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Green Scene

As Phil noted in yesterday’s lead entry, yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of the Reds coming up with the idea of wearing green for St. Paddy’s Day. So how did MLB teams uphold the tradition yesterday? Let’s take a game-by-game look at which teams wore which green gear, if any (some teams appear twice because of split-squad games):

1. Mets (green caps and jerseys) vs. Braves (green caps):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 2.39.38 PM.png

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.41.35 PM.png

2. Phillies (green caps and jerseys) vs. Orioles (one green cap panel):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.08.03 PM.png

3. Orioles (one green cap panel) vs. Twins (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.13.43 PM.png

4. Cardinals (green caps and jerseys) vs. Marlins (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.22.24 PM.png

5. Astros (green caps) vs. Blue Jays (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.26.08 PM.png

6. Red Sox (green caps and jerseys) vs. Rays (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 3.30.42 PM.png

7. Cubs (green caps) vs. A’s (their usual green caps and jerseys):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 4.21.03 PM.png

8. Reds (green caps) vs. Indians (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 4.34.07 PM.png

9. Dodgers (green caps and jerseys) vs. Brewers (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 4.31.12 PM.png

10. Padres (green caps) vs. Angels (nothin’)

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.02.15 PM.png

11. Cubs (green caps) vs. Rangers (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.12.55 PM.png

12. Mariners (green caps) vs. Rangers (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.22.02 PM.png

13. Dodgers (green caps) vs. Diamondbacks (green caps):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 5.30.14 PM.png

14. Rockies (green caps) vs. Giants (green caps):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 10.09.28 PM.png

15. White Sox (green caps) vs. Royals (green caps):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.46.47 PM.png

16. Pirates (green caps) vs. Yankees (nothin’):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.49.45 PM.png

17. Tigers (green caps) vs. Nationals (not sure, couldn’t find a photo):

Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.54.00 PM.png

18. Padres vs. Diamondbacks:

Sorry, I couldn’t find any photos from this game. If anyone knows what the two teams wore, speak up.

What do you think of the two approaches? Like, is wearing a green cap just going through the motions, or is a green jersey too much? (Meanwhile: Disappointing to see the New Era logo creep on all those caps, eh?)

The NHL did the St. Paddy’s Day thing as well, with green warm-ups being worn by the Bruins, Penguins, Lightning, Blue Jackets, Capitals, Senators, and probably a few others I don’t know about. Little help..? (Oh, and Don Cherry lent his usual dignity to the proceedings.)

Over in the NBA, two teams wore their green alts at home on Saturday night: the Celtics and Jazz. On Sunday, some players wore green sneakers (which generally looked awful), and the Bulls will be wearing green uniforms tonight.

Other teams wearing green over the weekend included Boston College baseball; Miami baseball; Arkansas baseball; the Colorado Mammoth (that’s indoor lacrosse; note the NOBs); and presumably lots of other instances I’m not aware of. If you know of other teams that wore green for the holiday, speak up. Thanks.

Finally, here’s a good story about the Maple Leafs wearing green, shamrock-clad jerseys way back in 1934.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Ben Gorbaty, Nic Janik, Shannon Shark, and of course Phil.)

March Madness Contest: In the past, Uni Watch intern emeritus Vince Grzegorek has set up the annual Uni Watch March Madness pool, with the eventual winner getting a freebie from my swag bag. But Vince is too busy do deal with that this year, so I’m looking for someone else to coordinate the pool. Basically, I just want someone to set up a group for us (preferably on Yahoo, since that’s what we’ve used before), keep track of the points, and declare a winner. You can see how Vince set things up last year by looking here.

