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Category: Intellectual Property Issues

Report: Texans Reached Columbia Blue ‘Compromise’ with NFL

Adding the light-blue accent color to the new uni set apparently required some negotiations.

CONFIRMED: Cubs Removing Trademark Symbol from Jersey Logo

We had hints that this was coming. Now it appears to be a done deal.

Are the Cubs Finally Ditching the Trademark Symbol on Their Home Jersey?

One of the uni-verse’s strangest quirks may be on the way out.

Lawsuit Alleges That Kraken’s Winter Classic Jersey Violates Trademark

A Seattle entrepreneur claims that the team lowballed him and then went back on their word.

Philadelphia Eagles Seek to Trademark ‘Kelly Green’ (Yes, Really)

This seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Houston Cougars Threatened With Trademark Suit by NFL

It’s turning out to be a big week for “Love Ya Blue,” but not in the way we expected.

EXCLUSIVE: Did the Colts Copy This Guy’s Logo Design?

The Browns will unveil their new uniforms at noon Eastern today. While we’re waiting for that, I want to follow up on something from the recent Colts unveiling, which we …

Lawyer’s Tweet Sparks False NFL Throwback Speculation

An odd little drama played out in the uni-verse yesterday. It was nominally about the NFL, the Vikings, and the 1920s franchise the Duluth Eskimos (whose old jersey design is …

Northwestern Hoops Uni Draws Heavily on Old NBA Design

For all photos in this section, click to enlarge Fascinating series of events yesterday that raise all sorts of interesting questions about the creative process, intellectual property, and so on. …

Rut-Roh: Trademark Flap Puts Vegas NHL Team’s Identity in Doubt

It seems like just barely two weeks ago that the NHL’s newest franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, unveiled their name and logo. Actually, it was barely two weeks ago — …

The Tailgate Candidacy

In yesterday’s Ticker I noted that someone had shown up at a Jeb Bush campaign event with a very SEC-esque “Jeb” sign (shown at right; click to enlarge). I figured …

A Closer Look at Yesterday’s ’Skins Ruling

Looking for Uni Watch’s take on the Hornets’ new uniforms? Look here. Meanwhile: As you’ve probably heard by now, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled against the ’Skins yesterday, …

Sorting Out the Redskins’ Trademark Issues

I was recently contacted by a representative of attorney James McCarthy, who’s a partner at the intellectual property law firm McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff. McCarthy was described to me …

A Case of Logo Theft

During the Stars’ home opener, there were several kids in attendance wearing what appeared to be youth league hockey jerseys with a “D-Star” logo. They were shown several times on …