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Cue the Allen Iverson Monologue

If you asked me to compile a list of things I never thought I’d be writing about as a lead entry topic, I’m fairly certain “college football practice togs” would rank fairly high up there, right after “raised helmet squatchees” (but above “a gorilla pulling a gun on a librarian”). And yet here we are. Life is full of surprises, no?

Another surprise: the massive number of e-mails I received regarding this new Longhorns practice attire. Some of it was of the “Check these out, they’re cool!” variety, and some was more along the lines of “As a UT student, I’m embarrassed.” I guess that’s what happens when you have a conservative uni design that hasn’t been changed in decades — your fans go bonkers over the slightest scrap of uni-related news you can toss at them, even if it’s about something as inconsequential as practice garb.

Maybe the biggest surprise of all: I really like these jerseys, especially the white and orange ones, at least when viewed in a vacuum. I don’t think they’re a good fit for Texas, mind you — too bold, too BFBS. But taken on their own terms, I dig. I’ve always liked contrasting yokes on football jerseys and wish more teams would use them. Again, I wouldn’t want to see the Longhorns use this design in a game context, but I wouldn’t mind seeing other teams going this route. If this is any indication of Nike’s latest design direction, sign me up.

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Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 12.31.44 AM.png

A bombshell a minute: Big Nike/NFL news yesterday, as someone leaked a carefully staged, high-res photo of the new Jags uniforms. I dunno, looks like it could be a sophisticated Photoshop job, but let’s assume it’s legit until proven otherwise. And boy howdy, are those revolutionary or what?! The two jerseys on the left are practice jerseys (big day for those yesterday, eh?). As for the other three, looks like they’re adding a black jersey this season, and the other two look basically unchanged. Which is exactly what their equipment manager said would be the case more than seven months ago.

Meanwhile, it’s now being reported that the Seahawks will have a gray alternate jersey, which continues the trope of the most unlikely trendy color ever.

I will presumably get a better look at these uniforms — and all the other NFL uniforms for 2012 — at the Nike unveiling event next Tuesday. There’s some chatter that certain teams may show their new jerseys on their web sites at midnight on Saturday (although I’m also hearing that this may only apply to non-jersey merch). If that’s the case, Phil will have coverage of it on Sunday and will update that coverage throughout the day if additional designs are revealed.

Tuesday’s unveiling event, incidentally, will take place in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. This means, among other things, that I will probably be the only person in attendance who traveled to the event by bicycle.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: More late-breaking MLB news: The Giants and Cubs will be wearing these 1912 throwbacks on June 2 (from Mike Brown). ”¦ It’s nothing new for catchers to paint their fingernails white for better visibility. But Kurt Suzuki of the A’s put a uni-notable spin on that phenomenon yesterday, as his nails were painted in A’s gold (big thanks to Chase Llewellyn). … The Sports Design Blog has been running an NCAA logo tourney. Voting for the Final Four games will be available on Saturday at this URL (which is not working now, but I’m including it just so you know where to go if you want to participate). … Sesquicentennial logo in the works for Boston College (from Dave Levy). … Here’s our own Ryan Connelly as a Little Leaguer. Nice blousing, RyCo! … Very amusing development in Columbus, where the Blue Jackets have signed a goalie who played for the U. of Michigan — and who still wears his Wolverines mask! “The local Buckeyes fans probably didn’t know whether to cheer or jeer,” says Steve Vibert. … Can never see enough pics of those gorgeous 1970 Jacksonville hoops uniforms (big thanks to Ryan Bohannon). … My new favorite object is something called a conformateur. What’s a conformateur? It’s a very steampunk-looking hatmaker’s tool for precisely measuring a customer’s head shape. Further info here and here. I’d love to have one of my own, but they’re a little pricey (major thanks to my longtime pal Robin Edgerton for turning me on to this one). … Jason Hoberman notes that if Jamie Moyer pitches next season and keeps wearing his usual No. 50, he’ll be wearing his age. Of course, first we should wait and see if Moyer actually makes the Rockies’ final roster cut this season, but it raises an interesting question: Who’s the oldest player to have worn his age, in any sport? I’d prefer not to include one-off promotions (if Gordie Howe wore No. 72 while playing a shift with a minor league team a few years ago, e.g., I don’t think that should count). If we leave those out, who’s in the running? … Jemille Weeks of the A’s, who’s a switch-hitter, either couldn’t find his right batting helmet yesterday or else he grabbed the wrong lid. Either way, he was wearing a left helmet while hitting right-handed. “The problem was corrected in his next at-bat,” says Zach Brady. ”¦ Throwbacks on tap for Louisiana Tech baseball. And here’s the accompanying cap (from Chris Mycoskie). ”¦ A new play about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird is about to open on Broadway. Here’s an article about the company that made the uniforms for the cast. ”¦ West Carrollton, Ohio’s town logo owes more than a little to the National Flood Insurance logo (from Todd Herzog). ”¦ A bank in Washington State was robbed by a guy wearing a Nuggets throwback jersey (from Victor Yoshida). ”¦ Dan Cichalski won this very cool-looking baseball volvelle. ”¦ Also from Dan: an amazing photo showing tons of Giants minor leagues in their various uniforms. Click on the photo for a much larger version. ”¦ New logo for Quaker Oats. ”¦ Throwbacks on tap for the UK soccer club Kettering Town (which, incidentally, was the first English team ever to have a jersey sponsor). “Throwback games are extremely rare over here,” says Matt Beahan. “I only know of a couple of other times it’s happened.”

