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UPDATE: Two More MLB 2024 Batting Practice Caps Appear

Last week I showed you most of this year’s MLB batting practice cap designs, which briefly appeared on a lifestyle website and were then taken down (but not before I got screen shots of them). The BP caps — not to be confused with the spring training caps or clubhouse caps — still haven’t been officially revealed, but now we can add a few more pieces to the puzzle.

Here’s the deal: Snapback versions of the BP designs have appeared on a European website. The players won’t be wearing the snapback versions, but the European site shows us two things we hadn’t seen before. First, it shows us the design for the Mets, which was the only team not represented by the earlier leak. Here’s their snapback version:

And second, there’s an additional design for the White Sox, The earlier leak showed them with a black-and-white design, but the Euro site shows a new design, which is apparently meant to go with their Sunday throwbacks:

I’m pretty sure there are a few other designs we haven’t seen yet. For example, the Tigers’ hat is grey, but there’s presumably a corresponding home design that’s still waiting to be revealed.

Here’s everything we’ve seen so far, including the newly revealed Mets and Chisox designs:

National League East

National League Central

National League West

American League East

American League Central

American League West

(Big thanks to Ken Bartelt for letting me know about the two new additions from the European website.)


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    Just got the Phillies new Spring Training cap in the mail.

    I’m wondering if this quilted look in the fabric is going to become the new standard for on-field caps across MLB. Now that we are also seeing these BP caps roll out with the same quilted look AND the Phillies just released their St. Patricks day cap on their site today and it also carries that new look as well. Will the standard team caps for on field be updated as well?

    Totally Agree, wish they did either all the pill box which they sorta did with the ASG hats in cincinnati or all pinstripe oddly enough yankees dont have the pinstripes on the crown, but the mets is ugly, Arizona i think has one of the best

    I ordered the Phanatic cap the morning you first posted it before the site took it down. It’s still showing as “Shipped” and appears to be moving through the country. I’ll find out later this week if I’m actually going to get it or not.

    I love the Mets.

    I love baseball caps.

    I love Mets baseball caps, buy many of them and wear them.

    I’m NOT buying that one.

    Holy smokes.

    I wonder if the Mets are trying to shoutout the 1986 team and the racing stripes.

    I do like the White Sox and Braves caps a lot.

    Agree that they were apparently trying to allude to the Mets’ beloved racing stripes. But major fail! The stripe should run through the logo, parallel to the pinstripes.

    For a moment I thought the Mets cap to be a sansabelt below a pullover. But nope. Most definitely not.

    I gotta believe the Reds, Guardians and maybe others will also have gray front versions of these caps to wear on the road. Maybe with city name spelled out. Just a guess…

    Mmmm…the fabric of both the Mets and Chisox European editions seems to be totally different from the other teams pictured here. They both look like 5930 or 5940 models instead of 5950 high crown models like the rest seen here. I am not totally convinced, these two might be fashion hats. That Mets one is brutal, by the way.

    Ah, wait, the label says 5920 as they are adjustable. So the fabric IS different, this is about the design. Still not totally convinced that these two designs will be used as a 5950.

    Hey Mets and Phillies were these ridiculous batting practice caps all the time in London. You’ll reinforce the idea that Americans are forward thinking and styles mongers. The Daily Mirror will break with them showing up in the paper. Such classy gear!

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