the exciting and wide-ranging world of Major League Baseball umpires’ …

EXCLUSIVE: MLB Umps Make Unprecedented Uni Adjustment

For all image, click to enlarge Sometimes I’ll spot something while watching a game — something small, something seemingly inconsequential — that sends me down a deep, deep rabbit hole …

Play Ball! Spring Training Games Provide Lots of Uni Observations

Click to enlarge Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be safe and well. MLB spring training games got under way yesterday, and we …

A Uni Watch Look at the 1972 Liberty Bowl

Longtime reader/pal Jim Vilk was recently watching the 1972 Liberty Bowl on YouTube and noticed that the game featured an unusually large number of uni-notable details (plus it was a …