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    From the Seahawks article: “A Seahawks logo featuring what appeared to be a gray lower stripe behind the bird’s head… …It was reminiscent of the silver stripe that was part of the franchise’s original logo.”


    Anyway, I like the idea of a gray alt, assuming that it’s worn in place of white rather than as a dark color.

    The Pats tried that a few years ago. On TV, there was seriously no difference between the silver alt and the normal white jersey.

    Yeah, I know. I still think the Pats should wear that as their normal road jersey. The mandatory white rule really needs to go away.

    I’m thinking this might be a darker, less shiny color for the Seahawks though. The Pats alt was always referred to as “silver”. Considering the Seahawks history with silver as well, the fact that they say “gray” jersey makes me think non-metallic.

    When the Patriots were winning Super Bowls, one could understand why long-suffering New Englanders were reluctant to change an ugly ugly uni. Why tempt fate?

    Well, the Pats are clearly no longer the invincibles they once appeared to be. Time for an aesthetic overhaul. Bob Kraft has my cell number.

    OK, TJ. I will design a new non-throwback Pats uni. I will employ the tools of the Paleolithic (colored felt-tip pens on paper) and then… and then… OK, so what exactly do I do to convert a paper image into a web image? Honest, I have no idea.

    Take a picture, then link it. I use my film camera, and when the film gets developed I tell them to just give me a CD of my photos. Then I look at them on my computer and the ones I like I upload to Flickr.

    I suppose there are other sites you can use if you don’t have a Yahoo account.

    Or if you have a digital camera, you can just upload the photos to your computer, then Flickr them.

    If Texas were to use those as gamers would be a perfect example of Nike being a solution in search of a problem.

    Lose Bevo on the collar and the Texas patch on the pants and sent the whole set to the Bengals!

    Agree with your ‘Horns practice jersey observations but a bit surprised you didn’t mention that the mark of the Beast is as big as the head of the Bevo.

    Randy Johnson wore #41 with the Yankees in 2005.
    Dave Parker wore #39 with the Brewers in 1990.

    The oldest NFLer that I could find who even came close was Charlie Conerly who wore #42 until he retired when he was 40.

    with my soccer team (Manchester United), there’s a few. The Da Silva twins (Rafael wearing 21 last season, Fabio wearing 20 two years ago), Danny Welbeck wearing 19 in 2009, Darren Fletcher in 2008 (24), Tom Cleverley this season (23), and Valencia in 2010 (25).

    When Paul Scholes came up to the first, he originally wore 22, but I’m not sure when he switched to 18. Either way, he’s back wearing 22 again this season.

    Candiotti petered out at 41, Hough at 46.
    Jesse Orosco (#47) made it to 46, but couldn’t hang on one more season.

    I’m pretty sure Gordie Howe hasn’t worn any number but 9 since he switched to it from his rookie number 17 circa 1947 or so. I know (since I was at the game) that he wore 9 for his one-shift stint with the Detroit Vipers in 1997.

    If a guy like that is doing such a stunt, he’s going to do it in his traditional number, not his own-age number. After all, it’s part of his identity as “Mr. Hockey”.

    Mo didn’t turn 42 until after the season ended. When he takes the mound in about a week, he will be 42 years old and wearing #42.

    Re: the flood/Carrolton pic…..

    there used to be a site called “You thought we wouldn’t notice but we did” dot com (or somethign like that. It showed all kinds of “appropriated” logos.

    It may be defunct now. it hasn’t been updated in months.

    To be fair, both of those logos combine very common, even cliche, visual symbols for rivers and for houses. The insurance logo would need to have even a tiny smidgen of originality to it before I’d accuse any similar logo of copying, or even being derivative of, the flood insurance logo.

    That, or someone needs to nail the city of St. Louis for totally stealing the flood insurance logo in the representation of the rivers on its link.

    what 1912 throwbacks

    those jerseys look good, but since they’re manufactured by majestic, i fear how they’ll actually look on the players

    i can think of few things that will look worse than the cubs in dark navy pajamas…they had BETTER tailor them for rups/socks for all

    not holding my breath

    Was gonna say yesterday it will interesting to say how badly they screw up the socks. Or not.

    Of course they’ll screw the whole thing up. Badly. That’s not really a question anymore. If we expect throwback unis not to be worn in the modern pajama style, we have only ourselves to blame for our disappointment.

    “Certainly it hurts. The trick is not minding that it hurts.”

    The thing is to remember that a throwback game is not a historical reenactment. It’s just teams wearing old-timey logos & decorations on their modern unis. If one wants to see bunch of men wearing near-perfect reconstructions of historical uniforms, one should attend a Civil War reenactment, not a baseball game.

