A Uni Watch Look at Muhammad Ali

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You know this photo; everybody does. It captures one of the signature moments in the career of Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday: his controversial first-round knockout of Sonny Liston in their heavyweight title rematch in May of 1965.

The photo also captures Ali’s signature look: . . . → Read More: A Uni Watch Look at Muhammad Ali

Funk in the Trunks

After Joe Frazier’s recent death, I mentioned Frazier’s flashy trunks in the first Ali fight and his orange gloves with green thumbs in his first bout with George Foreman.

That prompted a wonderful response from boxing researcher/historian Sunni Khalid, who provided a primer on Frazier’s stylings in the squared circle, along with some . . . → Read More: Funk in the Trunks

And They Aren't Even Giving Me a Consultant's Fee

. Over the past two months, I’ve told about 20 different interviewers that the current trends in college football uni design basically boil down to the fact that 17-year-olds respond to shiny objects. As you can see above, the folks at Notre Dame have apparently taken that concept a bit more literally than . . . → Read More: And They Aren’t Even Giving Me a Consultant’s Fee

The Bleeding Ultimate

Quick, who was the last boxer to score a knockdown against Muhammad Ali? Punch yourself in the nose 13 times in a row if you knew it was Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder, who sent the Greatest to the canvas — more because he was stepping on Ali’s foot than because of the body . . . → Read More: The Bleeding Ultimate