If you’d like to volunteer to be this year’s poolmeister, let me know. Thanks. The position has been filled. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Major, major find by Paul Dillon, who came across a photo of the Knicks playing the Baltimore Bullets in 1954, with the Bullets wearing sleeves! This contradicts the recently established narrative of the Warriors being the first NBA team to wear sleeves (yes, the Celtics wore sleeves in 1946-47, but that was before the NBA’s founding). It also shows once again how little we know about NBA uni history. … Rumor mill sez the Bobcats are planning some sort of announcement today. A name change to Hornets, perhaps..? ”¦ More Dolphins logo speculation (from Don Schauf). ”¦ The Braves tweeted a photo of a coupla players wearing stirrups the other day (from Jonathon Binet). ”¦ We already knew that NFL players would be required to wear knee and thigh pads next season, but this article, sent along by A.J. Frey, says the new rule will be enforced rather strictly: “[A] uniform inspector will conduct random checks of players to ensure the players are wearing the pads. The inspector will also be given sideline access during the game to check for the pads. If the player isn’t wearing the pads or wearing appropriate pads, the player will have to comply to be allowed back in the game.” Also, from that same article: Tight ends and H-backs can now wear uni Nos. 40-49, which had previously been allowed only if 80-89 were all filled. ”¦ New black lacrosse uniforms for Johns Hopkins (from Jared Buccola). ”¦ Michigan has joined the Fruit Stripe brigade, and fans aren’t happy about it. ”¦ We all know hockey players wear a lot of armor, but usually not this kind of armor (from Phil Johnson). ”¦ Speaking of Phil, my recent treatise on pizza box lid supports prompted him to send along this cartoon. ”¦ A T-shirt with some sort of message was visible under an Indiana player’s jersey the other day (from Ryan Klund). ”¦ New kit in the works for USA Rugby. “They are made by Canterbury, which also manufactures the South Africa team kit,” says Josh Jacobs. ”¦ Is Under Armour adding a bunch of new schools to its portfolio? Could be, judging by this e-mail that Drew Wallace received. Note the logos, which include Penn State, Ole Miss, West Point, Syracuse, Missouri and Mizzou. Hard to believe UA has corralled all of those, but I’ll see what I can find out. ”¦ Someone’s been doing a bit of Ducks-tracking, basketball-style. ”¦ New stirrups for William & Mary (from Nate Collins, who also recommends this photo set of W&M ephemera). … “Saw Omar Minaya, now an executive with the Padres, at their training camp on Thursday,” says Tyler Kepner. “He was wearing a brown Padres cap with the interlocking yellow SD, the early-’70s version. I complimented him on it, and he says he gets compliments on it all the time.” … Here’s something you don’t often see (or at least I don’t think so): color vs. color in high school hoops (from David Forbes). … New lacrosse helmet for Cornell (from Jared Buccola). … A Pennsylvania company has run a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a workout shirt that changes colors according to your body heat (from Kyle Allebach). … Here’s another one of those soda case displays, this time for March Madness (from Michael Maggert). … Nice striped stirrups for Eastern New Mexico University (from Stefanie, who didn’t give her last name). ”¦ Really sad to see the G.I. Joe thing trickling down to the high school level. That’s Mallard Creek High in North Carolina (from Jon Spencer). ”¦ “While perusing your site, I noticed an ad for Bellroy wallets,” says the presumably pseudonymous Guinness Rider. “What really grabbed my attention was their logo, an absurdly blatant ripoff of the Sheffield Wednesday FC owl.” ”¦ Just what the world needs: sponsored basketball court clean-up guys (from Geoff Poole). ”¦ New number font on Florida football’s practice jerseys. Also, note the NOS — name on shorts! (From Dan Wunderlich.) ”¦ “I was at the Indians/Brewers spring training game in Phoenix on Friday and spotted this guy in the parking lot,” says Patrick O’Neill. “Now, I generally disagree with your position about the use of Native American imagery, but this display was shocking.” ”¦ For reasons we can only guess at, Paul McCartney has been photographed wearing a Texas Tech football jersey (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ “I noticed a bunch of confusion regarding the Big Ten conference logo at center court among people watching the Iowa/Michigan State game,” says Cork Gaines. “The logo is a pinwheel featuring the colors for each of the 12 schools, although they had to get a little creative with the schools that have a single color.” ”¦ Christian Villanueva of the Cubs lost his batting helmet logo on Saturday (from Matt Shepardson). ”¦ David Wright is likely to be named the Mets’ captain within the next few weeks. But according to this article, “[I]t has not yet been decided whether Wright will wear a ‘C’ on his jersey, such as former Boston catcher Jason Varitek, or simply receive the title, such as Derek Jeter.” … ” I was talking with a Washburn university football player,” says Paul Sumner. “He told me that they are taking up an Adidas sponsorship and will be getting new uniforms with a gray alternate, to be released at a later date.” ”¦ “One of the legends of Honus Wagner halting the production of his famous T206 baseball card is that he didn’t approve of tobacco use,” says Michael Clary. “So it’s pretty funny seeing this card of him loading up a big chaw.” ”¦ “Before World War II, Billiken statues were very popular throughout Japan and particularly in Osaka,” says John Doodigian. “People rub the soles of their feet for good fortune. I have seen this one, which is wearing a jersey, numerous times but finally got around to snapping a picture of it. The uniform is that of the Hanshin Tigers, circa mid-1980s, when they won their last (and only) NPB championship.” ”¦ The Argentine soccer team San Lorenzo added a portrait of Pope Francis to its kit the other day (from Yancy Yeater). ”¦ Danny Garrison’s latest set of NFL teams recast as soccer teams is for the NFC West. ”¦ What do you get if you combine the Blues and Bruins? The Bluins. That’s from a youth league in Hanover, New Hampshire (from Tris Wykes). ”¦ The Polish soccer team Widzew Łódź is sponsored by Harnas beer, but one of their players, Mariusz StÄ™piÅ„ski, doesn’t wear the jersey ad. Why? Because he’s only 17, and the team decided not to have an underage player promoting alcohol (from Kacper Kowalski). ”¦ Also from Kacper: Polonia Warszawa wore these swell lace-up throwbacks a few weeks ago. ”¦ Matt Harris was watching the ACC Tournament final. “When they came back from a commercial break, it looks like someone forgot to add the ACC logo to the screen,” he says. ”¦ Miami baseball is wearing a memorial patch this season for former coach Ron Fraser, who died in January (from Nic Janik). ”¦ I didn’t see or hear this myself, but Matthew Blinco says Greg Gumbel referred to Marquette as “the Warriors” during CBS’s Selection Sunday coverage. To see why this matters, look here. ”¦ Not sure what’s going on here, but it sure looks uncomfy (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Joe Nocella came across this gumball-ish hockey goalie mask thingies. “The packs were divided by conference — that one’s for the West,” he says. ”¦ I’m not sure why the Lexington Legends — that’s a Royals affiliate — have a “mustache cap,” but it’s pretty funny. “Bought one on the spot,” says Bryan Dennett. ”¦ One of the Japanese catchers in the WBC is wearing No. 109. “The other bullpen catcher is wearing No. 107,” says Erik Sundermann. ”¦ The Leafs wore G.I. Joe warm-ups on Saturday (from Will Leslie). ”¦ ’Tis the season to debate the merits of Los Bulls vs. Los Toros. ”¦ Madonna protested the Boy Scouts’ ban on gays by wearing a Cub Scout uniform to the GLAAD Awards (thanks, Kirsten). ”¦ Never seen Mr. Red posing as a gunslinger before (from Jeff Flynn, Jr.). ”¦ I’ve always liked seeing women wearing Chuck Taylors — you know, chicks in Chucks. Not a bad turn of a phrase, right? “Hmmm,” I thought the other day, “that sounds like the makings of a good blog.” Unfortunately, it appears that I’m not exactly the first person with that idea. ”¦ Went out last night to see young-smartass folkie Jeffrey Lewis playing with old-smartass folkie Peter Stampfel, and boy were they good. ”¦ Having lunch today with uni designer Todd Radom. It’s our annual between-the-birthdays lunch — his was a few weeks ago, mine’s in a few days. See ya in a few hours, Todd!

