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White Christmas: Broncos to Wear Alternate Helmet on Sunday

It’ll be a white Christmas — or at least a white Christmas Eve — this Sunday night in Denver, as the Broncos will wear their white alternate helmets when they host the Patriots.

The white lid, which is worn with Denver’s orange alternate uniform, was added to the team’s wardrobe this season. Prior to 2023, the orange uni was paired with a navy helmet featuring the team’s old “D” logo:

This will be the second and final time this season that the Broncos have worn this helmet. Its on-field debut came on Oct. 8, when Denver lost to the Jets, 31-21.

The Broncos have new uniforms in the works, so there’s a good chance that the white helmet could be paired with a more chromatically appropriate uniform for next season.

Sunday’s Pats/Broncos game is slated to kick off at 8:15pm Eastern.

Comments (12)

    Another beautiful jersey ruined by wearing same-color pants. I hope the Broncos and Cardinals will finally get it someday and just wear white pants. Big boos to Nike for forcing the unitard look on the NFL.

    Each iteration of those accursed Denver orange pants are ruinous!
    PS: Prefer the navy helmet over the white. YMMV.

    Would be nice to see the Patriots go Navy over grey for this game. PLENTY of contrast. For some stupid reason, teams just don’t want any color vs color nowadays. we are “lucky” we got 1.5 color vs color games this year.

    This is such a nice look, and their best look by far. I hope the uni update keeps the horse head and updates the D horse logo. New number font, no stabby horn panels, lean into the oran

    The white helmet seemed just ok in all of Denver’s promos, but I was surprised how much I liked it when it was actually worn during game action. If they paired it with the orange color rush jersey and white pants I think they’d really be onto something.

    As much as I loathe the mono-color look, this is still a better look than the 49ers fauxbacks.

    These uniforms have never felt like the Broncos. It was an attempt to make something cool out of the “one shell rule”. Bring back the lighter shade of blue and this could be pretty sweet. For some reason, that navy blue just ruins it for me. Maybe even some white pants could help to match the helmet?

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