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Bolt From the Blue: Chargers to Wear Royal Blue Uni on Sunday

In the latest development for what’s shaping up as a fairly big week for non-primary NFL uniforms, the Chargers will be wearing their royal blue alternate uniforms for this Sunday afternoon’s home game against the Broncos.

This will be the first and only time this season that the Bolts wear this uniform. The last time they wore it was a year ago against the Titans.

It will also be the second time in three weeks that the Bolts have worn a blue alternate uni. They went navy over navy on Nov. 26 against the Ravens:

Yes, it’s ridiculous for a team to have two different blue-over-blue alternate uniforms. And the Chargers also have a powder blue jersey, which means they have three different blue jerseys, which is also ridiculous.

Anyway: Other teams wearing non-primary uniforms this week include the Steelers, Cowboys, and Giants.

The Chargers/Broncos game is scheduled to start at 4:25pm Eastern.

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    Unpopular opinion, but the more I look at the current Chargers set (especially their two alternate designs) the more I think they look like some sort of division 3 college or pro spring league team.
    The lack of TV numbers is part of it, but the more I see them, the more I think the lightning bolts on the jersey and pants appear cheaply rendered as compared to previous iterations of their uniforms.
    Add to that how frequently they pair the white helmet with dark pants and jerseys (be it mono blue or even the yellow pants). I can’t help but think this is like the bootleg version of a great uniform instead of the actual great Chargers’ uniforms we’ve seen over the years.

    It’d be great if the Chargers embraced the Fouts-era Navy lids/Royal tops/Yellow bottoms, but they seem reluctant to do so.
    If they are not going to adopt a 2nd shell and go ‘Air Coryell’, just stick with White/Powder/Yellow at home, White/White/Yellow on the road…then add the ’94 White(gray mask & black numerals)/Powder/White throwback into the mix.

    So the Broncos won’t be the worst-looking team on the field. Yay! Up until recently, the Chargers at their worst (I would say the Fouts/Seau era with dark blue helmets) still looked damn sharp. Toss out this City Connect/Earned/Color Rush or whatever nonsense this is, and they have a long history of looking great and being consistently recognizable.

    The Broncos will still be the worst looking team on the field because they won’t wear orange pants.
    Any version of the Chargers not wearing white pants is OK by me.

    Not me I love White pants my favorite Broncos would look like crap if they would Wear Orange or blue pants with white tops yukkk Ugly your nuts All white uniforms rock the best look incredible on TV stands out over the opponent dark colors

    The royal blue jerseys would look far better if paired with gold pants featuring a white lightning bolt with royal blue trim as in the 1979-1983 Air Coryell days. The all blue uniforms, whether royal blue or navy blue, don’t have enough contrast.

    Chargers need to use the Dark Blue for the helmet numbers on all the various machinations of the helmet. It’s easier to read, and throws back to the 1960’s/70s history of the Chargers helmet.


    We are witnessing the NFL’s Blue Period: Since everyone likes blue a lot, it follows that everyone would like a lot of blue. Thus, the ultra bluing of Buffalo, Detroit, Los Angeles, Carolina, and Tennessee. Can our eyes hold it all?

    The Chargers need to pick a shade of blue. No team needs 3 shades of blue. Just pick one. And make it the powder blue.

    ***Excuse me for a moment, while I hop on my soapbox***

    The Chargers we’re not my favorite team as a kid. But I loved watching their games because of their beautiful uniforms.

    I thought both the Chargers home and road uniforms were great. You basically knew what you were going to get week in, and week out.

    Flash forward to 2023.

    Powder. Navy. Royal. Really?

    Broncos should wear White helmet, orange jersey and white pants. That would make for a good looking game.

    No it wouldn’t 2 teams wearing dark colors yukk that’s a mistake better not ever aliw that alot of people are color blind n cant dustinqish between the two colors plus its ugly one team must wear white

    Ugh. With so many wonderful combinations to choose from, it takes a lot for the Chargers to look like crap. Congrats guys, you managed to do it.

    The Chargers’ main unis are not powder blue. The original ones back in the ’60s and early ’70s were powder blue and I believe that when they first brought those back as throwbacks they were powder blue but the ones everybody calls powder blue now are not the same blue. In fact, they’re almost the same color (if not the exact same color) as the Lions’ Hawaii blue. You could see that when they played each other. Alright, end of rant. And get the hell off my lawn.

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing in these comments. I came here to say that the bolts just do not have a bad look (yes I know they have a LOT of looks these days). Also can’t we please change the terminology on their light blue? It really isn’t powder blue, it’s actually more like electric blue, which is a legitimate color, so it’s not just marketingspeak, and it fits their electricity theme.

    Don’t like the Royal blue pants It would look wayyy better wearing white pants with the Royal blue tops I’m not a fan wearing all dark uniforms It’s Ugly to me I like All white uniforms that teams wear especially The Chargers All white uniforms are amazing look great on TV professional clean Just stands out on the Big screen TV

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