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Six WNBA Teams Add New ‘Rebel’ Alternate Uniforms

With the start of the WNBA season now less than a month away, six of the league’s 12 teams have just released new “Rebel” alternate uniforms. Here’s a rundown, one team at a time:

Chicago Sky

The “Sky-Town” moniker is a nod to Chicago’s longstanding “Chi-town” nickname. Additional info here.

Connecticut Sun

The Sun are owned by the Mohegan Tribe. Their jerseys have featured “Keesusk” — the Mohegan word for “Sun” — since 2021.

Las Vegas Aces

No additional info on this one is currently available.

Los Angeles Sparks

No additional info on this one is currently available.

Phoenix Mercury

The design is inspired by the Phoenix Suns’ popular “The Valley” alternate. This uniform will also have a matching court — the WNBA’s first alternate court to be used throughout a season. Additional info here.

Seattle Storm

Additional info here.


The 2024 WNBA season is scheduled to tip off on May 14.


Comments (7)

    Aces are the most bland here. I’m not sure what is their goal with that one, especially since they are using a black and silver (think Raiders) main jersey, which is bland in itself. Hard to see for the league’s best team.

    LA is supposedly throwing back to their older jerseys with that one. Not a fan of the textured pattern of the fabric, this seems to be Nike’s new thing.

    PHX and Connecticut have a solid jersey and shorts combo. Well done there. Same for the sky utilizing a clouds/sky motif for the first time.

    I guess they had gotten rid of their Red uniforms which was a direct nod to UNLV. And that is how they are angling it as a new nod to UNLV. The Runnin Rebels are a big deal here in Vegas.

    The Los Angeles uni is fire. The others are just bland but the Storm’s is at least an improvement.

    I’m assuming the other 6 teams will also get a new 3rd uni.

    All crappy. Look back to 1997 to get the Sparks uniforms back to their original glory.

    Ooh ok, in order…

    Chicago: Proudly unveiling the official shirt for the Sky Town 5k Run & Walk

    Connecticut: Ok, we improved the color scheme and the sleeve and neck trim, but those old numbers just didn’t say “Land of the Lost” enough.

    Las Vegas: Guess what, gang, the local Ace Hardware agreed to sponsor our rec team!

    Los Angeles: We had some complaints about our unis looking too much like the Lakers’, but we’ve come up with a zesty new font that COMPLETELY solves the problem.

    Phoenix: No, we didn’t know that “рих” is the Tajik word for “diarrhea”, but yes, we’re confident not even the peanut gallery at Uni-Watch will notice.

    Seattle: So this movie producer got lost on his way to a pitch meeting for “Jurassic World: Alien vs. Godzilla” and walked into our design meeting…

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