Pro Sports Fight Songs: NHL

[Editor’s Note: With the Stanley Cup Finals set to begin tomorrow, Mike Chamernik is back with the final installment of his pro team fight song round-ups ”” the NHL edition. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Mike Chamernik

Anaheim Ducks – “Rock the Pond“

Written by rock vocalist John Bisaha, “Rock the Pond” was was played […]

Pro Sports Fight Songs: NBA

[Editor’s Note: Mike Chamernik has previously chronicled the fight songs for MLB and NFL teams. Today he’s back with the NBA installment. ”” PL]

By Mike Chamernik

This is one of my favorite videos on the internet:

What a collection of characters the 1994-95 Bullets were. A 7’7″ Romanian guy, two members of the […]

Pro Sports Fight Songs: NFL

Greetings from Milwaukee, where I’ll be covering the unveiling of the Bucks’ new logo set tonight. Uni Watch intern Mike Chamernik, who’s a big Bucks fan, will be coming up from Chicago to join me. I’ll have two ESPN pieces on this: Tonight there’ll be a basic reaction/assessment piece, and then tomorrow I’ll have a […]

Pro Sports Fight Songs: MLB

[Editor’s Note: Today we have the start of a new series of entries by intern Mike Chamernik, who’s taken a deep, deep dive on an excellent topic. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Mike Chamernik

Paul has written several times over the years about how much he loves the song in the video shown above. It’s […]