    So for me, the question is whether they get the logos & decorations right, not whether the players wear the unis as if the year were 1914.

    (Not actually arguing with you, Ricko, just riffing in my own low-expectations direction off your comment.)

    Do they launch hot dogs at you at Civil War reenactments? Because to me, it’s Launch Hot Dogs at Me or GTFO.

    Someone needs to get Harry Turtledove working on this one: Instead of an alt history about what if the South had machine guns, what if the Confederates had hot dog cannons? Presumably t-shirt cannons, too, but it’s hard to see link having nearly the strategic impact of link.

    I know, Scott. And I was addressing whether the socks would be manufactured properly in the first place, with the stripes in the correct position…not so high that even minimal blousing covers most of them, for example.

    How the players choose to wear their pants, etc., is a whole other discussion.

    Scott, amazing to see a Harry Turtledove reference on UniWatch. With hot dog guns, Turtledove could rename his book “The Buns of the South.”

    When the Pirates and Tigers celebrated the centennial of the 1909 World Series, players wore their pants high enough to show stirrups, and it was clear they weren’t used to it. I remember Freddy Sanchez, in particular, having pants legs at different lengths.

    And they skipped the usual between-innings nonsense, so there was no hot dog launcher.

    I can not wait to see those 1912 Cubs throwbacks. Those dark blue uniforms that they had in the 1910s are link; home, road, alternate, anything.

    I actually started designing a Cubs uniform tweak based off them; I hope Majestic includes the link

    They wore this uniform during the first-ever interleague series against the White Sox in 1997, and they looked link.

    The only problem was that they didn’t use the classic Cubs number font; they chose a generic one that I can’t seem to find a sample of online, but it was also used by Rutgers football that year. I hope they use the real Cubs font, or maybe the generic sans-serif font used in link. When I first saw it, I did a double-take because I was sure that numbers hadn’t yet come to jerseys back then! These perfectly-positioned numbers were in fact added after the photo to make player identification easier. I can’t help but think that when a Cubs affiliate made the first use of a number on the front of a jersey back in the early 1950s, they were inspired by the editing of this picture.

    Whoops… missed a bold closing tag after “can not wait”.

    Unless, Paul and Phil, you think my post awesome that it should be kept all bold so that it gets the recognition it deserves.

    “… Tuesday’s unveiling event, incidentally, will take place in Brooklyn, not Manhattan…”

    End of the world as we know it.

    Now THAT would be the end of the world as we know it…headquarters of Uni-Watch Intergalactic becoming Niketown for a Day.

    “Oh, the humanity…”


    Roman Mejias was the first of the big bats for the Astros…too bad he was also one of the first bad trades when they sent him to the Red Sox for Pete Runnels…

    Uh-oh, flashback.

    Remember finding Colt .45s games late at night on the radio from WWL in New Orleans that first season.

    (earworm jingle now)
    “Pearl Beer, brewed with pure artesian water
    from the country of eleven-hundred springs.”

    WWL, the Voice of the Gulf South…Those Colt .45 games probably had a longer reach then Cardinal games on KMOX.

    Posted this on yesterday’s commet board late last night, but thought I’d share here as well…

    I made the 90 min drive to louisville tonight to see Todd Radom speek and it was well worth it. Great guy, and had time to talk to him quite a bit afterwards. I think I was the only uni watcher there. The others were all designers that were just part of the Lgda. I got some funny looks when I asked some very uni watch like questions. But out of all of us that “get it” Todd, like Paul, gets it at a different level.

    Great speech, but so humble about his work. Understands that some of it has an expiration date. And sometimes, at the end of the day, the client gets what the client asks for. So glad I made the trip. Just wish I’d have had time to bs with him for about an hour or more. Fun to talk in person with someone who speaks our language.

    Hey Paul, I think Louisville would make a great uniwatch party local at some point! Maybe at the Slugger museum?

    “… Dan Cichalski won this very cool-looking baseball volvelle… ”

    Qu’est-ce-que c’est une volvelle?

    I think of Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend…the one whose name he couldn’t remember.

    “If this is any indication of Nike’s latest design direction, sign me up.”

    What is happening? Did Nike’s Gestapo finally get to Paul? Were the Mayans off by 8 months or so? This has to be a sign of the coming rapture. What’s next? Cats and dogs getting along? Will Paul like purple?!!!! If anyone needs me I will be hiding under my bed for the rest of the day.

    A bombshell a minute: Big Nike/NFL news yesterday, as someone leaked a carefully staged, high-res photo of the new Jags uniforms.

    A few observations on which I would like Paul to comment:
    1) the mirror-image Nike swoosh on the right sleeve looks stupid.
    2) there is no jaguar logo patch on the sleeves (used to be beneath the tv numbers).

    “the mirror-image Nike swoosh on the right sleeve looks stupid”

    In what way? It points forward: makes sense to me.

    They haven’t had a sleeve jaguar since they switched to the current uniform in 2009.