Comments (140)

    Regarding Christian Villanueva’s missing helmet logo…I was watching the game, and the announcers noticed and made a few comments. WGN even went the extra mile and removed the Cubs logo from the graphic when they showed Villanueva’s name/stats line on the screen, “just to match things up.” Pretty funny.

    Are you sure the Florida based Tigers played Arizona? Maybe that’s why there are no pictures.

    Don’t like the green mixin’ with the orange now. Orange= the north of Ireland. Royalists. Green, white much better. Of course, the Mets.

    I think the point is that if the idea is to celebrate Irish/Celtic/Gaelic heritage (as opposed to the state, Republic of Ireland), then you could make an argument over whether the orange is appropriate.

    Green is the color of Gaelic heritage, which is what’s (at least nominally) celebrated on March 17. Orange represents the reign of William of Orange, so it would really be a celebration of Dutch heritage and English rule over Ireland.

    However, I don’t think “orange=the north of Ireland” is correct either (I assume 5w30 means Northern Ireland). While there is a sectarian divide in the north, the national color there is green as well (see the Northern Ireland soccer uniform).

    Uni-watch related note:

    Oops, cut off the end of my comment – on a uniform related note, Rangers in Glasgow, whose rivalry with Celtic is still used as a forum for sectarian hatred, made the controversial move of releasing an orange away kit. This was seen as insensitive to Catholics, as Rangers are the traditionally Protestant club.

    I always understood the Irish tricolor to be green for the Catholics, orange for the Protestants, and white for the peace between them.

    Which would explain why Rangers’ orange kit would be seen as needlessly sectarian.

    The Stewart-Haas Racing #10 (the car with a Patrick behind the wheel)is usually green and orange, but yesterday some shamrocks were added:


    It may just be that UA is selling NCAA branded merchandise for those schools. In the Baltimore brand store, they sell Navy shirts and they are definitely Nike.

    That’s exactly what it is. UA sells Indiana and a vast variety of other schools apparel on campus/online but I don’t believe they’ve ever done so at the factory stores. That’s all this is.

    Just like Nike sells apparel for a number of adidas/UA schools and visa versa.

    That’s what I’m thinking too – there’s plenty of licensed UNC gear made by UA and it doesn’t get much more Nike than Carolina.

    I’m guessing it’s not unlike Champion and Russell making sweatshirts and workout clothes for Nike/adidas schools.

    It is interesting, though. It’s one thing for a school to grant a license to a company that’s not seen as a direct competitor for whatever reason (for example, Notre Dame still grants a license to its long-time supplier, Champion, even after Adidas took over the uniform portion of the contract). But UnderArmour is raising their profile as a direct competitor of Nike, Adidas, etc.

