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EXCLUSIVE: Rangers’ Gold-Themed Championship Jersey Is a Go

Last week I broke the news — not exactly surprising news, but news nonetheless — that the Rangers, who won the 2023 World Series, will have a gold-trimmed championship cap to open the season. As I wrote at the time, it seemed reasonable to assume that the cap would be paired with a gold-trimmed jersey. And sure enough, that has now been confirmed.

That news comes from the same well-placed retail source who let me know about the cap. He reports that the gold-trimmed jerseys have now shown up on his inventory listings, as shown in this screen shot that he shared with me:

We still don’t know what the cap or jersey will look like, but at least we can glean from this screen shot that the jersey will be white. Again, not really a surprise, but those are the only bread crumbs available to us at the moment.

My source says the gold gear will be available at retail beginning on March 11, so expect the Rangers to unveil the designs shortly before that date. That’s significantly earlier than past World Series champs have done. Here’s when the defending World Series champs unveiled their gold designs for each of the past eight years:

Obviously, some of those dates were affected by the pandemic and the lockout. But any way you slice it, the Rangers are definitely heading for the earliest unveiling ever for a gold championship design.

If anyone out there has visuals for the cap and/or jersey, feel free to be in touchAnonymity assured, of course.

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    I mentioned this to Phil too but If you’re boycotting, have you considered not reporting and showing images of the offensive graphics/logos/typography on your site (probably my personal pref)? I’m wrapping my head around what feels like inconsistency there to not write the names but yet use images throughout the site (sometimes featured promintently) of the logos etc. that are offensive.

    I spose a moot point for you on UW now that you’re leaving in May (thank you for everything by the way, love this place!)

    I’m not looking to erase these teams from existence; I’m simply registering a small act of protest by boycotting their names. I try to avoid showing the logos and other visuals when I can, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. It’s impossible to write about how KC and the Ravens are in a unique NFL helmet-logo category, for example, without showing KC’s logo. I felt that the topic was worth exploring, even though it meant showing a logo I’m opposed to.

    If you find that inconsistent, that’s fine — we can agree to disagree. Thanks for the feedback.

    Hey Paul, I understand where you’re coming from but I think this approach could solve a lot of problems for teams like Atlanta…


    An interview with this guy would be incredibly interesting….

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