    I guess Paul needed a bolder sarcasm tag. The “new” Nike Jags uniforms are the same design as last year, with the addition of the black alt jersey.

    the mirror-image Nike swoosh on the right sleeve looks stupid.

    Interesting point. When Nike did NFL uniforms back in the ’90s, the right-sleeve swooshes maintained the logo’s standard orientation:

    Now they appear to have the right-sleeve swooshes “facing front,” so to speak. Good catch! Doesn’t really bother me (notwithstanding the fact that all maker’s marks bother me to some degree). Let’s say you’re wearing Nike sneakers and I’m standing to your right. If I look at your feet, I’ll see a right-facing swoosh. No biggie.

    there is no jaguar logo patch on the sleeves (used to be beneath the tv numbers).

    Been that way for a few years now.

    As to “front facing”…isn’t that just applying the same “style guide” they use on their shoes?

    I mean, it was designed as shoemark and then adapted to create a corporate logo…based on the shoes.

    Not the other way around.

    So Nike applies the same logic to its logo as the US military applies to US flag patches. I’ll let you all run with that analogy.

    Yeah I always wondered why, on the other sleeve, the swoosh wasn’t done facing foward.

    Doesn’t the same principal apply to airplane tails or the american flag on planes and military patches? May be wrong on that.

    As a huge fan of another “traditional uni” team (Alabama), perhaps this would be a way for Nike to introduce alternate or “modern” jerseys to sell more jerseys spice things up for the fans. I know most of our fanbase would absolutely blow a fuse if something changed on the actual game jerseys. This could, I guess theoretically, satisfy the small portion that wants to see something different. Yay?

    And I agree with Paul. The Texas jerseys (and the orange pants) are great, as long as they stay on the practice field. I would love to see some high schools fitted in that design.

    The big uni story of the day (pardon my Toffee bias) got tons of attention in yesterday’s comments (lots of awesome stuff), so I’ll reintroduce it here, mainly because I didn’t read yesterday’s comments until just now and went to the trouble of making some links.

    The story is link for its kits. This should be great for distribution, and I actually generally like Nike soccer designs, but as the last commenter yesterday mentioned, it’s hard to argue with the awesomeness in which Le Coq Sportif had draped Everton over the past couple years. See below.

    The first home shirt by Le Coq Sportif was an link of a throwback, and the link was even more stupid.
    But LCS also previously made the link and have since made Everton arguably the best-looking team around:
    and link.

    The Everton jersey was their standard jersey that they wore for most of their games, but it was a throwback to link. So not a throwback in the wear-it-once-or-twice-and-sell-the-replicas-like-crazy sense.

    A lot of teams wear kits that are “inspired” by kits from their past, but wearing replicas of past kits (as Kettering are doing this weekend and the Manchester teams did a couple of seasons ago) are much rarer…

    As Matt says true “throwbacks” are very rare – I can only remember the Munich commemoration game as being true throwbacks, until this one.

    Most times we have companies going on about “inspired by such-and-such a kit of years gone by”, and there is no relation whatsoever.

    Everton’s pink is explained away as tribute to an early kit the team wore – but actually that was salmon pink. Arsenal’s redcurrant was a one off, and in the mists of time I remember Derby having a sash of chocolate, blue and gold on their white shirts in “memory of” their original chocolate and gold halves and blue pants. Hardly a throwback.

    United a couple of seasons back had a big black V on their red shirts which was supposed to evoke past memories of 1906 when they wore white with a narrow red V in the Cup Final. Clutching at straws.

    The big retro backfire though was United having green and gold halved shirts as their second kit a few years ago in tribute to the original Newton Heath FC. Of course green and gold have now become the colours of protest against the Glazers ownership of the club.

    Obsessed, Casey :)

    However – I note that one late contribution (late here in UK anyway) remarked about Roger McGough being born in Liverpool, lived in Liverpool etc etc, so supported Everton.

    It works the other way too – I was actually born in Everton, but supported Liverpool (in my youth).

    On Opening Day this year Mariano Rivera will be 42 and wear number 42. That’s the highest number I could figure out.

    Throwbacks on tap for the UK soccer club Kettering Town (which, incidentally, was the first English team ever to have a jersey sponsor).

    Interesting beginning to the article:
    “Football conference side Kettering Town are on the brink of financial collapse…”

    A small part of me wants to savor the delicious irony and say, “Serves you right for starting the horrid practice of jersey sponsorship,” but the bigger part of me wishes them well. Just hope they learned their lesson – that the only sure thing you’ll get from a jersey sponsor is a far less attractive jersey.

    Hear that, Mark Cuban?

    A lot of clubs, particularly the smaller ones, would have gone under without sponsorship. Until the late 80s/early 90s, when merchandising increased and TV rights went through the roof football wasn’t a hugely profitable game (apart from the biggest clubs, of course).