    Good point, and I don’t see Champion marketing its licensed college gear like this. I get that colleges have separate licensing agreements for on-field gear and casual wear, but it’s still interesting to see the UA logo at Nike/adidas schools.

    I’ve seen Nike-branded merchandise (sweats, shirts, hats, etc) for many non-Nike teams. Even when Boston College was Reebok sponsored, I could walk into a Sports Authority and see Nike and adidas clothing with the BC logo. Even now, you can walk into a store in the mall like Finish Line or Olympia Sports and see school shirts and sweats made by another company.

    Nike and UA may have licenses to sell “bookstore” merchandise. Clothing that represents the entire school, not specifically the athletic department. Although that UA ad is odd in that is shows the schools’ athletic marks to identify them.+

    It is important to note that the brand supplier (adidas, Nike, UA, etc.) typically have the deal with either the athletic departments OR the individual programs (soccer, baseball, etc.).

    The school (i.e., the institutional administration) can get any apparel that they decide. So, the school store can have a wide variety of designs and providers. The school could also label the products with whatever sport they may choose to — if they need to at all.

    A recent grad of our track team is home during spring break. We asked her about the adidas gear she was wearing from cinci. She said many on the track team are hoping to change apparel contracts to under armor when they move to the conference to be named later. Don’t know if they have any reason to believe that is a possibility.

    Not uni-related but….. If I never hear the word “Bracketology” again, it will be too soon.

    btw: Go JMU! My Dukes get to play in the “play in” game (something else I think is lame).

    Last night was the 30-for-30 about NC State’s 1983 championship team on ESPN. They showed pictures of the post-game interviews, and the players were wearing University on New Mexico warm-up jackets. They almost looked like they were for the football team. The had a number and an “NM” on them. Unfortunately, I do not have any screen shots.

    No, the Lexington Legends mustache cap is NOT funny. What it is is stupid.

    The Legends had a great uniform set.

    That was until Brand B got their claws into it.

    Exactly. The mustache is taken from the team’s mascot, so Brandiose thought it was being clever by using that as the primary logo on one of the caps. The problem is no one knows that the hell team is being represented. The former logo, with an “L” and the outline of Kentucky, was much better executed.

    No, I think people know the Durham Bulls logo and the Portland Sea Dogs logo. An abstract mustache is something that even diehard fans aren’t going to know.

    Most people outside of North Carolina will only recognize the Durham Bulls logo because of the 1988 Kevin Costner film. And I doubt non-baseball aficionados will recognize the Portland Sea Dogs.

    In any case, those are the exceptions that prove the rule – for the most part, minor league baseball is a hyper-local affair and it’s as good a forum for an inside joke.

    I’m thinking it’d make for a much better conversation piece than otherwise.

    The shirt under Christian Watford’s jersey for IU says “All gas. No brakes.”

    “All Gas, No Breaks” I clench my fist at the play on words/spelling every time I see it…

    … “I noticed a bunch of confusion regarding the Big Ten conference logo at center court among people watching the Iowa/Michigan State game,” says Cork Gaines. “The logo is a pinwheel featuring the colors for each of the 12 schools, although they had to get a little creative with the schools that have a single color.” …

    You know, it’s actually impressive, if only as a tour-de-force. Not beautiful, but clever and distinctive.

    It looks like a throwback to the golden age of logo design (the 1970s) where the emphasis was on the gathering, the festival, the colorful environment. I’m drawn to pinwheel-shaped insignias, my favorite being the “sun” from the Munich Olympics.

    Also the white lattice-like design at the center…it’s a stylized basketball net. I think I read somewhere that it’s supposed to look like how a net flares after a successful shot.

    I believe the B1G graphic is mislabeled. IN is the crimson/cream thats labeled as UW. Red/black is NEB and red/red is UW.

    That would make sense – other single-color/white schools like Northwestern, Michigan State and Penn State are all represented by two shades of their color.

    The Badgers have also been known to use black in their branding, so they could be the red/black team. But in any case, that should be Indiana in the crimson and cream next to Ohio State.

    With all the baseball talk and uni’s in spring training, it get me going to watch older baseball stuff to see what else I can find (this site has made me really look at uni’s diffrently…I love old video like these:


    (Too bad I have have several already…)

    Not only that, Linda Ronstadt is wearing an actual Cub Scout uniform: the patches are all in the right place, the insignia are correct, she could pass a uniform inspection.

    Madge is a mess: she’s got shoulder patches sewed on her chest; she’s wearing the wrong color belt; and she’s wearing Boy Scout patches on a Cub Scout uniform, which is a major faux pas. On top of that, she’s giving off the “Den Mother who gives the boys sloe gin fizzes and Playboy magazines” vibe.

