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Best Christmas Gift Ever: An Amazing DIY NFL Quilt

Andy Losik got something very special for Christmas: His mom made him a quilt, with 1970s NFL mini-pennants on one side and a late-1960s NFL bedsheet on the other.

The mini-pennant side is shown above, and here’s the other side, followed by some close-ups:

That’s one great present! And, I gather, one very special mom.

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    The bedsheet side is clearly post-merger, so early 1970s, while the pennant side would be circa 1978-1979, given the green Jets helmet and the white stripe visible on the Giants helmet.

    I still have the curtains that match that bedsheet hanging in the room I’m currently sitting in. When I was young, along with the curtains, I had the matching bedspread, sheets & pillowcases, and sleeping bag to boot.

    Cool quilt. My mom’s a quilter, so this is something I think she would like as well. It is interesting the white side of the quilt with all of the different logos look to be pre-1976 (no Seahawks or Buccaneers), but on the pennant (green) side, it has the Seahawks and Buccaneers. Still really cool. I love the pennants and old logos.

    Definitely 1977 or later on the pennant side since the Seahawks helmet has a logo.

    What a great quilt!

    It’s amazing how solid the NFL was as a brand in the 1970s. Buying a blanket or sheets with every team on it suggests the popularity of the sport itself went way beyond your own favorite team. This quilt rocks.

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