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Marlins Unveil Two New Jerseys at Fan Fest

As Paul wrote about yesterday, and then confirmed via the MLB Style Guide, the Miami Marlins unveiled two new jerseys last evening at their annual Fan Fest. Please check those articles out, if you haven’t already, for all the deets you’ll need to know about the new jerseys.

The new blue and black jerseys were modeled by Luis Arraez and Jake Burger (shown above in the blue and black jerseys), who also gave a quick additional look at the jerseys in this video:

Unfortunately, since those jerseys were video’ed in a mirror, we only see them in reverse. Here’s a still from that video, which I reversed so the jerseys are front facing:

The jerseys indeed confirm the teasers shown in Paul’s first article and then the subsequent looks from the Style Guide.

Unfortunately, as of late last evening, these are the only looks at the jerseys we have (and there was nothing for sale — yet — on the MLB shop website).

I’ll update this post with any additional photos should they become available.

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    Do we know if these new jerseys are home or road? Because “Miami” at home and “marlins” on the road makes zero sense.

    I’m pretty sure that in order to get public funding for Marlins Park they had to change the team name to Miami and the wordmark on the primary uniforms had to read “Miami”. I can’t imagine that requirement has changed.


    I just can’t handle the incompetence anymore.

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