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Category: Coaches/Managers

Commanders Coach: T-shirt Kerfuffle ‘Was a Great Lesson for Me’

But it’s not clear what that lesson was.

Commanders Coach Reignites ’Skins Controversy with Bootleg T-shirt

Dan Quinn’s wardrobe choice is raising eyebrows.

A Uni Watch Look at Dusty Baker

The longtime manager, who announced his retirement yesterday, leaves behind an rich aesthetic legacy.

An Under-appreciated Part of the Uni-Sphere: Coaches Attire

It’s gone from Sunday best to … something a bit more ‘comfortable’

A Deeeeep Dive on Buck Showalter’s Windbreakers

A close look at MLB’s most uni-peculiar manager.

Cards Skipper Wears Full Uni to Honor Fallen Sportswriter

St. Louis manager Oliver Marmol almost never wears a jersey — but he made an exception last night.

A Uni Watch Look at Jim Boeheim

From his high school days through his coaching career, Boeheim has brought a distinctive look to most of his endeavors.

Hornets Make Unusual Paul Silas Patch Announcement

Some Hornets personnel will wear the patch, but others apparently won’t.

Sultan of Sock Gets Walking Papers from Halos

Click to enlarge The Angels gave skipper Joe Maddon the boot yesterday. Whatever else you can say about him, Maddon almost certainly led the league in managerial hosiery styles. It’s …

Pocket-Palooza: Floodgates Open on Obscure MLB Uni Detail

Our story so far: In 2019, I wrote a blog entry about how Casey Stengel had a little pocket added to his uniform pants when he managed the Yankees and …

A Uni Watch Look at John Madden

Click to enlarge John Madden died yesterday at the age of 85. Long before he became famous as a broadcaster, video game namesake, and aerophobe, he spent 10 seasons (1969-1978) …

History Mystery Deepens as Pants Pocket Pics Proliferate

For all photos, click to enlarge The gent on the right in the photo above is Phillies manager Gene Mauch, who skippered the Phils from 1960 through 1968. Why am …

The Duke of Montreal: Snider Had Unusual Uni Modification

Click to enlarge Hall of Famer Duke Snider is best known for his 16-year stint with the Dodgers — first in Brooklyn and then in Los Angeles. But he also …

A Uni Watch Look at Bill Virdon

For all photos, click to enlarge Former MLBer Bill Virdon, who was Rookie of the Year as a player and a two-time Manager of the Year as a skipper, died …

A Uni Watch Look at Astros Manager Dusty Baker

The World Series begins tonight, with the Astros making their third Series appearance in five years. Their uniforms haven’t changed during that time, but something else has — they’re now …