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A Virginia High School’s Trove of Sports Memorabilia

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As I mentioned at the beginning of yesterday’s Monday Morning Uni Watch report, I’ve been spending a few days on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. That included attending a Sunday-evening fundraiser at a facility that used to be Onancock High School, home of the Blue Devils. Although the school has been converted into artists’ studios and a local cultural center, a bunch of cool memorabilia from the school’s sports program is on display, so I took some photos.

I especially liked the varsity jacket shown above. Interestingly, it’s corduroy, not wool. Either way, it’s gorgeous!

Here’s a photo of the 1926 girls’ basketball team (great uniforms!), followed by the championship trophy they won in 1927:

Naturally, I like the color scheme on this leatherhead football helmet:

Speaking of the football team, I liked this old list of rules from the coach:

Moving on to baseball, I never knew until now that there was something called the Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Award:

Finally, no collection of high school sports gear would be complete without a pennant and a megaphone:


Incidentally, the fundraiser I was attending included some excellent fresh-shucked oysters. As longtime readers may recall, I’m mildly obsessed with pea crabs, and sure enough, I got a pea crab in one of my oysters on Sunday evening (a sign of good luck!):

So that’s some of what I’ve been up to down here. I’ll be driving back to NYC today — excited to reconnect with the kittens! Which leads us to…



Your Daily(ish) Dose of Kitten

Are you fucking kidding me?



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Can of the Day

A polishing cloth isn’t something I’d normally expect to find in a can, much less a beautiful can. And yet!

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    I wonder why they stopped awarding the Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Award after 1954. Those empty nameplates strike me as poignant for some reason.

    Wow, what a cool collection of High School memorabilia! And your kittens must be professional actors…

    Onancock is probably an English transliteration of a Native American word, and was probably founded before either “onanism” or “cock” took on their modern, prurient meanings, but man.

    Damnit Paul! If you keep posting pictures of the kittens; I’ll be getting one too…

    Those kittens are too much Paul. Keep the photos coming. We have two new kittens as well…they can be real rapscallions.

    Now I’m in an oyster mood. Growing up in Virginia Beach and eating Lynnhaven oysters since I was a little tyke, I’m still addicted to them.

    We could use a good dose of those Football honor rules these days. In all sports.

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