    Hell, my home town team Kidderminster Harriers (who play in the same league as Kettering), a small team with no chance of getting on TV, would probably gone bust without sponsorship these past few years…

    But sponsorship doesn’t necessarily have to mean desecrating the uniforms. There are lots of other, less-evil, less-offputting places for it, like on schedules and publications, in the grandstands. I’d even prefer to see ads on the pitch than on the players’ uniforms.

    I can’t speak for other teams, but my local team has sponsors for the stands, the programmes, the on-site bar, the shop… But it’s the shirt sponsorship that brings in the most cash. And if there was some way of putting ads on the pitch without them getting churned up by the players, you can be damn sure they’d do that too.

    But sponsorship doesn’t necessarily have to mean desecrating the uniforms.

    Exactly. If there’s ever a Jim Vilk Incorporated, I’m going to sponsor a soccer club and tell them the only thing on the front will be the club’s crest. If they so desire to proclaim over the PA system “These marvelous looking uniforms are brought to you by Jim Vilk Incorporated,” then so be it.

    Sounds like a Foreigner album. Anyone have the LP “Agent Conformateur”?

    No, that’s not it…

    Huh – I just learned something…googling the album name without typing “Foreigner” gives you something quite different and unexpected.

    Regarding those 1970 Jacksonville hoops uniforms…


    …anyone else notice yet another disembodied hand? Number 53 has either tape or a white wristband around his left wrist, and it lines up almost perfectly with the white shooter’s square on the backboard.

    It could definitely be considered a disembodied hand, but I actually think it looks more like number 53 is magically sticking his arm through the backboard and pressing his hand against the glass on the other side.

    It’s like a Coles Phillips illustration!

    Speaking of Coles Phillips, check out this old football program that wasn’t created by the famous illustrator but is definitely resembling his style (the clothing of the subject in the foreground blending in with the background):


    Number 53 for Jacksonville is Artis Gilmore who went on to a decent career in the ABA and NBA. Love those knee socks the Dolphins are wearing. That look was commonplace in basketball until the early 1980s. Still looks sharp! PS-Those Jax unis were made by Wilson. Those were the good old days when schools actually had to BUY their own uniforms. A lot of them considered price over style and stayed pretty basic. Al McGuire and his uniform-of-the-week deal with Medalist/Sand-Knit helped pave the way towards today’s unimadness.

    GOOD GRIEF! What is his vertical leap? 40+ inches? That is AMAZING! I have to tell you my jaw dropped when I saw that picture. Love the uni’s – especially the arched lettering UNDER the number on the front.

    But, WOW! That leap + height = floating jumpers in the lane are not a good idea.

    There is one comment on 20 February saying “I love the fact that they are photographed to show their height – while wearing hats!!” It’s by some guy named George from Wigan ;)

    The lack of a comma really changes your comment, George. Or did you mean to leave it out? ;)

    If NASCAR can be considered a sport, Richard Petty was in the #43 when he was 43 in 1980.

    You know the toothbrush was invented by a NASCAR fan.
    Anyone else would have called it a teethbrush!


    I used that one on my wife last week but changed NASCAR Fan out for Indiana where she was raised.

    If Mark Martin races for 2 more years with the same number, he’ll be 55 in the #55 car.

    Although he is part-time.

    Here’s the biggest uniform news of the week:
    In front of 120,000 empty seats (be design) at the Kolkata Salt Lake Stadium

    Wow… Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant is right up there with Jim Mora’s “Playoffs?!?” as one of the most epic sports rants in recent memory!

    And I only put the McEnroe rant in there because I thought you were kidding … I guess I was wrong about that. Sorry ’bout that…

    Every throwback uniform should be treated like Kettering Town.
    Basketball- It might look a little odd, but the older generations might like it. I think the game would appear more clean and graceful, but maybe it’s not just the clothes.
    Baseball-pajama unis are coming full circle to what they were a century ago, so they wouldn’t be too far off.
    Football-I’d like to see Nike to pull off some long sleeve jerseys. And what the hell, keep the current helmets.

    The Lakers wore short shorts for a throwback game against the Celtics a couple of seasons ago:

    They did NOT look good, especially with the baggy jerseys, and changed to regular shorts for the second half.

    Yes, but no.

    The proper length for basketball shorts is just above the knee. Not 70s Daisy Dukes and not modern ultra-baggy mid-calf garbage. Just. Above. The. Knee.


    The problem wasn’t with the shorts; it’s that today’s players wear short socks. Back when shorts were short, almost everyone wore LONG socks. So the amount of exposed skin was about the same back then as it is today, only the area of exposure has shifted from the thigh to the calf. The shorts and socks have moved down in equal measure.

    If you look at that Lakers photo again, you can see that Odom looks fine, because he was wearing high socks. If you’re gonna make throwback short-shorts work, that’s how to do it. Otherwise, you have a lot of exposed thigh AND calf, which is more than most fans want to see.

    Yeah, but the plain black or white socks the players wear these days look stupid when pulled up.

    Which is exactly why we need to go back to striped socks, or team-specific socks, hell, even those socks with the vertical team names that they wore for a couple of seasons in the early ’90s.

    Wow, they achieved the puffy shirt look without sleeves!