    I point this with little actual regard for Scouting. I was never a Scout, but my sons are, so I’ve been a Scouting volunteer for a long time. You do a lot of crazy stuff for your kids.

    As an Eagle Scout in a pretty Scouting heavy family, I can second your comment :)

    On top of that, she’s giving off the “Den Mother who gives the boys sloe gin fizzes and Playboy magazines” vibe.


    What the hell kind of cub scouts were you in? Was her name Mrs. Robinson too?

    Yeah… That uniform is making my inner Insignia Guide all twitchy. I mean, how does that even happen?

    This may have been covered before, but I haven’t seen it: Given Louisville and Kansas have No. 1 seeds, how much of the fruit stripes are we going to see anyway? Notre Dame is on the top side of its bracket for the first two games; UCLA for its first three.

    If ND wins against Iowa State (not quite a given), they’d face Ohio State, and would have to wear a dark-colored uniform. So you might see the more-offensive Fruit Stripe uniform after all.

    Kansas only wore them for the first game of the Big 12 tournament and never again after that. Bill Self has said a few times on air that they will not wear them in the NCAA tourney.

    I saw Gilmartin pitch at Gwinnett several times last year, and he was wearing the striped stirrups. I think an over-zealous equipment manager may have put a stop to it.

    If I didn’t know that Don Cherry’s hat was already in his repetoire from past St. Patrick’s Day shows, I might’ve thought he was riffing on Notre Dame’s Fruit Stripe unis.

    The green caps from yesterdays games confuse me. Most of the 5950 green caps do not have the new era logo on the side, yet Arizona’s do. Other teams, such as the Braves, Padres, and Mariners are not wearing 5950 model caps. I wonder how the teams chose which type of cap to wear.

    The giants caps were 5950’s with the New Era logo in orange on the side. Also, they had an orange shamrock on the other side of the cap. The MLB logo on the back was orange as well.
    It would be nice to see some consitancy between teams when it comes to green caps.

    One thing my wife noticed yesterday was that the green caps the Cincinnati Reds were wearing were adjustable *ack*

    Paul, re. the Bullets’ sleeved unis – the St. Louis Bombers had them beat by a few years, wearing sleeves during the NBA’s first season in 1949-50. I recently took a look at the history of NBA sleeved unis over at the Basketball Uniform Database (hope you don’t mind the plug!):


    I did search in vain for some pictures of the Bullets’ unis, so I may update the post…

    I still think that the Boston Celtics should be given credit as the first “T-shirt” team. The Basketball Association of America formed in 1946-47 with the Celtics, Knicks and Warriors as charter members. The BAA records (1946-47 to 1948-49) of those teams count. The league merged with the NBL for 1948-49 when the Rochester Royals, Minneapolis Lakers and Fort Wayne Pistons joined and played as the BAA that year.

    The league didn’t change to the NBA until 1949-50 when six more NBL teams joined including the Syracuse Nats and the Tri-Cities Blackhawks (now Atlanta Hawks).

    The league that the Celtics helped found is still playing. It went through a name and membership change, that’s all. The Celtics, Knicks and Warriors have played continuosly since 1946-47!

    Those facts make the Celtics alone the first “T-shirt team!” Period. End of discussion!

    It seems to me like the NBA considers the BAA-NBL merger as an absorption of extant NBL teams into a larger, renamed BAA, rather than any sort of “merger of equals”, and that the three BAA seasons are equivalent to the 1920-21 American Professional Football Association seasons being part of the NFL’s history.

    But there was no absorption or merger in the change from APFA to NFL in 1922 — that was just a name change. It’s more like WHA and NHL or AFL and NFL merging, except the NHL and NFL kept the same name.

    That’s exactly it, Rob – the NBA considers its first season to be 1946-47, and the “merger” of the NBL & BAA was more like the remnants of a smaller league joining the big boys.

    Terry – that’s the way I see it. It’s like when a team changes name – it’s still the same entity, just rebranded.

    It might be closer to a more contemporary merger – the NFL-AAFC merger of 1950. There was, in fact, a name change involved in that, as the NFL agreed to become the National-American Football League… except that only lasted a few months, at most, as by the time the merged league took the field, they were back to doing business as the National Football League. They did keep National and American conference names… for three seasons.

    After a read of this comment thread and an early evening nap, I found myself having a dream about owning a sleeved Manu Ginobili jersey.

    I’m not even a basketball fan. You frigging guys.

    Can anyone explain why in celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, the Colorado Mammoth took to wearing tartan and faux sporrans?

    There *are* tartans in Ireland, but they’re for counties, rather than clans. And although the kilt/sporran combo is closely associated with Scotland, it is worn in Ireland as well.

    Though your point is well taken – the look would’ve been more appropriate for St. Andrew’s Day.

    The Dallas Stars also wore green warm ups. But on Saturday Vs. the Blackhawks. Each NOB was changed to something Irish. For example Jagr’s name was now McJagger and Trevor Daley was O’Dales.

