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Tiger Talk

Embed from Getty Images

Longtime Uni Watch reader/contributor Bruce Menard, who tweets tons of great vintage baseball imagery as @BSmile, came across something really interesting yesterday — the photo shown above of Tigers outfielder Al Kaline, waiting on deck prior to a plate appearance. There’s a similar shot, clearly from the . . . → Read More: Tiger Talk

Getting the Year Off to a Uni-Centric Start

Yesterday I showed a photo of Caps defenseman Karl Alzner practicing in sunglasses. He followed up on that in yesterday’s Winter Classic by becoming the first NHL player in memory — or maybe ever? — to wear shades in a game. Interesting that he went with the specs instead of a tinted visor (makes . . . → Read More: Getting the Year Off to a Uni-Centric Start

Buckeye Babies

With Ohio State set to face off against Alabama today in one of the college football playoff games, Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center is using OSU-branded “Beat Alabama” blankets for New Year’s newborns — awwwww. Further info here.

I know at least one longtime Uni Wach reader, hockey fan Mike Engle, was born on . . . → Read More: Buckeye Babies

‘I see,’ said the blind man — wait, didn't I use that headline two weeks ago?

I took a quick glance at the Insurance Bowl last night, just as a penalty was being called. As the ref announced the particulars of the foul, I noticed something odd: He was wearing eyeglasses.

Some quick Googling revealed that the game was being officiated by a Pac-12 crew, with the white hat being . . . → Read More: ‘I see,’ said the blind man — wait, didn’t I use that headline two weeks ago?