    And short shorts… I’m with The Jeff on that issue. As far as I’m concerned, they died out when John Stockton hung them up for the last time.

    2 issues with the logo tourney:

    1) Wisconsin should not have gotten past the 1st round let alone beat Vandy.

    2)No way Memphis’s Leaping Tiger beats St. Louis’s Mighty Billikens. That’s insane.

    Lastly, I felt that South Dakota State would have gone a lot deeper had they not been paired with Colorado in the 2nd round. It all comes down to seeding.

    I’m pleased, but not surprised, to see WVU in the Final Four. The Flying WV is SUCH a great logo.

    the logos in the final four don’t surprise me. I am surprised by the margins of victory.

    Not that it bothers me, but IU 69-31 over Kentucky and then 70-30 over Notre Dame? How does that happen?

    WVU 81-19 over FSU? That one should have been a triple-OT buzzer-beater.

    And, as pointed out, Wisconsin beating Vandy is bad enough. But 69-31? Unconscionable.

    So…next Tuesday, we’ll find out whether the Steelers are wearing the Batman uniforms or the 1933 prison uniforms from 1994 as their new throwback. I expect the team’s standard home & away sets to be unchanged. IMO, it should be the ONLY uniform set the Steelers have. No throwbacks or third uniforms.

    A sports collectibles site is auctioning off a game used Eric Green 1994 Steelers throwback jersey. You can’t get more authentic than this!


    That jersey looks good… from the back. But the front is a hideous monstrosity that should be cast into the fires of Mt. Doom and never spoken of again.

    Pretty sure the Steelers didn’t wear it cuz it was so damn good-lookin’.

    We all know history’s pretty ugly sometimes (today’s COTD being a case in point). But sometimes it’s fun to get a look at it…despite its unsightliness.

    Or maybe because of it.

    A big part of throwbacks IS the realization, “They actually WORE that!!!” Broncos socks, Eagles powder & cheddar, for instance.

    LOL! The Steelers 1994 throwback is probably my all-time favorite jersey! I love it so much I asked myself “What would it look like if every team in the NFL had their own version of that jersey?” and then I designed them.

    Paul put links to my designs in the ticker in 2009:


    Well, in any case the Steelers will have a new throwback next season. I’ve heard different stories about it. From some people I’ve heard it’s going to be the Batman uniforms. From others I’ve heard it’ll be the prison uniforms. We shall find out next week…

    I recall reading that when Satchel Paige was given a job as a coach with the Braves in the ’60s in an effort to give him enough service time for a pension, he was assigned #65 because that’s how old you have to be to get Social Security. I don’t remember if he had reached age 65 while wearing the number, though.

    Considering that Hunwick signed, like, 24 hours earlier, why is this a surprise to anyone?

    Columbus fans shouldn’t worry about what college colours their goalies are wearing this season since their team has played more like a high school team all year.

    I don’t think anyone’s surprised. Well, I’m certainly not. Dude is still in classes at Michigan if I read that article correctly.

    I was only pointing out that it’s not just the Mask that’s got Michigan colors/logos.

    Right. I’m not trying to make it sound that way either, James. Sorry if it came across like that. Just saying that the ticker commentary makes it sound like this is some incredible happening.

    “Tuesday’s unveiling event, incidentally, will take place in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. This means, among other things, that I will probably be the only person in attendance who traveled to the event by bicycle”.

    Very cool!

    I have this thing, called my “imagination” to guess what it looks like. Also could draw concepts on it, too. Precedence on the Patriots & other existing gray jerseys lead to the assumption of a bad design. Doesn’t work on football, basketball or hockey jerseys.

    It will probably have dark numbers & dark sleeves or trim, and/or shoulder yoke too. Even if it had white numbers in blue trim it would look like shit. Gray is a color that’s much better off as textured & heathered.

    Has there ever been a gray jersey in NFL history? Why not try something different?

    And yes, I know the Patriots used to have a grayish alternate jersey but that was actually silver.

    Has there ever been a gray jersey in NFL history? Why not try something different?

    Has there ever been a polka dot jersey in NFL history? Why not try something different… How about a plaid jersey? Why not try something different… Diagonal stripes? Why not….

    A gray jersey may (or may not) be a great idea. But the level of analysis and discussion should be higher than “Why not try something different.”

    By “Why not try something different?”, the “something” was specifically referring to a jersey’s color, not strange potential patterns or anything else oddball.

    So my question should have read as follows:

    Why not try a different predominant jersey color that has never appeared on an NFL football field before?

    And what’s wrong with being different for the sake of being different? Football jerseys with polka dots, plaid, or diagonal stripes may *sound* ridiculous, but you really don’t know how they’d look until you at least saw drawings of them.

    Many standard design elements on football jerseys today probably would have sounded ridiculous if you talked about them in the past:

    “No sleeves on a football jersey? How DARE they try something different! Truncated shoulder stripes? How DARE they try something different! Jersey side panels that extend into the pants and vaguely resemble a Nike swoosh? How DARE they try something different!”