    I was just thinking back to when the Maple Leafs broke out their Toronto St. Patricks throwbacks back in 2002, and went to look up information on that, to see if it was close to St. Patrick’s Day. Turns out it wasn’t – the throwback game was on Saturday, March 2nd.

    They wore the St. Pats throwbacks to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the franchise being named the Maple Leafs. The anniversary is held to be Valentine’s Day, as it was at that time in 1927 that Conn Smythe bought the St. Pats, and he is said to have immediately changed the team’s name. In 2002, though, Valentine’s fell early during the NHL’s Olympic break, so the Leafs ended up wearing their throwbacks for their first Saturday night game after the break, which was March 2nd. Coincidentally, March 2nd pretty much splits the difference between Valentine’s (16 days earlier) and St. Patrick’s (15 days later).

    Regarding the link in the ticker to that Under Armour, Missouri is Mizzou…not sure who you meant there.

    Also, regarding the Kansas zubaz uniforms; they didn’t wear them again after the first game of the Big 12 tournament. After that game, they asked Bill Self and he said he actually liked them but KU has a rich tradition and they wouldn’t be back.

    The guy in the armor from the Ticker is just taking “puttin’ on the foil” to a new level.

    Dig that Argentinian sun! El Sol de Mayo, as they say. I know about the IHS and crucifixion nails, but maybe somebody can decode the star and grapes?

    The star symbolizes Mary, Star of the Sea. The “grapes” are not grapes, but the nard flower, a symbol of St. Joseph. The symbol at the top is that of the Jesuits. The three together symbolize the Holy Family.


    Those heat-sensitive training shirts remind me of the Hypercolor T-shirts from the ’80s-’90s. I think I had a couple way back in the day.


    Oh god, there’s a memory I’ve blanked out… Somewhere out there there’s a photo of me circa 1991-2, wearing a pink Hypercolor shirt over black & neon green cycling shorts, topped off with a teal Hornets jersey.

    What can I say, the early 90’s were not a good time for fashion…

    There’s an excellent Polish restaurant in the Spring Branch section of Houston. There’s a big TV, which is usually showing Polish TV. There are a bunch of soccer supporters pennants and scarves hanging over the bar, so I figure it for a hangout for Polish soccer fans. One day my wife and I were in there, and Polonia Warszawa was playing on TV. No one was watching. I asked our waitress, a native Pole, about it. She shrugged, “Legia Warszawa is the team that matters. Polonia…it is for the idiots.” She pronounced it “ee-dee-otts,” which was rather charming.

    I immediately became sympathetic to Polonia: you gotta love an underdog.

    The Halifax Mooseheads wore two-toned Striped Green on Sunday.
    Here is some youtube of the uniforms from the game:

    It appears that every team had an option of a green jersey. The Giants dugout store at Scottsdale Stadium has been selling a green version of the Majestic Cool base BP jersey with tackle twill Giants lettering, and full “Authentic Collection” tagging since spring training opened.
    I had assumed that the Giants would wear this jersey when March 17 came around, but they took the field wearing their standard black BP jerseys that they wear for every spring training game.
    I don’t know this for sure, but it seems that Majestic produced the jerseys for an option for each team, and the individual teams’ equipment managers (or whoever makes those calls) decided if they were going to wear them or not.

    That dolphins logo was made by a fan months ago…it’s a joke that someone even reported it as the possible new logo

    Exactly. I saw that logo in a Dolphins logo contest held by (link; the logo in question was submitted by Redpin Design); it also appeared in two entries in Paul Lukas’ contest.

    That Tribe fan in the parking lot is a shocking display indeed! Anyone with legs like his should never, ever be wearing those shorts. C’mon, man!

    That Arkansas baseball photo is from a previous year. They wore white for yesterday’s game at home against Ole Miss. Here’s a few pics from the athletic department’s website I put into an album: link

    I noticed the Libman mop brigade cleaning the Big Ten tournament court with those funny round mops.

    And the Royalist color is Red, not Orange – British Red, Irish Green. And that’s mainly in Northern Ireland, not the Republic of Ireland.

    Putting aside the fact that it is completely unnecessary, I actually don’t mind the Michigan fruit stripe treatment. The only one so far that is at least tolerable.

    Steph Curry blames the sleeved jerseys for Warriors’ loss:


    It also says that the sleeves won’t be worn again this season. How many times did they wear them?

    Is it a fairly common practice now for teams to “allow” fans to pre-order a kit before it has been revealed to the public? How crazed does a fan have to be to spend money on something they haven’t seen?

    It’s pretty common in European soccer – there are people who buy kits every other year (or increasingly, every year) anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that they haven’t seen the design.

    Then there are cases where a star player changes his squad number in the offseason, after the preorders have gone out. Though usually, the club or the player ends up paying for fans to order replacement kits.

