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Leo’s World Returns With a Test Cricket Quiz

Good morning, Uni Watchers. I’ve got a fun one for you…especially for today, with the one and only Leo Strawn, Jr. returning for a fun quiz.

Yes, the quiz is on Test Cricket.

And no, you don’t need to know anything about Cricket in order to take the quiz.

Following Leo’s introduction, there will be six questions, plus one bonus question. I’ll have the answers in the section below the quiz, so feel free to take the quiz then check your results. Or take the quiz, and feel free to post your answers down in the comments, and then check your work.

Here’s Leo:

• • • • •
And Now, For Something Completely Different…A Test Cricket Quiz!!
by Leo Strawn, Jr.

I’m Leo…welcome to my world!

This edition will focus on something a bit out of our red, white & blue comfort zone…a first class cricket quiz. In cricket, each over consists of 6 (legally) bowled balls, so I’ve given you six questions. Just give it your best and have fun with it. Click any image to enlarge.


1. Who wore these beautiful kits during the second test in Melbourne during December 1911 and January 1912, playing against the Baggy Greens?

2. The fourth test of this cracking series was played in Brisbane against Australia in 1932. Who are the visitors, wearing these stunning uniforms?

3. This one is for the ladies: Who is looking very sporting in their second test match (in the first ever series of women’s tests) against the Aussie women in 1935 at the Sydney Cricket Ground?

4. What cricket powerhouse played Oz in these beauties to a drawn match in the fourth test at Adelaide Oval in 1947?

5. Another photo from Adelaide, this one featuring the visitors playing in these amazing kits during the fourth test in 1955. Who is it?

6. Jumping forward to 1982, which side is playing Australia in the second test at the Gabba, rocking these state-of-the-art uniforms?

Extra point: Notice anything strange?

Everybody have a happy you know what!!

Until next time …





Quiz Answers

1. answer

2. answer

3. answer

4. answer

5. answer

6. answer

Extra Point. answer

Comments (10)

    Those unis clearly give them away. ;)

    Amazing, I achieved a perfect score for all six questions – all my answers were wrong.

    This is a great April 1 feature, and also the Ashes is one of my favorite stories in sports. The origin, the name, the traditions – great stuff.

    Ashes is a fave story of mine too, Scott. I started watching domestic T20 about a decade ago (BBL, to be precise). Took a while until I could sit through an International One Day (about 5 hours/game) and gradually worked my patience up to sitting through a couple of test matches in the Ashes series on Willow last time it was in Oz. It’s so much different trying to follow a test match than anything we’re used to because of the multi-day format.

    I just couldn’t help but take a comedic look at the cricket whites, in spite of the long tradition. Glad readers enjoyed it. Cheers!

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