EXCLUSIVE: Did the Colts Copy This Guy’s Logo Design?

The Browns will unveil their new uniforms at noon Eastern today. While we’re waiting for that, I want to follow up on something from the recent Colts unveiling, which we discussed yesterday.

Less than an hour after the Colts revealed their new secondary logo — the stylized “C” with the shape of Indiana in […]

Lawyer’s Tweet Sparks False NFL Throwback Speculation

An odd little drama played out in the uni-verse yesterday. It was nominally about the NFL, the Vikings, and the 1920s franchise the Duluth Eskimos (whose old jersey design is shown above). But in the bigger picture, it was really about misinformation, speculation, and bad journalism.

It began when an intellectual property attorney named […]

Northwestern Hoops Uni Draws Heavily on Old NBA Design

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Fascinating series of events yesterday that raise all sorts of interesting questions about the creative process, intellectual property, and so on. Let’s start at Northwestern, where the basketball team unveiled its annual Senior Day uniform, which will be worn this Saturday […]

Rut-Roh: Trademark Flap Puts Vegas NHL Team’s Identity in Doubt

It seems like just barely two weeks ago that the NHL’s newest franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, unveiled their name and logo. Actually, it was barely two weeks ago — and now the whole thing is in doubt because the team’s trademark application has been rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Why? […]