    I couldn’t find any further info on the three you couldn’t find pictures of, but I did find that the Diamondbacks in the other split squad game against the Dodgers not only had green caps, but the base coaches at least also had green helmets. I don’t know about the batting helmets.


    Also, the Tigers, in the unseen game against Washington not only had green caps, but according to game report on also had green jerseys, but no photo proof:


    Oh, and Mexico has apparently been celebrating St. Patrick’s all month.

    “- Tight ends and H-backs can wear jersey Nos. 40-49.”

    Is that a change? Chris Cooley wore #47 with the Skins and I believe Dallas Clark was #44 when he broke in with the Colts. Both were classified as TEs.

    I think the change is that they can wear those numbers by choice now rather than being forced into them because of 80-89 being in use.

    The NFL needs to quit screwing around with number rules anyway. The only purpose is to identify eligible receivers, so all they really need to do is specify a range of numbers that isn’t eligible and be done with it.

    Agreed. I understand the tradition and principle behind it: keep track of who plays what position, which in turn identifies who does what. But football is a heck of a lot more than the occasional flea flicker now. Scrap it. The Jeff is right–as long as an ineligible receiver isn’t involved in a forward pass, who cares?

    Self-follow-up: Alternative argument that will surely appeal to the NFL: MERCHANDISING. Is there any way to measure how many front-runner and/or USC fans declined purchasing a Reggie Bush Saints jersey because it wasn’t a #5? Well, even with one, that’s money the NFL didn’t get, due to a silly piece of red tape. I hate that that argument has merit, but check it out: the NFL opens its wide-open gates even more to people who want to buy merchandise, the players get to “express themselves” further while still conforming to some semblance of “this is my role on the team,” and then the rest of us continue not caring. It’s a no-lose proposition.

    Once upon a time, those numbers were only available if all the 80’s were taken at the time of the numerical assignment. Because once you’re given a number, you have the right to keep it. (The Keyshawn Johnson rule. He liked his #19.) Now, go ahead and request it straight away, because it’s an option. That’s the difference.
    I don’t remember Chris Cooley’s case at all, but I vaguely remember the Colts creatively classifying Dallas Clark as a fullback so he could keep his Hawkeye #44, only to “make” him play “out of position,” as a tight end. But I’m just going on my memory here. I could be wrong!

    The reverse was Frank Wycheck, a fullback who wore 89 with the Titans because he was listed as a TE.

    Also, Eric Metcalf wore an RB number for most of his career while lining up as a receiver on offense. His career split is interesting – he started out averaging more rushes than receptions, then I think his second year in Atlanta, he’s clearly more receiver than back, with 29 rush attempts and over 100 receptions.

    Wycheck broke in to the NFL with the Redskins as a TE and was issued #36 IIRC. Norv Turner tried turning him into a FB and he was issued #22. He started wearing #89 (and playing TE again) when the Oilers picked him up after his suspension/release from Washington in ’95.

    I’ve got to disagree with Guiness Rider. The Bellroy logo is far from being a blatant rip-off of the SWFC logo.

    It has wings, the back and underbody are more rounded, the head sits above the back, the beak is different, the eyes are dots instead of circles, the feet are different, the tail is curved instead of a triangle.

    Other than the fact that it is an owl that faces to the left, I think its grasping at straws to call it an “absurdly blatant rip off”.

    That sounds like the difference between “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby”.

    I don’t know if it’s “absurdly blatant”, but they are close to identical on first glance.

    Here are a couple of screenshots from that 30 for 30 last night. NC State guys clearly wearing NM Football jackets in the post-game press conference…



    Does anyone think that those Dolphins logos might be a way for the team to gauge fan interest and figure out which one to go with?

    This is low, even for Nike.

    Apparently, they’re using a photo of Kidd-Gilchrist from last year’s UK squad and just ‘shopping him into uniforms for ads promoting various schools. I know that this is done with stock photos all the time, but I’ve never heard of it being done with published photo of a well-known athlete. I mean, isn’t that what stock photos are for?

    From deadspin:


    But it’s hard to convey “intensity” with a basketball player eating a salad alone and laughing.

    What about standing in a conference room with a racially diverse group of indivduals all looking at colorful charts and graphs fanned out on a table? WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN?

    Not sure if this was in yesterday’s comments, but South Africa’s cricket team wore pink uniforms yesterday in their one-day match against Pakistan. It was to raise awareness on breast cancer. Here is link to gallery:


    here is what they usually wear:


    Also want to point out that in pic 6 of the gallery, one of South Africa’s stars is Hashim Amla who is a devout Muslim. He refuses to have the beer sponsor on his kit.

    The UA situation is strictly a licensing thing and has nothing to do with sponsorship. Those are two distinct and different animals. Walk into any college bookstore in the country and you will likely see UA gear with the school name. It happens even at a “Nike” school.