    What if everybody held back and was too concerned about sticking with tradition? We’d still be wearing leather helmets without facemasks!!!!!!

    “We’d still be wearing leather helmets without facemasks!”

    Not sure advancement in technology and player safety are the same thing as how a uni is decorated.

    English soccer institution Manchester United wore a grey away kit briefly in the mid 90s. They never fared well in the games they sported it. In fact, in one game against unfashionable Southampton, they were trailing 3-0 at half time and very angry manager, Sir Alex Ferguson insisted they change into a different kit for the second half. They came out wearing blue for the final 45 minutes but ultimately lost 3-1. Ferguson claimed the United players were unable to pick their grey-clad colleagues out against the green grass and the crowd.

    Man U probably wasn’t wearing blue helmets and big blue numbers though. :/ With that snarky thing said, I’m both very excited and dreading the Seahawks release. A good silver/gray could be great, a matte Coug gray could be awful

    I believe Dennis Eckersley played one last year in Boston at age 43 in 1998 – wearing #43. That’s the oldest MLB’er I could find.

    Damn! Thought I had it. Yes, Eck wore #43 at the age of 43 in 1998 for the Red Sox. Let it be known that the final batter of Eck’s career was a strikeout. However, the previous batter was the final hit given up by Eck, a homer to BJ Surhoff.

    as a longtime longhorn fan, those things are hideous. they should never see the light of day and whoever signed off on those ghastly things should lose his/her job.

    Re oldest to wear their age as a uniform number: I know Don Zimmer ups his number by 1 every year to show how many years he’s been in baseball. This year he’s up to 64

    Hey Folks:
    I am a food blogger for Marcus Samuelsson, and I’d like your help. I’m working on a column on notably tasty and/or unique MLB ballpark foods. I’m not really interested in typical standards like the Dodger Dog or Fenway franks; I’m looking for great local products, e.g.: half-smokes at the Nationals’ park, Boog Powell’s BBQ at Camden Yards, the Ichi-Roll, and eye-catching “Holy crap what IS that?” items like Arlington’s one-pound chili cheese dog for four, served on a wood cutting board.
    So, aside from peanuts and Cracker Jack, what do you have? For this exercise, email your answers to me: engle at samuelssongroup dot com, or reply to this comment. (I’m a regular here; I’ll see it.) Yes, I will credit you.
    Thanks everybody!

    I still have the ESPN spreadsheet from a while back that ranks the ballparks in all their capacities. Did you want me to send you that? Each of the linked pages still works, and they highlight the best food options of each park (at that time). Lemme know!

    I shared the link with you, Mike.

    There’s a section in each write-up for the signature concession item. Check it out for your best bet on what to feature!

    San Francisco has a garlic chicken sandwich that is VERY good. Melts in your mouth. It’s at the North Beach stand on the 3rd base side.

    Always liked the Curly W pretzel at Nats Park too.

    Nationals Park curly-W pretzel is seriously the best thing in the history of things, ever. Aside from being probably the only recreation of a team’s logo that is both literal (it’s been called the “pretzel W” since the 1960s) and edible, it’s also a damn good soft pretzel. I’ve had better soft pretzels maybe once or twice in my life.

    Also of note at Nats Park: Local institution the Hard Times Cafe serves its signature roadhouse chili. The main difference between the Ben’s Chili Bowl half-smokes and the Hard Times chili? People actually go to Hard Times in real life, what with it having several locations. Ben’s, awesome as it is, is one of those things everyone talks about but rarely goes to, unless you’re running for mayor or president and need a local photo-op.

    Finally, in their first season, the Nats at RFK Stadium hosted a Foggy Bottom brewpub with a signature, unique-to-the-ballpark Foggy Bottom Pilsner on tap. (Foggy Bottom was a local craft brew.) Best lager I’ve had outside of the actual Czech Republic. The beer proved so perfect that owner Gary Heurich closed down Foggy Bottom brewing. He had some story about the DC hospitality industry not supporting local brewing or something, but those of us who frequented RFK know that’s a cover story, and it’s just a case of a craftsman having achieved perfection and leaving on a high note.

    Shoulda mentioned: The highlight from the Hard Times menu is the Frito Pie: a recreation of a Depression-era chili format of a plate of corn chips with a scoop of chili on top. It’s like an edible version of a Shorpy photo from the early twentieth century.

    Nationals Park curly-W pretzel is seriously the best thing in the history of things, ever.

    Here we go…give the Nationals name to the football team and call the baseball team the Pretzels. Can’t you just picture this on the headspoon jersey?

    Arr Scott, you are spot on about Hard Times v. Ben’s Chili Bowl, the only people I know of that ever go there are tourist and those that live in the U St. area. I was really disappointed in the Nats last season when they replaced Five Guys (a local chain) with a Shake Shack, a NYC institution that also has a location in Citi Field. The curly W pretzels are great and the Old Bay seasoning you can find at the fry stands is a must.

    I am pretty sure there is some BBQ sauce in the parfait as well.

