Michigan Wins While Wearing Makeshift Practice Unis

Bizarre scene yesterday in DC, as the Michigan basketball team took the court wearing yellow practice jerseys, navy shorts, and a hodgepodge of different shoe designs for a Big Ten tournament game against Illinois. As you can see in the video clip above (which is worth watching, even with the annoying pre-roll ad), the . . . → Read More: Michigan Wins While Wearing Makeshift Practice Unis

We’re Talking About (Batting) Practice

Major League Baseball will have new batting practice tops this season. I say “tops” instead of “jerseys,” because these really aren’t jerseys in any standard sense of the term. They’re pullovers with three-quarter-length sleeves. And as you can see at right (and can click to enlarge), they’re designed to be worn untucked.

Some additional . . . → Read More: We’re Talking About (Batting) Practice

We All Can’t Breathe

The continuing transformation of pregame warm-ups into a forum for social commentary on current events took an interesting turn last night in Portland, as Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum ”” a native of France ”” wore a “Je Suis Charlie” T-shirt prior to the Blazers’ game against the Heat. The shirt’s message translates to . . . → Read More: We All Can’t Breathe

Green Scene

As Phil noted in yesterday’s lead entry, yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of the Reds coming up with the idea of wearing green for St. Paddy’s Day. So how did MLB teams uphold the tradition yesterday? Let’s take a game-by-game look at which teams wore which green gear, if any (some teams appear twice because . . . → Read More: Green Scene