    Yeah, that’s the consensus of the commenters here. Though what’s interesting here is that you usually don’t see a lot of marketing from campus bookstore licensees, especially off-campus/nationally.

    Arena Football update…..

    Chicago Rush adding red to the mix. This is good news as previous owners had really been pushing bfbs.


    Jen Hayden

    A sure way to terminate the “Green on St Paddy’s Day” tradition in baseball would be to have more green teams.

    The NFL already has the uniform police, so when a player gets fined, did he tell the U.P. to F-off? You would think they would include that tidbit in press releases like they do any bit of info to spin a story to their side vs. the NFLPA… Will be interesting to see if a player can claim he wasn’t warned about his uniform/padding infraction. How does the U.P. even prove the player was warned? If the checks are random & that particular player wasn’t checked, does the league have the right to fine them? They shouldn’t!

    New Era is losing so much money from me alone with that logo creep on the side panel. If they think people don’t know those are NE hats, then that shows what they think of their own brand. Just stop putting that dumb thing on there…

    I guess jersey & hat sales are strong enough that MLB teams continue with this St. Paddy’s Day “tradition?” It would seem that these items are targeted at a very small portion of the population: people planning to attend their favorite team’s Spring Training game(s) on/around March 17. That, and stupid people, I suppose. As a Cardinals fan, I can see no conceivable reason why I would want/need to replace my red Cardinals hat with one that looks very much out of place 364 days of the year.

    Take with grain of salt because I’ve always been the sort to dismiss St. Pat’s as “amateur night” and now I’m too old for day-long binge drinking, but:

    I’m guessing people feel the need to own a set of St. Patrick’s Day drinking apparel, and since they’re going to buy something green anyway, they figure they should get one featuring the officially licensed logo of their favorite sports franchise?

    Love the William and Mary stirrups and also the special St. Patty’s Day BC Stirrups!

    Chuck Taylors are clown shoes.

    Therefore girls who wear Chuck Taylors, especially big tall girls wearing Chuck Taylor high tops, look like they’re dropouts from Clown College.

    Not a good look.

    Therefore girls who wear Chuck Taylors, especially big tall girls wearing Chuck Taylor high tops, look like they’re dropouts from Clown College.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    “(G)irls who wear Chuck Taylors, especially big tall girls wearing Chuck Taylor high tops, look like they’re dropouts from Clown College.”


    That doesn’t even make sense.

    Brian Jud | March 18, 2013 at 1:17 pm | Reply

    “It reminded me of the old Philadelphia Spectrum court (as rendered by NBA Live: link…)”

    Good find. The old Spectrum also had unique Flyer “rust color” panels which held the glass in place.

    Most of that team (read: the darker ones) is from Curacao/Netherland Antillies, who I doubt have ever been to European Netherlands. Do you think a team full of Bert Bylevyns and Sidney Ponsons from wooden shoes & windmill country would be as competitive to make it all the way to the semifinals (so far) of the WBC?

    He’s from Curaco, which I believe is a territory of the Netherlands.

    See also why Sidney Ponson, from Aruba, pitched for the Netherlands in the ’09 WBC.

    This is just it, my parents were born in Italy came to N.America gave birth to me and my bros & sis, would that mean I would have a choice to play for Italy/States/Canada??? For example Mike Piazza was born in US-he was batting coach for Italy..? I guess if you can get legal papers to a country you would be legally allowed to represent that respective country..?

    Well, not quite the same. Andruw Jones and Sidney Ponson are actually subjects of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. As in, they’re Dutch.

    Of course, WBC is remaaaaaaarkably lax about citizenship requirements, so you’d probably qualify to play for Italy without an Italian passport (though you probably wouldn’t have trouble getting it anyway). And Mike Piazza is a coach, not a player, so his citizenship is moot here.

    Yes, kind of. He is from Curaçao, a constituent country of the Netherlands (I believe the voters rejected full independence from the Dutch). Sort of like how someone from Guam or the Virgin Islands would be American, I guess.

    The person I’m certain who is behind Oregon’s uniforms-in-game-notes deal is master marketer link, who I’ve sat down with and had interesting discussions with about the direction in which the Ducks are taking their branding. (Synopsis: ‘Our tradition is to not have a tradition.’ It only took two-plus years to get a 1939 national championship banner into Matthew Knight Arena.)

    I do not believe UA will have the Penn State or few other schools. Currently PSU (I’m a PSU Alum, so they are my expertise) has Nike for all sports. But Penn State allows other brands to use their images on their apparel, like UA, Ralph Lauren Polo, Jansport, etc. Recently PSU told Adidas no thank you: link

    Here is an UA item sold at the Penn State Bookstore on campus:link

    Here is a larger UA PSU selection from Lions Pride, a off campus apparel store: link

    Don’t worry, UA isn’t getting a school like Penn State from Nike.

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