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Detroit Tigers Announce City Connect Unveil/On-Field Dates

The Detroit Tigers are off to a hot start this season, and soon they’ll have some new threads to wear, because they’ve just announced the unveiling and on-field dates for their upcoming City Connect uniform.

As you can see above, Detroit’s CC design will be revealed on Monday, May 6, and will be worn for the first time on Friday, May 10, when the Tigers host the Astros. Most teams tend to debut their CC uniforms for a full weekend, so I expect that’s what Detroit will do for that entire weekend series against the ’Stros.

This CC uni has not leaked (yet), so we don’t have any inklings of the design theme. Will it be Motor City? Motown Records? Blue-collar grit? Detroit-style pizza? The Joe Louis fist? The Spirit of Detroit Statue? Your guess is as good as mine!

The Tigers are one of nine teams adding new CC. The other eight (and their unveiling dates, if known) are the Blue Jays, Cardinals (May), Dodgers, Guardians, Mets (April), Phillies (this Friday), Rays, and Twins.

Of those nine teams, eight will be joining the CC program for the first time, while the Dodgers will be replacing their previous CC uni with a new design.

By the close of this season, all but two MLB teams will have joined the CC program. The two exceptions are the Yankees (who reportedly have no interest) and the A’s (who are a poor fit for a city-based program because they don’t even know where they’ll be playing for the next several seasons).


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    3rd paragraph “This CC design has leaked (yet). Should be hasn’t.

    I really hope they keep to the team colors on these

    Are the Astros changing their CC jerseys? They were on sale during their home opening weekend against the Yankees. NOB were selling for $100 and non NOB were $75.

    I highly doubt it.

    In fact, they (well, pitcher Ronel Blanco) threw a no-no last night wearing them…


    Their CC’s are one of the worst in the league, but now that they have a no-hitter in them, they’ll end up as “iconic”

    There’s only one iconic Astros uniform.

    One so iconic that hundreds of amateur teams have worn them over the years.

    If you google “Nashville Dollys,” you’ll understand.

    Well aware. I don’t need to google nothin’ ;)

    But fans don’t think with their heads, only their hearts. If a team throws a no-no in a certain uni (Astros CC, Mets black), the fans attribute that to the unis, which is why Pats fans will forever love the Brady Elvis uniforms and associate the far superior Pat Patriot with losing. It’s not the uniform, obviously. But try telling that to a passionate fan

    “Astros no-hitter marred by City Connect Uniform” should be the headline.

    I hope it isn’t Detroit style pizza. Not that I dislike it but the Tigers home run celebration this season is basically an ad for Little Caesars, pizzas being speared as in their iconic logo. Very cringy and I shudder to think what their CC uni will be.

    I think it will be a half and half jersey in orange and navy with navy pants and an orange hat. It will look terrible.

    I look forward to seeing what Detroit’s look like. Thank you Paul for the update

    Looking at the graphic in the teaser, that orange shape is the front top half of an Old English D. Similar to the traditional rounded D that the team stupidly took off the home uniforms in 2018 and put the hat D instead. Perhaps this is their way to appease the fans and bring it back in some capacity.

    A couple if’s, but it’ll be interesting to see if the Athletics indeed never get a CC while in Oakland if a few years down the line we see leaks of a prototype jersey that was meant to be theirs but never actually released/worn

    I’d be willing to put money down that it features the cartoon Tiger head from their 90s alternate hats, that little guy has been all over their merch and marketing this season

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