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Category: Retired Numbers

Lakers Owner: We Will Retire LeBron’s Number(s)

The team will retire at least one number for LeBron James — and maybe two.

Some Thoughts on the Jets (Possibly) Un-retiring #12

Joe Namath IS #12 for the New York Jets. Should Aaron Rodgers wear his number, with Namath’s blessing?

Steelers Honor Harris, Plus Year-End Raffle Results!

The Steelers got almost everything right last night — but they skipped a simple uni-related move that would have been the cherry on top.

Why Can’t Teams Use the Right Fonts on Retired Number Banners?

It seems like a simple enough thing, but a surprising number of teams get it wrong.

Seven, Shmeven: Bruins Piss on Espo’s Retired Number With New Uni Ad

The latest reason to hate uniform advertising.

Hornets Provide First View of NBA’s Bill Russell Memorial Patch

The patch will be worn throughout the league this season.

Some Thoughts on the Mets Retiring Willie Mays’ No. 24

Willie Mays was an all time great player, Hall of Famer and baseball ambassador. The Mets retired his number almost 50 years after his playing days ended.

NBA Retiring Bill Russell’s #6 Leaguewide

Russell joins Jackie Robinson in baseball and Wayne Gretzky in hockey as the only athletes to have their numbers retired leaguewide in American major sports.

Video Game Shows New Unis for Jackie Robinson Day

Good morning! April 15 — just 11 days from now — is Jackie Robinson Day. It’s also the 75th anniversary of Jackie breaking the big league color barrier and the …

O’Ree-O-Rama: NHL Pulls Out the Stops for Pioneer’s Number Retirement

Click to enlarge Good morning! The Bruins finally retired Willie O’Ree’s No. 22 last night. The ceremony, which was originally scheduled for last season but was postponed due to the …

The Ultimate NFL, MLB, and NHL Uni Number Spreadsheets

Last Friday I wrote about Etienne Catalan’s sensational NBA uni number spreadsheet. At the end of that post, I said, “Now we just need someone to create something similar for …

The Ultimate NBA Uni Number Spreadsheet

Click to enlarge NBA numerologist Etienne Catalan, who I recently interviewed, has really outdone himself by creating a chart that shows which uni numbers are currently roster-assigned for each NBA …

A Uni Watch Look at MLB’s Roberto Clemente Day

Yesterday was Roberto Clemente Day across Major League Baseball. The day has been an annual September celebration (the exact date has shifted from year to year), but this was the …

A Uni Watch Look at Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died yesterday. I’ll leave it to others to address what he meant on a cultural or historical level, or even on a basketball level. Here at Uni Watch, …

Retired Number Is Latest Mets Head-Scratcher

The Mets have a habit of making some really odd decisions — naming an agent as their general manager, refusing to create a statue for Tom Seaver until after he …