    Miller Park is also home to Secret Stadium Sauce:



    That pulled pork parfait is hilarious! Is that your picture? If yes, do I have permission to use it? If no, can you supply the appropriate credit?

    Sorry for the late reply… it is not my own photo. It was actually tweeted by Darren Rovell last year. Here was the site I got the picture from:


    Mama’s of Corona in Citi Field has a GREAT turkey sub with fresh Mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms and gravy on a fresh Italian loaf. That and a knish from the first base side Nathan’s stand is what I normally get to satisfy me at Mets games.

    Shankee Stadium has a Lobel’s prime rib sandwich. The bread it is on sucks, but the meat is to die for. I get two and leave the bread.

    Jason Terry won’t be wearing his headband and high socks today against Orlando
    Also, someone on the comments said it’s not the first time Terry doesn’t wear his headband and gave proof (0:47 mark)
    Funny, but I found that game is the one where he scored the most points in a single game, coincidence?

    I suggest you write a strong letter to the networks. They were all over it yesterday. That’s why I mentioned it the comments.

    Although how a soccer tie-in could have been overlooked by the masses is, well, mind-boggling, to say the least.

    You look to the major networks for timely news? He, men have landed on the moon? Did you hear about that from Walter Cronkite today? (Rimshot back at you)…


    I will presumably get a better look at these uniforms – and all the other NFL uniforms for 2012 – at the Nike unveiling event next Tuesday. There’s some chatter that certain teams may show their new jerseys on their web sites at midnight on Saturday (although I’m also hearing that this may only apply to non-jersey merch). If that’s the case, Phil will have coverage of it on Sunday and will update that coverage throughout the day if additional designs are revealed.

    It’s clear who WILL be the biggest logo creep at the Nike shindig.

    I fail to see any pertinent point in this comment. Could you be less subtle about what you’re trying to achieve with this comment?

    Nike = Logo creeps galore. Paul covering Nike logo creeps gets even creepier. Dig?

    Re oldest player to wear his age on his uniform: Hoyt Wilhelm wore 47 with the Braves the year he turned 47. I wanted to say Carlton Fisk was 72 when he finished playing for the White Sox, but he just seemed that old. says he wore #39 when he was 47 years old. He did wear #47 in an earlier stint with the Braves.

    And someone should DIY one of those hats.
    Even on a normal (not so old-time floppy) hat.

    From eBay: Check out the massive swashbuckling tilde in the NOB on this 2001 All-Star Futures Game jersey:


    Dominik Hasek didn’t take to the ice much in ’03-’04, but he was 39 in his #39.

    Gray? Not gray, silver like the original Seahawks identity. Jesus, doesn’t anyone have an historic perspective? Besides, I’m just a dick.

    Meanwhile, it’s now being reported that the Seahawks will have a gray alternate jersey, which continues the trope of the most unlikely trendy color ever.

    A bombshell a minute: Big Nike/NFL news yesterday, as someone leaked a carefully staged, high-res photo of the new Jags uniforms. It’s the same darn current Jaguars uni. Saw tis at Ripon. Settle down. it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Duck, the sarcasm went right over your head. The Jacksonville “leak” has mentioned here from the moment it first was, um, leaked.

    Jamie Moyer made the Rockies staring roster. Pretty darn cool, I had his 1987 rookie baseball card when I collected as a kid.

    damn…the rockies (and marlins & d-bags & rays) weren’t even TEAMS (and the expos still played in america’s hat) when moyer made the bigs

    He’s like Harris from Major League, which hadn’t even come out when he was a rookie. “Yo bartender, Jobu needs a refill!” It’s crazy though, early in his career Moyer probably faced some batters who started their careers in the 1960’s.

    Didn’t someone once note all the fathers and sons Nolan Ryan had struck out?

    Sorta like that, I guess.

    Yeah, that’s the same kind of thing. I should also add that my Moyer comparison to the character Harris wasn’t really that good, that character Harris was more like the Niekro brothers.

    Well his first start (and win) was in 1968 against the Phillies. The opposing starter was Steve Carlton, who first came up in ’65.

    That is amazing. So in 1986 he faced Carlton, who made his debut in ’65. I’m sure Moyer faced Pete Rose, who came up in what, like 1960? Incredible.

    Check out this article called “Linking 2009 to 1871 Within Six Degrees of Separation”. It is just what we’re talking about. It links Moyer back to Pete Rose(1963), Rose to Early Wynn(1939), and so on…

    Regarding the Seahawks’ much anticipated gray alternate; so long as it doesn’t evoke the Pats’ “dishwater gray”, I think that they’d look sharp in a shade closer to charcoal gray. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them pair it with a Pro Combat-style matte charcoal helmet. If anybody is going to be the first team to do it, let it be the team who once upon a time took to the field dressed like Matthew Lillard in “Hackers”.

    From the logo pic I’ve seen, it looks more like a steel gray. I think the Panthers should change from silver too a light gray.

    For the Panthers I think a medium gray would look good too with just enough black and “panther blue”. Gray helmet with no stripes. Or black helmet with gray/ blue trimmed logo and gray jersey.

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